Bowman turns down Leafs

A story by Steve Simmons of The Toronto Sun has said Scotty Bowman has turned down the leafs over a reluctance to work with Richard Peddie.

Bowman was offered a contract that would pay him 6-million over three years.
It was learned that Bowman wanted to make major changes to the front office and coaching staff but Balked when Peddie asked if he would resign Ferguson Jr to a new contract.
Bowman’s reluctance to work with Peddie, has now opened the door for a plan b in John Muckler.Muckler may be a step down in the way of being an elite hockey mind,But may make all sides happy when it comes to positioning of hockey people with the leafs.

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  1. GoalJudge says:

    The Sticking Point was Peddie.
    It goes to show not that Fergie Jr. isn't necessarily liked or respected but most of the head office or ownership.

    Peddie is widely criticized as not being a smart hockey man, or a hockey man, or a smart man. And it goes to show. Bowman, whom is of the all-time elite for hockey minds rejected offers because of this.

    Guys who have lived, loved, and bled the sports do not want to work with guys who do not belong in it.

    The glaring example seems to be over Bowman no crediting Fergie Jr. with the ability to get it done right.  And discussions began regarding his replacement, and Bowman wanting to choose his own, worthy candidate. Not just going with the guy already in house.

    Peddie refused this, and thus refused the advice of one of, if not the best hockey minds in the world.  Further goes to show that it is about nothing but ego and money in the Leafs head office.

    Further evidence that for the Leafs to even consider being winners, the house clearing has to start at the top.

  2. the_word says:

    I don't think this was about ego, I think it was more of a matter of Bowman not having interest in coming out of retirement for a full time job. When he stepped down from the Wings he walk away from an ideal situation for him. He even had the option of pretty much deciding the terms of his contract.

    Going after Bowman shows that MSLE is willing to give control of this franchise over to a hockey person, rather than a business person. They tried to give Bowman the team, Bowman didn't want it, likely because he's not interested in any full time job in hockey.

    Peddie is looking to step aside from making hockey decisions and give control of the Leafs to someone capable of making it a winner. Much like he did with the Raps and Colangelo (hire him, give him a budget and then leave him alone).

    While I'm glad Bowman turned down the job (not the right fit for the Leafs IMO), I think this should be taken as a sign that MLSE isn't looking to micro manage the Leafs as they have in recent years.

  3. vindictiveb says:

    It does not make any sense?


    is said to be looking for someone to see all and too give them full control but before even hiring Bowman he rejects a Bowmans need to rid of JFJ.


    This just gets funnier by the moment.

    It is Peddie that has to go!


  4. vindictiveb says:

    What I think the Leafs need is a new owner.

    Just one person the owns the team..Not twelve hundred!

    But I know thats not going to happen…

    The Leafs are never going to win!

    Well not in my life time anyways!  LOL

  5. nordiques100 says:

    what i dont get is if they want a senior guy thats fine….but does that not mean that the organization doesnt really have full faith in ferguson to get the job done? to me it does.

    so then why try and hire someone to run the team….yet insist on ferguson remaining as GM? that makes no sense whatsoever. the team either keeps ferguson long term, or they hire a more experienced guy and simply leave him alone to to whatever. that includes gutting and hiring new staff, new coaches, and turning over the leaf roster. there really cant be compromises in something so important as this.

    someone mentioned above that this was about ego. its true. i've said this before, people like peddie and tanenbaum want to keep their hands in how things are run because if the team ever wins the stanley cup, they definitely want to take full credit for it. they want to be the ones to say hey, i hired the right people, i agreed to spend the money on the right players. it was all me. they want to be leading the parade down yonge st. they want to be the one raising the cup and making speeches to the fans after they win. and being part of the team that wins means your name goes on the cup along with the coaches and players.
    they want to hire someone like bowman to run the show….but not really run the show. he would be there more by namesake that for what he could do to help the franchise win. by showing the fans they have hired a guy who has been a winner, it looks like they are trying to win and appear to have smart people run the team, attempting to match what they have done for their basketball team.

    but really whomever they would hire would have their hands tied in messy mismanagement and dysfunction that permeates throughout MLSE.

    people have said it was because bowman is old, comfortable with what he is doing and so forth. while taht may be true, people like bowman love a challenge and this was certainly something he was more than likely interested in taking on. but it would be less a challenge to build a winner in toronto and more of and uphill struggle just dealing with peddie and the rest of the keystone cops known as the MLSE board of directors.

    this is laughable. MLSE is now not even trying to hide their outlandish and foolish propaganda they are spewing out. by every second the evidence is piling up on how utterly clueless, hopeless and foolish this organization really is.

