Best Goalie in the NHL?

Who’s better than a goaltender to judge another goalie? Here are the best goalies in the league, according to 65 NHL goaltenders… Source:

01. Dominik Hasek-OTT 17 votes (27,9%)

02. Miikka Kiprusoff-CGY 16 votes (26,2%)

03. Marty Turco-DAL 6 votes (9,8%)

04. Tomas Vokoun-NSH 5 votes (8,2%)

t5. Roberto Luongo-FLA 4 votes (6,6%)

t5. Henrik Lundqvist-NYR 4 votes (6,6%)

t7. Manny Fernandez-MIN 2 votes (3,3%)

t7. Martin Gerber-CAR 2 votes (3,3%)

09. Ed Belfour-TOR 1 vote (1,6%)

Three goalies chose not to respond. One more named more than one netminder. Here are the results from each team. Goalies were not allowed to name themselves or their teammate. Some players asked to remain anonymous.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks

“Marty Turco.” — Jean-Sebastien Giguere

“Tomas Vokoun.” — Ilya Bryzgalov

Atlanta Thrashers

“Henrik Lundqvist.” — Michael Garnett

“Miikka Kiprusoff.” — Kari Lehtonen

Boston Bruins

“Miikka Kiprusoff.” — Andrew Raycroft

“Miikka Kiprusoff. He’s a hell of a goalie.” — Hannu Toivonen

Buffalo Sabres

“Tomas Vokoun. He’s so good, but people don’t give him the recognition he deserves.” — Martin Biron

“Tomas Vokoun.” — Ryan Miller

“Miikka Kiprusoff.” — Mika Noronen

Calgary Flames

“Dominik Hasek.” — Miikka Kiprusoff

“Marty Turco. He also impresses me with the way he moves the puck. He’s an extra defenseman, too.” — Philippe Sauve

Carolina Hurricanes

“Roberto Luongo.” — Martin Gerber

“Marty Turco.” — Cam Ward

Chicago Blackhawks

“Dominik Hasek.” — Nikolai Khabibulin

“Miikka Kiprusoff.” — Adam Munro

Colorado Avalanche

“I guess I’d say [Dominik] Hasek.” — Anonymous

“Probably Dominik Hasek.” — Anonymous

Columbus Blue Jackets

“Roberto Luongo. That didn’t take long, did it?” — Marc Denis

“Roberto Luongo.” — Pascal Leclaire

Dallas Stars

“It’s tough. I would lean toward either Kiprusoff or Manny Fernandez, who’s having a great year. I’d have to give my vote to Kiprusoff. I’ve known him from before as a fabulous goaltender. I just like the way he plays. It looks like he’s playing with a lot of poise.” — Johan Hedberg

“The Dominator [Hasek]. He’s just great & his wins, his save percentage. Statistically, he’s the best, but there’s also his persona. I watch him on TV and he’s still got it at 40 years old. It’s pretty impressive.” — Marty Turco

Detroit Red Wings

“Dominik Hasek.” — Manny Legace

“Marty Turco.” — Chris Osgood

Edmonton Oilers

“Miikka Kiprusoff. He’s the reason Calgary is ahead of us in the standings.” — Jussi Markkanen

“Tomas Vokoun is probably the most important guy to his team.” — Ty Conklin

Florida Panthers

“Miikka Kiprusoff.” — Roberto Luongo

“Miikka Kiprusoff.” — Jamie McLennan

Los Angeles Kings

“Dominik Hasek.” — Mathieu Garon

“Dominik Hasek.” — Jason LaBarbera

Minnesota Wild

“Henrik Lundqvist” — Manny Fernandez

“Dominik Hasek.” — Dwayne Roloson

Montreal Canadiens

“Right now, I’d have to say Miikka Kiprusoff. He’s the one who has been the most consistent. He’s winning games 2-1, 1-0 and 3-2.” — Jose Theodore

“I can’t name one. There’s lots of good goalies. The guy who wins it all [Stanley Cup] is the best.” — Cristobal Huet

