2009-2010… the TRUE centennial!

I want to start off by saying, as a die-hard Habs fan, seeing the way they have been playing lately, makes me want to do just that…die! They are playing the western conferences’ mediocre teams and losing as if they were playing the “powerhouses” of the NHL. *sigh* anyways… I’m not going to sugarcoat it, the Habs stink worse than a mexican restaurant’s bathroom.
Anyways, to my point of this article

The Habs should probably become sellers at the deadline. Why, you may ask? Simply put, they cannot win with the team they have right now, even when Tanguay is healthy, he’s not the impact player to take the team on his shoulders and turn this team around.

As the habs are looking for a top 4 defenceman and a top 6 forward..here it goes…

To Calgary:Alex Kovalev, 4th rounder in 2009
To Montreal:Matthew Lombardi, 6th rounder 2010


To Dallas:Chris Higgins, Francis Bouillion, 3rd rounder 2010
To Montreal:Fabian Brunnstrom, 7th rounder 2009


To Pittsburgh:Chris Higgins, Kyle Chipchura
To Montreal:Ryan Whitney, 2nd rounder 2009


To Vancouver:Chris Higgins, Pavel Valentenko, Steve Begin
To Montreal:Alexander Edler, Taylor Pyatt

To summarize, I know I’ll be ripped for these, but so be it, I just feel that these trades will not only help the team now, but also next year, as long as they make a couple of great free agent signings. I appreciate any comment/critisism… Go Habs Go! (please)

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  1. muckies says:

    To much emphasis in Montreal is not placed on the players that help them win in the trenches, and the Kostitsyns and Kovalev get free passes while guys like Komisarek and Higgins – the true gritty guys it takes to win -are left alone on the ice to do all the battling, its to tiring and wears players out when they constantly have to stick up for teammates that are floating aorund the ice and dont play hard unless the game is a no hitter..

    ..and Price is a seive right now

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Wow…logic….sense…motivation…those trades are pretty good!

  3. the_word says:

    What Montreal is in desperate need of is an infusion of character. Too many soft players that resort to cheapshots when they're being blown out. The Kostitsyns are always good for a spear or a slew foot, after last night you can put Pelkanac in that group and Kostopoulos running Van Ryn from behind are all examples of the Habs self indulgent 'retribution' for games thay let slip away. 

  4. NHLSlayer says:

    LMAO, Montreal has already fallen so far that now the fans are already talking next season?  C'mon!  I thought this was your year guys?  There's been post after post about how this is the year that Montreal wins it all, no matter how many times I said they aren't quite good enough yet.  In fact, for most of this season, they have reminded me of the Leafs of 2002, good enough to make a push in the playoffs, but not good enough to be a threat for the Cup.

    Gainey is aiming for this season, the evidence of that is quite clear.  Montreal's bad play of late could go a long way towards costing him his job, especially when you look at what is in front of the Canadiens this summer.

    Most of those deals above are garbage, just mainly because of the fact that contract status seemed to be forgotten.

    Montreal Canadien free agents this summer:

    Alex Tanguay (UFA)
    Saku Koivu (UFA)
    Alexei Kovalev (UFA)
    Robert Lang (UFA)
    Chris Higgins (RFA)
    Tomas Plekanec (RFA)
    Steve Begin (UFA)
    Tom Kostopoulos (UFA)
    Guillaume Latendresse (RFA)
    Matt D'Agostini (RFA)
    Kyle Chipchura (RFA)
    Francis Bouillon (UFA)
    Mathieu Dandenault (UFA)
    Mike Komisarek (UFA)
    Patrice Brisebois (UFA)

    So, after the Habs fail miserably next year, most of this team will self explode during the summer.  Long times lay ahead for fans in Montreal.

  5. Plekanec says:

     Fire Carboneau, as he lost control of his team and isn't able to motivate them.

    Solutions- Hire Patrick Roy as new coach as he will tear those lazy players a new  A$$-Hole!


  6. careyprice31 says:

    Lets be honest here. Do u really believe its all carbo. What about jarvis hes garbage, and gainey don't getme started. If these things don't happen we can see ourselves competing with the leafs and who gets 11th or 12th spot. God dammit at least the leafs go out and give evrything they got when they play. Montreal are just lazy pathetic and no heart

  7. careyprice31 says:

    Yup your right. Blame Gainey for the long times ahead hes the idiot whose *****nig this team up.

  8. Habroller says:

    The only ones I would worry resigning in this list would be Komisarek, Higgins, D'Agostini, Plekanec and ONE of Koivu or Tanguay (not even sure about that one).

    All our RFA players aren't playing as if it was their contract year, so don't expect them to get the bank exploding.

    You wish long times are laying ahead but this is a very ignorant comment. We have the depth and drafted youth to remain competitive for a good while. You list all our free agents but you don't even mention that we won't bother resigning most of them AND that by becoming free agents, therefore they unload a bunch of $$ on our salary cap.

    Try analyzing rather than just ripping next time. It may make you look intelligent.