  6. the_word says:

    Ok, here we go with Leafs fans blaming the teams woes on MLSE and saying how horrible they've run this team, yet here they're actively looking to give up control of managing hockey operations and your still comlaining about???? You can't turn this team around over night. Peddie is taking significant steps towards establishing new management and still you're taking issue with it. This is laughable, to blame the Leafs inability to win a cup on Richard Peddie's ego, or the Teacher's Pension Plan. To suggest that Peddie wants to take all the credit for a potential Stanley Cup in Toronto as if we're going to erect his statue outside of the ACC or that the Pension Plan is unwilling to spend money (last time I checked the Leafs' payroll was always among the leagues highest).

    Hiring Bowman for his namesake? Did they higher Colangelo for his namesake, no, this is Colangelo's first shot at being a GM. What Peddie did was hire the best candiate and let Wayne Emery pick that candiate. So Emery gets credit for picking Colangelo, not Peddie.

    I didn't know MLSE was a 'propaghanda machine', last time I checked they were a business selling a product. Its not propaghanda, its marketing.

    MSLE wants a winner, the money they spend reflects that goal, however they haven't had a great GM (JFJ is ok/good, not great).  Now their trying to put the pieces in place to correct this, and you're taking issue with it?

  7. Neely4Life says:

    buddy, they money they "spend" is a drop in the bucket comapred to what they take in.  Thats like saying, well my car always has a full tank of gas, and u own an Oil Company. 

    The Raptors arnt MLSE's bread and butter either.  Colangelo said he would take the job if MLSE didnt interfere, and let him do his job the way he thought it shoud be done.  They want 100% control over the leafs, and nothing less. 

    As long as none hockey people are running that freak show, Leafs will never win. 

    also, overpaying for run down vets doesnt mean they are trying, and over payin for shitty youth either.  (not talking about Sundin)

  8. nordiques100 says:

    ok whose fault is it then for  stringing along ferguson? its obvious that its ferguson's bosses who are at fault who happen to be MLSE. if they sign him to an extension, thats great, im fine with that. if they replace him, i'm fine with that too. but they cant have both. they cant hire someone to run the whole show….but ensure everyone who is still around stays. this means that the person they hire whether it be bowman or muckler or whomever cannot do their job to the fullest extent. they want to win, if they feel someone like ferguson or coach maurice cant help them to get there, they need to replace them. if the bosses dont allow for that to happen, again who's fault is that? MLSE. you cant have your cake and eat it too.

    i never said anything about money. its not about money. its aobut how things are run. peddie wants to hire a guy to give him full control but in order to get that job, the person he hires must follow peddie's instructions and direction. that to me is not full control. that to me is just another lacky to control. if peddie didnt have an ego, he would be more than happy to give the job to someone else and let them decide whatever. if he didnt have an ego he would hire someone without placing a multitude of conditions. by wanting to maintain a hand on everything and still be in charge, thats ego talking because taht isnt the best course of action for the maple leafs hockey team.

    i dont consider peddie a bad money maker. i mean MLSE make more money than anyone really. he is a back hockey guy and he should get out of that. plain and simple. ego keeps him around because he already lost out on running the raptors…..because the team was being run into the ground. and he needs to matter somewhere in the hierarchy and right now he still has a hand in the leafs and really wants to keep it that way. he knows nothing about hockey….yet he wants to be in charge of the hockey team. there is no way he will hire anyone and not have them report to peddie on all matters.

    and if you dont think its ego, why would then would peddie keep ferguson? its because he was the guy who backed ferguson….and rob babcuck for that matter. and after getting egg on his face with the raptor fiasco, he cannot admit again his stupidity on this matter with ferguson.