Nashville Predators

“Dominik Hasek.” — Tomas Vokoun

“Miikka Kiprusoff.” — Chris Mason

New Jersey Devils

“Dominik Hasek.” — Scott Clemmensen

“Ed Belfour. I like the experience factor.” — Martin Brodeur

New York Islanders

“Marty Turco.” — Rick DiPietro

“Martin Gerber” — Wade Dubielewicz

New York Rangers

“Manny Fernandez.” — Kevin Weekes

“Dominik Hasek.” — Henrik Lundqvist

Ottawa Senators

“Roberto Luongo.” — Ray Emery

“Manny Fernandez. I just look at him as a guy who is playing really well right now.” — Dominik Hasek

Philadelphia Flyers

“Miikka Kiprusoff. I would say Kiprusoff. He’s got the most wins, most minutes. Calgary doesn’t score a lot of goals so he has to make the big saves. Ottawa scores a lot of goals so it makes it easier for [Dominik] Hasek.” — Antero Niittymaki

“Miikka Kiprusoff. Dominik Hasek is up there, but I like Kiprusoff better. Realistically, it’s the invasion of the Finns. Kiprusoff is probably the best right now.” — Jamie Storr

Phoenix Coyotes

“Henrik Lundqvist. He did a great job filling in and has played very well in a spot that is difficult with a lot of media attention.” — Brian Boucher

Declined to answer — Curtis Joseph

Pittsburgh Penguins

“Henrik Lundqvist.” — Marc-Andre Fleury

“Dominik Hasek.” — Jocelyn Thibault

San Jose Sharks

“Dominik Hasek, Tomas Vokoun, Miikka Kiprusoff and Manny Legace.” — Evgeni Nabokov

“Miikka Kiprusoff.” — Vesa Toskala

St. Louis Blues

“Marty Turco. I like the way he handles the puck. He’s not very big, but he plays as a big goalie.” — Curtis Sanford

“Dominik Hasek.” — Jason Bacashihua

Tampa Bay Lightning

“Dominik Hasek.” — Sean Burke

“Martin Gerber” — John Grahame

Toronto Maple Leafs

Declined to answer — Ed Belfour

“Tomas Vokoun” — Mikael Tellqvist

Vancouver Canucks

“Dominik Hasek” — Alex Auld

“Dominik Hasek” — Maxime Ouellet

Washington Capitals

“Miikka Kiprusoff” — Olaf Kolzig

“Miikka Kiprusoff” — Brent Johnson

82 Responses to Best Goalie in the NHL?

  1. ranger_fan says:

    What does reputation and past awards, accomplishments have to do with you being the best goalie in the league today?

  2. chanman says:

    A Roy fan I see….Wasnt Hasek in net for a series or two against your beloved aves? Hasek was the only reason theSabres had a decent shot ath ANY kind of post season hockey for YEARS in Buffalo..he was absolutely outstanding…and the Harts, Venizas, MVPs and cup with detroit proves it. He made the sabres into a contender; something any other goalie out there could not have done, and certainly not as well. Hes still the best. not the same, but nevertheless the best. But thats all pst; fact is he is still winning, and lookoing good. AND this article seems to think so. Roys hung em up already, stop crying and enjoy whats good.

  3. DevilzAdvokit13 says:

    Henrik Lundqvist is,can and will eventually lead the Rangers to a stanley cup. You watch.


  4. Air33 says:

    uhhh… can he say that? lol

  5. Air33 says:

    “how many times have i argued with the idiots all over this site that i am more qualified than them to judge goaltenders b/c i WAS a jr.a goaltender?! 100? 200?”

    get over yourself. Jr A is not very impressive.

  6. Gretzkin says:

    It is official!

    You are indeed the biggest idiot posting on this site.

    Argumentative, constantly, thinking that you know it all, and are NEVER wrong.

    You’ve been grasping on this Junior Goalie thing for way too long.

    “we know more than you do.”

    Now you’ve grouped yourself in with proven NHL Goaltenders who made much, much more than the cut.

    From what I assume, you are also a grown man, over 30 years old, which, compared to a couple of other complete idiots on this site, you take the cake, as you can tell the other dumb guys are just children.





  7. 92-93 says:

    i know!

    and i am sure there are a lot of NHL forwards with the back of their legs bruised after a game standing in front of the eagle lol.