  9. Plekanec says:

     The problem is, the Kostitsyns have learn from bad role model like Kovalev, Kovalev at 36 shouldn't have to carry the Habs, Koivu and Plekanec are nothing more than 3rd liners as Koivu looks drain every night and Plekanec looks piised off more and more as the season passes, Higgins has been in trade rumors for 2 straight years, if Gainey had any brains he would signs the players he wants to keep for a long term, Bouillon,Brisebois, Dandenault and O'Byrne are good as 7th d-men but not as 4th!

     Last but not least, Carboneau to me was never a good coach as he puts up together the most retarded lines i've ever seen, lines like.

    Kostitsyn-Kovy and Begin? Lapierre, Latendresse and Kostopoulos? and last night on the 1st two PP, Koivu Kovalev and Facking George Laraque?

     I feel for young players like the Kostitsyns, Latendresse, Lapierre, Pacioretty,Price,Halak and D'agostini who are losing confidence every day cause of mis-management and coaching!

     I think Bob will have to do something major before he loses his job! I would fired Carbo and Melonson and try hiring Patrick Roy as head coach and a more qualified goalie coach, maybe bring back Allaire!

  10. HABSSTAR says:

    Wow how fickle can people be.  Last year Gainey was a genius and this year he's a retard…  excellent example of knee jerk reactionary habs fans.
    I would just like to point out a few things here. 

     #1 – the cap is going to go down next year, and HARD!  Suddenly having a bunch of underperfoming players contracts no longer on the books looks a hell of a lot better than being NY or Philly who are up against the cap already and are probably going to have to clear 5-7 million off the books.  Even teams that look to be in good shape right now suddenly have a lot of free space gobbled up when the cap comes down.

      #2 – of that list of UFA's Montreal has only 3-4 are worth contemplating signing again and most at a discounted rate compaired to what they are making now.

      #3 –  with the fall of the cap there will be bargains to be had.

      #4 –  stop acting like the Habs are the only team this is happening to.  Pens went to the finals last year and aren't even in the picture this year.  Please nobody tell me that it's all because they lost Malone.  Rangers aren't performing to what's been expected of them and to a degree neither has Philly. 

      #5 – no Habs fan wanted Streit signed for what he got out of Long Island.  So to suggest otherwise now sounds a lot like just finding a reason to *****. 

    The difference between winning and losing in NHL can be razor thin.  Last year we got the bounces and got rolling.  This year we are not.  The players are getting outworked and outskated and generally just don't want it enough.  Fire Bob, fire Guy and it still won't make a lick of difference to our place in the standings this year.  

  11. HABSSTAR says:

    And three months down the road we can fire Roy when the players tune him out and don't listen to his rants anymore.

  12. Habroller says:


    You're just synthesizing in one post what I've been saying for a while now to all extremists on this site. Extremists obviously include Habs fans, but they are not the only ones…

  13. LeafsNation91 says:

    1)Komisarek will ask for $5 million atleast
    2)I would not sign Kovalev because he would ask fo the same amount or more. Believe it or not, he will probably get it from some other team.
    3)And, if you guys get Lecalvier, there might be less money to spend.

  14. LeafsNation91 says:

    Carbo has lost control of this team, a coach that would of worked well in Montreal would of been Joel Quennville because he works really well with younger players. And a great coaching record to say the least.

  15. LeafsNation91 says:

    The best teams on the cap are the Islanders and Leafs, no one to sign because no one of importance to sign, and their getting rid of high priced players instead of keeping them.

  16. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    Fu.ck your mother coc.kbreath.

  17. NHLSlayer says:

    "Try analyzing rather than just ripping next time. It may make you look intelligent."

    You first…

    I did nothing BUT analyze, your just pissed that you can see the trouble as clearly as everyone else.

    I thought this was your year, Habs fans!  Come on!  The Centennial!  The All Star Game!  The Stanley Cup!  We've heard about it all season!  Now, you guys don't even look good enough to get out of the first round, provided of course the Habs are still playing hockey in the first round…

    Right now, they seem like good fodder to feed to my Bruins…

    As far as none of your RFA's playing like it's a contract year, I think you need to stop smoking up before you come here.  If you think a guy like Plekanec isn't going to get $4 mill per season, then get ready to watch him play elsewhere next season.

    Montreal does NOT have the depth you believe them too, otherwise, perhaps they wouldn't be sh!++ing the bed now that they have some injuries.  Their youth and depth is very over-rated by those living in La Belle Province, but the rest of the hockey world knows that tough times lie ahead for Montreal.

  18. Radio says:

    The Habs are starting to look a lot like last years Senators.

    If Carby gets fired, the next round of brews is on me.

  19. Radio says:

    Thank you for the FA list. I also watch TSN.

