Bouillon to get surgery?

According to RDS.CA ( Francis Buillon is leaving for Colorado tommorow to have his left knee examined.

The valuable hab will fly to Colorado tommorow, no desicion will be made before doctor Steadman gives his expertise. .

Bouillon was skating today, but if he goe’s under the knife, Mark Streit will start the season.

4 Responses to Bouillon to get surgery?

  1. Habroller says:

    If it turns out severe, Bob will have to make a move! Bouillon will be hard to replace.

    That’s unfortunate because I liked the team as it was…

  2. Les-Habitants says:

    If Bouillon is going to need knee surgery, that doesn’t bode well for Montreal. While Streit has improved, he is a 7th defenceman at best and not a top 6. Cote could be called up, but ideally he needs another year in the AHL.

    While I don’t see Gainey rushing off to make a deal soon, if Bouillon is indeed side lined for a while, then we are going to have to get another defenceman.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    Hopefully, Bouillon is fine and will not need surgery. If he is lost to the Habs for part of the season, the Habs have plenty of options via trade.

  4. passionch says:

    Depending on how the analysis will bring, Gainey may or may not need to move. Obviously, for a short-term solution, Streit can do the job for a few games but if it lasts more than 10 games without Bouillon, the Habs needs to make a move for a replacement.

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