  8. Lint07 says:

    Reputation goes a long way, my friend. Brodeur could actually stay a just above .500 goaltender and surf on his reputation and past awards ’til the end of his career.

    He’ll always be remember as one of the best of his era, like it or not.

  9. BunchOfLies says:

    Now, I want all of you to stop mentionning Vokoun’s name!!!

    Every time I hear/see his name, first thing that comes to mind is : we (the Habs) traded this guy to make room for Theodore.

    and then I feel like cryin’…

  10. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    now i have a question how come the sens only seem to win though when they score 4 goals or more? there record when they score 3 or less is something like 3-10-2.

  11. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    ummmmmmm He made the sabres into a contender; something any other goalie out there could not have done, and certainly not as well. i guess you never heard of the 1986 stanley cup champions then have you? the point i was trying to prove is that this guys theory is bogus.

  12. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    look at his best record away from the wings in buffalo and his record on the wings. i think the team had something to do with that record.

  13. dcz28 says:

    Its like i said either the Sens play really good in front of Hasek or really bad there is no middle for them so far but i can tell you one thing it has nothing to do with Hasek’s performance as he has not had many bad games even when they lose…that record is a reflection of the guys infront of him blowing out one team on one night and not showing up or turning the puck over 30 times the next

    Hasek has done what he is suppose to do and if they still had Lalime in nets they would have at least lost 5 to 10 more games

  14. dcz28 says:

    Yes because he was the team in Buffalo without him i doubt Buffalo would have even made the playoff let alone get to one goal of winning the cup…why do you think he won all the MVP’s, Harts, Vesina’s with Buffalo? Because if he had a decent game they lost and he needed to stand on his head for them to win a game which was not the case with the Wings but in the playoffs for the Wings Hasek was awsome after the first 2 loss to Vancouver at home and got 6 shutouts on his way to the cup

    Look at his numbers with Buffalo not wins because he doesn’t score goals…2.22 gaa for his career with a 0.92 save% and 66 shutouts in 629 games…his numbers are even better in the playoffs

    The only thing i think can be questioned about Hasek was and is his health aside from that he has been solid everywhere he has played including the gold medal he won (do you think the Czecks would have won gold without him? i dont think so)

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    All aload of who’s hot and who’s not. Do NHL goalies even have the time to watch other goalies? It would be better to ask forawrds cuz they’re the ones who have to try to score on them.

    Doms over rated. The Sens have an awesome D, I’d take CuJo first in a heart beat.

    1. Curtis Joseph

    2. Martin Brodeur

    3. Miika Kiprusoff

    4. Domonik Hasek

    5. Tomas Vokoun

    6. Marty Turco

    7. Roberto Luongo

    8. Henrik Lundqvist

    9. Jose Theodore

    10. Ed Belfour

    Before anyone critisizes Belfour over Fernandez. Look at Minnesota’s defense… now look at Toronto’s!

  16. i_know_hockey says:

    wow… hasek is in no way over rated

    He single handedly carried the Sabres for 8 years… allowing them to be a competitive and a playoff team. And theres no way in hell u can compare the offensive and defensive skill on those old sabres teams to the sens firepower now. He stood on his head game in and game out, stealing the games away from other teams. He is a great goaltender and is not over rated

    btw.. hes got stanley cup, olympic gold, 6 veznas, lead GGA and save % before… so hes good

  17. habs79 says:

    Actually he wasn’t traded Nashville got him in the expasion draft.

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I didn’t mean his career is over rated… I just mean right now. Take all the goalies in the league in their primes and the only three that got a shot at beating him are CuJo, Eddie, and Marty. I’m just saying despite what everyone thinks, he’s not what he once was. I mean really, I even put him number 4 right now.

  19. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    true but when the defense is in trouble how good is hasek then?

  20. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    solid yes but if you want to play it like that brodeur is just the same. he has had a team for the first 9 or 10 years of his career now he is playing like hasek on buffalo which isnt that bad but its not as good as when he had the Scott’s.

