Are We Bad Enough?

Every one says the leafs are so bad, and as a leafs fan, it does get tiring. But im sure these kinda articles and attention to the leafs also gets annoying to none leafs fans, as it does to me as well. But are the leafs really as bad off as everyone says? I don’t think that they are.
Im not saying they are a legitiment playoff contender, because they are nowheres near. But they won’t lay dont and die like everyone thinks they should. As of right now the leafs have a pretty solid defensive team in my opinion. But their offense could be a problem. Now im pretty used to seeing the leafs lose, but im not used to see them get blown up every game, because they score alot, they just couldnt play well enough defensivly to keep the puck out of the net. Thats why i think it would be a good thing to sign Mats Sundin. If they have him, it makes everyone around him a bit better player. And if we can keep the scoring up, and goals against down, we wouldnt be that bad. Not saying we`d make the playoffs, but everyone counted Montreal out before last season began as well. We have alot of good depth scoring, and with the loss of Tucker and Wellwood, that hurts a bit, but the adding Grabovski, Kulemin, Hagman, that adds it back up and then some, as Hagman alone had more goals then Tucker and Wellwood together last season. The depth we have is great in my opinon, and our defense is better as well. If Sundin does come back for another season in Toronto, whether Toronto fans like it or not, I think they will be a better team then they were last season. Especially if McCabe gets dealt soon.

According to TSN Bryan will waive to go to Florida, once his 2million in siging bonuses is paid up. Assuming this happens, the only thing i can really see coming back is picks, unless it becomes bigger then just McCabe. SO Assuming McCabe is dealt for prospects or picks whatever, and assuming Sundin is signed, this is what i predict the lineup to look like.




I don`t really wanna get into any trades and stuff, but I will predict that with tihs lineup, and looking at the other teams in the east, they will finish anywhere from 12-10. Even without Sundin, i can`t see them finishing behind the Islanders, a Joikenless Panther squad, or the Thrashers. But then i can never be sure.

Here`s what id predict the lineup to look like with the roster the way it is (without sundin)




Either way McCabe won`t be in the lineup, but i think he will waive and be traded. And if Sundin does not sign, i think captaincy and alternate captaincy should be Stajan(C) Kaberle(A) and Kubina (A).

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Ya, Kaberle may. But he likes to set things up, he's not really the trigger man, that will be Kubina, I see him putting up around 15 goals or so.

    Antropov will break 50 for sure again, if he stays healthy he should be a lock for 60 points as the go-to offensive guy on the team now. They just need to give Nik a couple guys who can finish and can work the puck down low with him, Blake, Steen, Poni, Hagman, Bell all fit the bill.

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  2. tucksfan says:

    No way in Hell stajan plays 4th line. 3rd line at the least. if they play him, he will get close to 20 goals.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Wilson will roll 4 lines with this team man. And Stajan will probably play a defensive role for Wilson. Stajan will kill penalties and isolate the 2nd-3rd line guys on the other team. Similar to what Draper does for the Red Wings. That way when you play a team like Tampa, if you can keep Lecavalier off the board, there's no chance in being beaten by the third line scoring a couple goals on you. Stajan will be that defensive centre I think. That would be a good role for him.

    But you sound like my little brother, he loves Matt Stajan, he thinks he should be in a scoring role too, like on the 2nd line, its a possibility. I think they'll be moving around a lot this year anyways.

  4. tucksfan says:

    That is true, He is better defensivly then offensvily. But we will have to wait and see hope in all pans out.

  5. NHLSlayer says:

    You're also forgetting that while Poni was playing "OKAY" with Steen at his side, that pairing was something that Paul Maurice put together, and in no way means that Ron Wilson won't have something else in mind.

  6. turdfergusson says:

      2 words for Leaf fans: John Tavares.

      Why else does this lineup look like it does?

      Surprised no one's brought this up.

  7. tucksfan says:

    But the leafs wont bomb the season completely. No player in the league can bring themselves to do that. The leafs wont get taveras because they are not the worst in the league. The Islanders imo have the worst. they dont have any big names cept dipiertro. there team is not very good at all right now.

  8. Kramer says:

    I have a feeling there's gonna be a big trade soon.

  9. Plekanec says:

      Oh! You guys are bad enough alright! And you will be for years to come.

  10. tucksfan says:

    Yeah. Involving McCabe. Too Bad we are getting shit back 🙁

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