Allison Trade Rumor Confirmation

Hey Guys,

Thought I’d come on again and give your the latest from the Boston Globe and FoxSportsNet…………..
There is a confirmed trade offer on the table as we speak, for the Bruins Brass to scratch thier heads about. It is a blockbuster (in my opinion) of a deal, too ODD for description really. This confirmed trade offer would send Allison To the Mighty Red Wings, for Luc Robitale and Jesse Wallin. Personally I can’t understand it, but it would be great for both teams and this is why.

#1 the obvious…….Allison isn’t happy, and history has shown that after contract disputes even when settled teams just have never ending problems with the given player.

#2 Luc is an all-star and future hall of famer…good for the young Bruins, and just kinda doesn’t fit in the Detroit system.

#3 This Wallin kid is going to be a good one…but not in the Red Wings time frame for winning the cup….yet would be a nice fit in Boston

#4 The Wings need a younger star like Allison, to wear the “C” after Stevie calls it quits.

#5 I heard some guy say that Allison would make the Wings unbalanced……WHAT???? there are 9 guys on that team that will be in the hall of fame. I think they can adjust to just about any new situation.

I like this trade all the way around, Detroit is getting the better of the deal there is no debate on that count.

But like Jagr in Pittsburgh….when you have over stayed your welcome, its best for all parties to cut thier losses and move on

Thanks for reading guys!

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