  21. BunchOfLies says:

    True, my bad, but still… you got the point I think 😉

  22. dcz28 says:

    Exactly…Hasek won all those awards without much of a team infront of him compared to Brodeur and now that the Devils are weaker he was having a hard time to win a game which proves even more how good Hasek was and this is only the 2nd season that Hasek has a good team infront of him…i’m not saying Brodeur isn’t a top goalie because he is but he is finding out how hard Hasek had it with Buffalo all these years he played for them

  23. dcz28 says:

    If you watched the Anaheim game he was great Ottawa had a hard time just getting out of their zone and most games he bails out the defence more then people think and gives them a chance to get it going

    here is what Brian Murray had to say after that shootout loss to Anaheim:

    “Hasek was the reason we were able to get a point out of this,” said Senators coach Bryan Murray. “I think we had the chances at 13-3 (for Anaheim) in the second period. “

    Since late December the Sens have struggled with injuries and being consistent in their efforts but Hasek has been great all season and i watch every Sens games and also Wings (my team) which you must know just won in Colorado lol

    trust me Hasek may not have to stand on his head every night like he use to with Buffalo but he still makes the key saves at key times and the Sens take more chances on offense because they know the Dominator is back there wich they could not afford doing with Lalime in net hence them being #1 in offense in the league with 5 rookies in the lineup on most nights

  24. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    trust me i watched the colorado detroit game. i was surprised we managed to keep it a 1 goal game. aebischer was unbelieveable. but thats beside the point. everyone says the senators have depth so why should it matter with injuries they should still be “the team” shouldnt they?. and i did see the anaheim game and i saw what happens when they play poor defensively. hasek is not at his best when his team plays poorly defensively. and it did not matter who the sens had in net the only reason there more offensive is there coach Bryan murray. Martin likes to play defensive hockey not offensive. murray actually likes offense better then defense. and for ottawa being the top offense in the league it has something to do with there top line of heatley-spezza-alfreddson. yes they were injured for about 10-15 games but did u see what happened to them in the beginning of the season.

  25. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    actually if you caught it the overall point im making. the “amazing” goalies actually have the amazing teams infront of them. if you asked me which i would rather have hasek on ottawa or vokoun on ottawa i would want vokoun.

    overall about this guy whos bragging about being jr a is funny. you did not even make the cut… hah.

  26. chanman says:

    CUJO is the overrated one. # 1? are you crazy?what has he ever done? with a pretty strong leafs team in the late 90’s he could never get past the Dominator and the Sabres in the playoffs. He was no good in Detroit…(seems to me he was benched in favor of some other guy….), and then is playing well but wont be going anywher down in Phx. Look what he has won. lookwhat Hasek has won. Lookatwhat the other goalies think. Look at yourself and have a good laugh.

  27. wheresthesoda says:

    yeaaaaa, thats pretty wierd, no broduer???

    not a broduer fan but why doesnt any of these goalies think he’s the best??

    i personally dont think there is 1 goalie who is the best. If you want to find out, then put that goalie on a team like the capitals and see how good they do, cause they wont do much better than kolzig.

  28. jody200411 says:

    I can’t believe Vokoun was a Hab at one time !!

    Vokoun, Kiprusoff and Fernandez are all playing for a different team than they were drafted by. They weren’t expected to be great NHL goalies.

    I wonder could Huet have been named to that list if he was given more icetime?? This guy played awesome in his limited icetime and I don’t think it was a fluke. He positions himself well and looks like the real deal. Julien realized this but then got fired and BOOB GAINEY turned back to Theo. GIVE HUET A CHANCE!!

  29. wizard36 says:

    Until about 10 games ago, I wouldn’t have been terribly surprised that Brodure didn’t make this list. But, as I suspected, he and the Devils have finaly picked things up. He is definatly one of the best in the league and deserves to at least get a few votes, but the slow start for him and the Devils have hurt him.

  30. mikster says:

    Lundqvist versus the 9 game winning streak Devils and Brodeur?

    Stellar….and he played last night against Boston. Absolutely stellar. This guy deserves recognitition for the Vezina and DEFINITELY for the Calder.

  31. triple_deke says:

    I agree. Vokoun is certainly the goaltender that is most valuable to his team

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