Boston Bruins Roster Finally Set For 2011/12

With Marchand being signed and Savard confirming that he’ll miss the upcoming season due to injury, the Bruins roster has fully taken shape for the upcoming season.

Forwards – $31,520,833
Patrice Bergeron – $5,000,000
Milan Lucic – $4,083,333
Nathan Horton – $4,000,000
David Krejci – $3,750,000
Tyler Seguin – $3,550,000
Brad Marchand – $2,500,000
Chris Kelly – $2,125,000
Rich Peverley – $1,325,000
Greg Campbell – $1,100,000
Benoit Pouliot – $1,100,000
Jordan Caron – $1,100,000
Daniel Paille – $1,075,000
Shawn Thornton – $812,500

Defense – $17,969,167
Zdeno Chara – $6,916,667
Dennis Seidenberg – $3,250,000
Andrew Ference – $2,250,000
Joe Corvo – $2,250,000
Johnny Boychuk – $1,875,000
Steve Kampfer – $852,500
Adam McQuaid – $575,000

Goalies – 6,250,000
Tim Thomas – $5,000,000
Tuukka Rask – $1,250,000

Buyouts – $258,333
Patrick Eaves – $258,333

2010/11 Cap Overage – $1,130,000
Injured Reserve – $4,007,143

Marc Savard – $4,007,143 22 Cap Hit – $57,128,333

Cap Space – $7,171,667 Some may argue that Caron and Kampfer aren’t locks to be on the opening day roster, but I see them as near sure-things due to their NHL-readiness and stints with the team last year. This leaves only one spot up for grabs on the Bruins opening day roster. There seems to be five forwards in contention for the spot. Obviously, a lot will depend on their performance in camp, but here’s how I see things shaping up right now:

1. C/W Ryan Spooner (19, $723,333) – To say that he has been miles ahead of the competition at the Bruins’ Rookie Camp the last two years would still be an understatement. Last season as an 18 year old he didn’t let up in training camp he made it to the last cut for the opening day roster, but lost out to Jordan Caron. The only drawback for him this year (as was the drawback for him last year) is that it’s either NHL or Juniors for Spooner. This, of course, is a major drawback, but I see Spooner at the very least getting the 9-game tryout in Boston, and would not at all be surprised if he lasted all year.

2. C/W Maxime Sauve (21, $845,833) – The speedy Frenchman has shown goal-scoring ability in both Juniors and the AHL and may get a shot at the big leagues this year. A major concern for Sauve the last couple years has been injuries though.

3. C Jamie Arniel (21, $701,667) – The defensive forward showed surprising offense in Providence last year but is thought to have limited upside offensively in the NHL. Still, he provides a good defensive presence and looks near NHL ready. He had a one game stint in Boston last year.

4. C Zach Hamill (22, $1,316,667) – He looks like a bust. He’s in the last year of his rookie deal, so if there was anything that was ever a time to at least try to come near his top 10 draft slot, it would be now. Don’t hold your breath though. 5. RW Jared Knight (19, $723,333) – He’s one to never count out due to his work ethic, but his chances look unlikely to play in Boston this year due to him being unable to be sent down to the AHL. He has bulked up to over 200 pounds on a small frame and looks like he could handle the physicality of the NHL, but he will probably have to wait at least another year. Regardless of which one of these five forwards makes the roster, the Bruins will have between $5,855,000-$6,470,000 to work with this year in cap space. Now, we’ll look at the Bruins lineup. These are the positions that seem to be locked: Lucic-Krejci-Horton Marchand-Bergeron-a b-c-d e-f-Thornton Chara-Boychuk Seidenberg-Corvo Ference-McQuaid Thomas Rask Players guaranteed a spot in the lineup, but not a specific slot: Campbell, Kelly, Peverley, Seguin. Candidates for (a) – Seguin, Caron, Peverley Candidates for (b) – Peverley, Pouliot, Spooner, Sauve Candidates for (c) – Kelly, Seguin, Peverley, Spooner, Sauve Candidates for (d) – Caron, Seguin, Peverley Candidates for (e) – Paille, Campbell Candidates for (f) – Campbell, Kelly So, based on that, here’s my most realistic opening day roster for the B’s: Lucic-Krejci-Horton Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin Peverley-Kelly-Caron Paille-Campbell-Thornton Pouliot, Sauve Chara-Boychuk Seidenberg-Corvo Ference-McQuaid Kampfer Thomas Rask But, here’s my ideal roster (based on Seguin, Caron and Spooner playing well): Lucic-Krejci-Horton Marchand-Bergeron-Caron Spooner-Seguin-Peverley Campbell-Kelly-Thornton Paille, Pouliot Chara-Boychuk Seidenberg-Corvo Ference-McQuaid Kampfer Thomas Rask Caron fills in as a defensive presence on the Bergeron line, but is also capable of chipping in when needed. Seguin is allowed to develop at his natural position. Spooner and Seguin could make a dynamic duo very soon. And then Peverley is the steadying influence on the line. Plus, if Seguin struggles at C, the two can easily just switch it up and this line gains a very good faceoff man. Kelly turns into the best 4th liner in the league, alongside one of the other best 4th liners in the league in Campbell. Thornton resumes his role as the enforcer. Also, this allows the extras to be veterans without wasting any playing time for the younger players.

4 Responses to Boston Bruins Roster Finally Set For 2011/12

  1. reinjosh says:

    How likely is it that Julien will give Caron top 6 time? How did he perform last year in the 20 odd games he received?

    I'm sort of morbidly interested to see what Chiarelli will do come trade deadline day. He has the assets to make another big push for another cup and he has the core that is young enough to make a push for a guy like Iginla and not regret it in anyway. 
  2. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    There's a lot of numbers in this..

    Well. I'm assuming the line up looks good and solid for another run at the cup.
  3. Boston_Bruins says:

    Julien usually doesn't like to play young players too much, but if they earn it, he'll give them playing time (like Marchand). And if there was a player that would earn those minutes under Julien, it would be Caron. He's a very safe player and showed good chemistry with Bergeron last year. Julien actually gave him the most shorthanded minutes of any forward on the team when he was up in Boston.

    But yeah, very interested to see what he does at the deadline. There's so much room to tinker and you'd have to think he'd feel more confortable making a bigger splash when his job seems completely secure right now.

  4. Boston_Bruins says:

    Yeah I thought I edited it well enough, but it looks like it became pretty much unreadable at the end there lol

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