Which NHL Teams No Longer Exist?

 Sporting franchises have come and gone across history, with teams of the past being lost to mergers, disasters or economic troubles. In particular, the National Hockey League has seen its fair share of names go under since its official foundation in 1917.

Across the continent of North America, there are a large number of cases where past teams, no matter how big, have ceased to exist after some turning point, never to grace the rink again.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a handful of examples that every hardcore hockey fan should know of.

Things to Avoid When Playing Online UK Bingo

Playing online bingo can be a fun and exciting past time that allows you to relax from the comfort of your own home and win large amounts of money. However, if you are going to make the most of this exciting hobby at Barbados Bingo, there are certain things that you need to avoid doing.

Responsible Gaming Tips For Slot Fans

One only has to look at the ballooning size of the online slot industry these days to realise that it really is a highly popular past-time for millions of people across the globe. And anyway, if you have ever played even just one example of a modern video slot from developers like Inspired Gaming or Yggdrasil you won’t be surprised by the industry’s precedence at all – they are just so good!

At this point it can seem like there are literally no downsides to the online slot universe at all, but, as with everything, there is always going to be a few negatives. The most poignant of these actually stems from online lots being too good, as there are a lot of irresponsible gamblers who have fallen into addiction. It is not hard to combat though – standby for some responsible gaming tips for slot tips to learn more here.

Gameplay review of Mermaid Millions Slot

Under the sea is clearly where the real fun is to be had, especially with the glimmering underwater world inspired slot game, Mermaid Millions. Based on the beautiful and alluring fish-tailed fairy-tale legend created by Christian Anderson, Mermaid Millions will have you absolutely enchanted and with any luck, you’ll come up to the surface with a treasure chest full of riches. Be wary though, as not all mermaids are friendly, and with a reputation for luring sailors to a grim fate, you’ll have to keep your eye on the sly sea creatures on the reels! If you want to play Mermaid Millions click here!

Blackjack Myths Debunked

Blackjack is a staple of any good casino.

Be it an online casino or one in the middle of a thriving Las Vegas street, blackjack and casinos just go hand in hand.

The fairly simple card game is nothing short of a global phenomenon, dating back to as early as the 17th century and perhaps even beyond that. Known as 21, Twenty-One, Pontoon and by other names across the world, the American version of the iconic card game is perhaps the best known and most played.

It is a game with a rich culture even within it’s playership, as aspects such as traditions and card counting exists within blackjack, making it a really unique way to gamble that is like little else. Like with so many aspects of popular culture, blackjack does not come without it’s conspiracies, misconceptions and myths. There are still a lot to learn about table games.

Online slots myths explained

Since human beings are alive, there has been a strong need for creating stories on everything so to spice up reality and have something more interesting to tell.

This has happened with casino games as well. Over the years, people have spread so many misconceptions and false ideas on Thor slots to make it even more difficult to distinguish what was real from what was pure fantasy.

Have you ever heard people saying that machines located in traffic areas of the casino are luckier than all the ones located in quieter areas or that warming up your coins up before playing a game can enhance your chances of winning?  Well, if all of this has happened to you, it means you already know some of the most common myths on slots. Let’s see some other ones.

The History of Slot Machine Symbols

With over £2 billion now being reaped by the slots industry in the UK alone annually, it’s safe to say slots have never been more popular. Though games have evolved a lot since their invention by Charles Fey at the end of the 19th century, traditional symbols are still in use today. And we’ve put together this Mega Reel guide on the history of slot symbols to help improve your understanding of them. So let’s begin!

Tips to Play and Win Keno Online: Best Strategies

Keno is an exciting but underrated casino game. Numerous players imagine that they can play this game at their elderly home. Remember, this simple game has lots of fun and excitement. The main object of casino is to guess the exact keno numbers from 1 – 80. It is similar to the lottery, but faster than the lottery.
Nowadays, it is possible to play Keno online with draws every 4 minutes and win exciting prizes. If you want to play and win amazing prizes in keno online, here are some strategies for you.

Origins of Blackjack

Origins of Blackjack

We all enjoy a great game of Blackjack, but how many of us actually know how it all started? Now there’s no need to wonder, find below a brief overview of where Blackjack originated – view at Slotzo after you read below.

5 bingo strategies that work

Online games are popular, especially when based on real games.

A game which popped online before any other, but has been underestimated for years is Bingo.
Everyone knows bingo and its simplicity has made it famous and popular all over the world.
If you are one among the million people who play online bingo, you probably will be interested in reading a few strategies which can boost your chances of winning at Umbingo.

Top reasons to play online casino today

Since the introduction of gaming with Nintendo and all the rest of the consoles available to us since the 90’s boom, we have been obsessed with playing games digitally in the comfort of our own homes. An example of this is King Casino.

Sure, it can sometimes be nice to head out to the local pub or nearest casino, but what about the times when this is not an option – perhaps you are sick or just do not want to fight the hustle and bustle of your city that day to get to and from these places.

Growth Of The Mobile Gaming Market

Before the advent of the smart phone mobile casino gaming was pretty much non-existent. But now, little over a decade later, the market for this strand of gambling is increasing at an exponentially higher rate, with brands like casinodames.com becoming very success. In fact, it is not even an exaggeration to say that the development of mobile casino has completely changed the industry in a way there is no going back from. Many developers are now designing their titles with mobile phones in mind before conventional computers; it is testimony to the massive popularity of this newfound gambling market.

Mermaids Millions – The Slot Game

Mermaids Millions – The Slot Game

Whilst there is an abundance of underwater themed online slot games, there are very few that touch on the mystic and magical world of mermaids. One of the most intriguing fantasies in human folklore, mermaids exemplify the desire to be able to call the glorious ocean home, and have been used in popular culture for centuries. As such they are prime material for the world of online slots and Microgaming have solidified this sentiment with the fantastic Mermaids Millions which can be played over at Wizardslots.com.