Another hockeybuzz habs rumor

“I am also hearing more Zherdev to Montreal Rumors, and I am about to go into a meeting with a montreal source in the next few minutes to discuss a rumor I am chasing that the Habs may be in the verge of something bigger. I will report back.”

I’m not sure how another soft underachieving European would help the habs, but anyways this is a rumours site, so there you have it.

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  1. blarneylad says:

    we don't want him, no heart = no cup. simply put

    montreal needs a good canadian boy, a skilled canadian with leadership and some size to help take the burden from koivu

  2. sheam316 says:

    I dont see anything wrong with the dude. Zherdev would be better pick up then Forsberg really. We would have him for multiple years, He's not a two month rental maybe even 2 week rental if the injury bug hits him AGAIN. I mean dont have him a captain, But have him with Koivu or even get rid of Samsonov and throw Zherdev with Kovalev. Get rid of Perezhogin, Samsonov, and a few others thats taking up space bring this guy in. Bring in a few others from hamilton next year and we'll have a good team. Also I wouldn't mind going out getting a smart defense during the offseason.

  3. ganou60 says:

    We need a leader a real captain, koivu's time has passed, i don't know if anybody would want him but trade him ryder and kovalev.  Where is the leadership?

  4. the_purolator_guy says:

    columbus should be practically giving us zherdev since they stole hainsey from us in a waiver recall, but i think i would also like to grab modin, a big strong fast winger, with a great shot.  would help on the first line

  5. somtawyer says:

    I have felt for the longest time ( say, 6-8 years ), that the Canadiens have completely missed the boat on what they need , which is big strong , prime CHL bred BEEF !. My wish list , now that Shane Doan has set the market , would be for Bob Gainey to make a serious offer to Edmonton to acquire Ryan Smith and/or Shawn Horcoff. Edmonton will need a younger goalie sooner not later – If Carey price is ready to be a backup nect year , then J. Havlak can be dangled in front of Kevin Lowe, along with some of the youth in Montreal's system……

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