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  1. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Interesting to see if either sign for less than asking because it could set a standard.
    As some of us have mentioned, I would still be interested in Whitney. Yes, he is a left hand shot and has had injury problems which seems to have limited his skating, but before the injury he was a 25 min a night D-man. At 30, he is young enough to still find a solution to the ankle problem. He has size and offensive upside and would definitely be an upgrade to most of Phaneuf’s partners from last year.
    I still think if we can get a 2 year for $3-$3.5 kind of deal ($1.5-$1.75 per) it would be worth it. If he can recover and play with Dion, great. If he is a 3rd pairing, oh well, the money won’t kill us.

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