Are the Avalanche interested in Florida defenseman Dmitry Kulikov?

According to ace Rogers Sportsnet reporter/podcast host Jeff Marek they are.
Marek, one of the hockey media people I respect a lot, said on the air that his sources are telling him the Avs have interest in Florida Panthers defenseman Dmitry Kulikov, the 14th overall pick by Florida in 2009 – 11 spots behind Matt Duchene.

The Avs are not the first team mentioned in trade rumors involving Kulikov. The Russian D-man – said to be a strong offensive rearguard coming out of the draft – has been in lots of previous rumors, so we’ll take this for what it’s worth right now. That said, if Marek is hearing it, I give it some credence.

Kulikov definitely appears on the outs in Florida. He just got benched by his coach for being turnover-prone, and this article sure makes it sound like he hasn’t been too much fun to watch the last year or two.

4 Responses to Are the Avalanche interested in Florida defenseman Dmitry Kulikov?

  1. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Kulikov to Colorado makes a lot of sense. I wonder if there is a way to get in on this where Stastny goes out, but lands in T.O?hmmm, I will have to think up a good blockbuster.

  2. leafy says:

    How come a rebuilding team like Florida wants to get rid of a young player like Kulikov? Buyer beware.

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