  20. argonacon says:


    i am not a big fan of carbo really, but he isn't an absolutely horrible coach. gainey is still a genious and will bring a cup to montreal in the next 5 years for sure. or at least to the finals once or twice. having all that freed up space for signing players? and their prospect depth? i know the canadiens might look like they arent playing well right now, but once we got back to a one captain system, one captain being koivu, getting the discounts from komi, koivu, tanguay, higgins….i am telling you, we're going to kill it next year. i feel the biggest problem with the habs is not confidence, but the freaking FANS!!!!…the confidence is simply a symptom caused by the worst/best fans in the league. if every second day there was a rumor that you were gonna get shipped out in some retarded deal, because you never scored in 3 games, or you had a -2 in a game, or the habs lost two in a row in regulation, you'd feel like crap too!


    get rid of kovalev, sell off some of the ufa's we are obviously not re-signing next year to anyone willin to buy for some draft picks, and then sign some big ufas in the offseason for a discount. nyr, philly, these teams will suck for years because o the deals they've made.

    one thing, i know this pronger trade is probably bs but if you can get him, and get rid of hamrlik in the process, do it for the love of god!

  21. Habroller says:

    Hahaha…just further proving my point.

    1) Playoff history between "your" Bruins and Habs shouldn't give you anything to be confident about. We beat the 1st seeded Bruins twice in the past decade and until that trend gets reversed, you should keep any form of over-confidence deeply inhibited.

    2) Personally, I never thought THIS was the year to win it all. Lots of bandwagoners did, and they are the most pissed right now, but bandwagoners are not to be worried about. They fall off the wagon as quickly as they jump onto it, not the most hockey knowledgeable people around. There are a lot of knowldegeable Habs fans on this site, try reading what THEY have to say before putting all of us in the same basket. Hell, it might even make you look intelligent.

    3) If a GM throws a $4 million + offer sheet to Plekanec after the year he's having, I'm sure Bob will be more than happy to bank the picks that come with it. If it's around 3, than I would say it's worth matching. I would be a lot more worried if he was having the kind of year he had last year, because we would have to consider locking him up around $5 mil long term, which would be hurting us big time in our well-advertised 2009 off-season. Tomas is hurting himself more than anyone. At this point I'm pretty sure he'll just agree on a $2.5-3 mil one-year deal so he can hit unrestricted free agency in 2010. Then I could become worried, but surely not this year.

    4) The only reason we're still in the playoff picture after all the freak key injuries we've had this year IS because of our depth. We have been missed a full top-six trio for as long as I can remember this year (Higgins, Tanguay, Koivu, Lang, Latendresse have all/will miss extended periods of time, and you can add Komisarek 6 weeks absence to it). You deeply want us to sink for real and for a long time, but I'm not going to agree with you. I know a lot more about our depth than you do, which is normal since I bleed bleu-blanc-rouge and I constantly follow our prospects reports, whether it's in the AHL, CHL, NCAA and even Russia. I'm really, really not worried long-term.

    The key element that trumps everything at this point is goaltending. I believe we have 2 young capable future #1's on the team, but they're too young to confirm anything at this point. Go ahead and wish Price will become the next Jim Carey, you won't be the only one wishing bad things to the Habs. But before ripping him further, I would be very curious to see what Chiarelli thinks of a potential Price-Rask swap. My guess is that he would jump on it like an addict hooker on a crack pipe…

  22. Habroller says:

    "because no one of importance to sign"

    Not exactly the type of situation any GM would like to be in…especially when considering how thin you are in terms of prospects.

  23. LeafsNation91 says:

    Well yes, but the good prospects we do have Kulemin, Tlusty, Stralman, Schenn, etc., either have been recentley signed tom low contracts, or haven't broke out yet to deserve the big money.

  24. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    I think people forget that we can probably get a lot more for Higgins.. Yes, we all want him gone when he's injured.. but when he's playing we all watch in awe and wonder why we would ever trade this guy. Higgins has a lot of value and i think his injuries are just bad luck and we can receive better in return for him.

    Also, I think we're tired of Kovalev's inconsistency and him trying to be the coach. I think throwing the C on Kovalev was a mistake, he takes advantage of it and thinks he's above Carbonneau. I say trade him, but we can get someone young like Kovalchuk for Higgins, Kovalev .. we still have the best depth , don't bash me saying NO THAT'S STUPID , WE NEED TO REBUILD BLA BLA BLA .. Higgins, Kovalev, Chipchura for Kovalchuk ?

  25. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    #5 –> I would just like to point out that Mark Streit openly said he would consider a discount just to play in Montreal again because he loved it .. something like 2.2 mil. Bob Gainey didn't even contact him , Streit's words .. I like Gainey, but the wrong thing he did was let a D go and go add forwards to last year's LEADERS in GF , MONTREAL ! Yes it's great add more firepower but now we have no D and our goalies are losing confidence, our forwards are losing confidence.

  26. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    #5 –> I would just like to point out that Mark Streit openly said he would consider a discount just to play in Montreal again because he loved it .. something like 2.2 mil. Bob Gainey didn't even contact him , Streit's words .. I like Gainey, but the wrong thing he did was let a D go and go add forwards to last year's LEADERS in GF , MONTREAL ! Yes it's great add more firepower but now we have no D and our goalies are losing confidence, our forwards are losing confidence.

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