Add Salo to Blues list

The Fourth Period – According to espn’s Darren Pang one goalie that the St. Louis Blues are interested in that not many people are considering is Edmonton Oiler Tommy Salo. The Blues, although having received solid goaltending from call-up Curtis Sanford the last four games, are still on the lookout for a number one netminder to lead them into the playoffs.

Pang said the goalie mentioned most frequently as going to the Blues, Phoenix Coyote Sean Burke will not be traded in his opinion unless Phoenix is unsuccessful is unloading some of their other high-salaried veterans and must look to Burke as a last resort.

Edmonton has been impressed with the play this year of backup goalie Jussi Markkanen, and apparently GM Kevin Lowe, upset by the team’s poor play of late, is ready to shake things up. It is still a stretch to think that Lowe would give up one of the more consistent goalies in the league the past few years, but it is a possibility, says Pang.

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  1. mikster says:

    Tough move for the Oilers to do, tough to even think about. I think Salo could be a possibility since he has good post-season numbers. He might need a new change of scenery.

    The problem is, who would be the Oilers goalie for next season? They don’t have anyone in their system who could step up and start. Markkanen is good but not a slick starter.

    Dafoe is always a possibility for next season though.

  2. amazing_jesse says:

    Salo to St.Louis? Ninimma to Toronto? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but I am not sure if I get it. Isn’t Edmonton in a playoff position? Trade their goalie and top 2 D man? Perhaps Lowe just does not like this team and is prepared for something radical.

    I have to admit I don’t like the Oilers’ forwards much. Tucker and Berg in for Ninimma changes the forward chemistry big time and gives them a very solid 5th Dman which the Oilers need.

    Salo could fetch some real interesting talent too. Khavanov and Stillman???

    Ninimma and Salo out

    Tucker, Stillman, Khavanov, Berg in???

    Well, I guess that would be radical.

  3. PanMan says:

    i really doubt that the oilers would trade their #1 goalie when they are starting to get comfortable in that 8th seed. sure nashville is pushing them but as opposed to last year they must keep a playoff spot instead of trying to come up from behind and get one. add to that that smyth and others are coming back from injuries and i doubt the oilers will sell come the deadline.

    my prediction is that they will make the playoffs and salo will stay put.

  4. Shiva says:

    Another stupid rumor involving the Oilers. Salo is easily a top 10 goalie when he is on his game.

    Everyone who thinks the oilers would trade Niinimaa for Tucker should go read slick Bob’s column at “A 30 minute defenseman for a 3rd line forward makes no sense”.

  5. aaron says:

    That makes less sense than the Niinimaa for Tucker suggestion, which was absolutely absurd.

    Hehe, Blues need something though. Wings win 7-2, despite getting outshot? :-p Hehe, and Datsyuk has 14 points in 5 games now. He’s a little hot.

  6. MossRocks says:

    Why would the Oilers want Berg? Lowe will want a real prospect along with Tucker if he has to give up Niinimaa.

  7. Pelle_Lindbergh says:

    Don’t sleep on Salo!! This guy is one of the best in the game. It would be a HUGE mistake to trade Salo/and or Niinimaa. They need these 2 guys to fight off the hungry, hungry Preds!

  8. Slovakiaz says:

    HTR going from one bad post to another … what a shame. Why are you posting this kind of crap ???!

    Edmonton will be in the playoffs without Salo ???! Heh !

  9. Puckboy says:

    Aki Berg wouldn’t even make Edmonton’s top 7 defencemen line up so why would the Oilers take him? Tucker yes… Coliacovo would be of interest obviously but Quinn isn’t likely to move him. Edm probably would have taken McAuley but…

  10. Puckboy says:

    … I also see how it could make sense but definitely not for a straight across trade. Niinimaa for Tucker straight across, no way.

    Tucker’s fire and energy are missing from the Oilers. There is no agitator on the team, Laraque is a clean up guy not a disturber. Tucker makes sense for the Oilers.

    Niinimaa makes a lot of money (to Edmonton). He plays a crap load though but the thought is that his ice time could be spread around. If Jason Smith is out much longer though, no moving Niinimaa for sure. Brewer, Semenov, Ferguson, Pisa have all been good and could take on more responsibility and ice time. If they could add another d-man (NOT Berg!), they COULD live without Niinimaa.

    That said, I agree with you that they shouldn’t and probably won’t risk trading Niinimaa now.

  11. Tradedude says:


    this can’t be true, damn it!

    Salo!!! SALO!!!

    No way, if he gets traded, man o man, i’ll be SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO upset at lowe. GRRRRRR…….

    makes me mad that tommy is being mentioned on rumors. Yikes, Lowe don;t trade this guy, please! God NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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