    embry did not pick colangelo. they went ot a search firm and the name colangelo came up. and it was not colangelo's first job as GM. he was GM of the suns.

    and it is propaganda marketing a loser as a perennial winner. the team has  won nothing and will continue to win nothing. they are not a good team. they are an average team that is boasted as one of the best  in the league. everyone sees this reality except themselves.

    like i mentioned before, if they want to bring someone in thats great but they need to give the person they hire full control to do whatever is necessary, whether it be firing the GM< firing the coach, bringning in a new staff for the leafs nad the marlies, hiring new doctors or anything related to the hoceky team.

    you cant go in and hiring someone big…..but ensure everything else stays the same and expect to be better. if they hire say muckler, why cant he go and get the GM he wants? he cant. peddie wont allow it. thats what turned bowman away and i am sure other candidates as well. his insistence to still meddle in the day to day operations of the hockey team and how it is built and run, is selfish in my mind. taht isnt the best for the team. by not doing the best for the team, they are not doing whatever it takes to win. it has nothing to do with them not spending money and such. its all the infighting that goes on, which results in no firm smart decisions being made, and just a bunch of guys settling on a compromise. they did that with ferguson, they did taht with ferguson's extension for just 1 year and they will probably do that now if they hire someone else.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    you're right. in fact it really has nothing to do with money. they spend, we know that. its about spending wisely.

    hell they gave belfour, a 40 year old goalie 18 million over 3 years. they were willing to fork over the dough. thats not up for dispute. its forking over that money to a 40 year old goalie who then happened to get back surgery a week later that shows money not well spent.

    there are countless examples of this. how much they spend is never been in dispute for myself. its always been how they spend it.

    cant spend it right if the team is run by circus clowns who cant come to a firm decision any which way. 

  10. the_word says:

    Drop in the bucket? If they could spend more they would, but that wouldn't be fair to those other sad little markets hence there is a cap.

    Its not a matter of being bread & butter, with Colangelo they gave him the president (top executative) title, that means he gets the autonomy to run the team. They offered Bowman the same position, and they'll have to find someone else now, to take the same position with the Leafs. So saying, "They want 100% control over the leafs, and nothing less." is simply a misperception. What Peddie is doing is taking the model that was successful with the Raptors and trying to paint the leafs with the same brush.

    Overpaying for players is not the best way to win, but it is an effort to win. If they weren't trying to win, they operate their team like Boston. The problem is the Leafs are always trying to win, and not willing to take a step back, so that they can take a step forward.

  11. the_word says:

    The Leafs suffered the worst hangover coming out of the lock out because they weren't prepared for a salary cap NHL.  They did so because they had a contender going into the lockout and obviously didn't know what to expect coming out of the lockout (and who did?  Anahiem?  Buffalo?  Nashville?  Nope those were teams that luck themselves into contending.  We're already seeing Nashville and Buffalo begin to dismantle.

    Anyways, they rid themselves of Belfour after that season. 

  12. Glucker says:

    I saw "a story by  Steve Simmons" and stopped reading. the guy has less credibility then Eklund…

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    apparently, the hurricanes traded Wallin(waiting 4 no trade clause) and a conditional 1st round pick for a defenseman. Specualtion is that its Pitkanen, but I wouldn't rule out Boyton(without the 1st)

    I HOPE to GOD its Kubina. Wallin is overpaid, but plays a good PK game.

  14. the_word says:

    I introduced money to the discussion, because its very relevant and I don't think it should be ignored.  Whats fustrating is that the Leafs have all the resources to be successful from a finacial point of view and have a great hockey market (just ask Jim Ballisile).  It is about money, but its not just about money.  All those hockey decisions cost money, the nice thing about Toronto is that spending money isn't an obstacle to making hockey decisions.

    I'm not argueing that the MLSE has had management issues, especially with JFJ, but in trying to get a new executive their making an effort to address the issue.

    Colangelo worked under his father Jerry Colangelo with the Suns and was not the autonomous GM.

    Bowman didn't turn this job down because of restrictions set by Peddie.  If Bowman was so hungry for a challenge he'd wouldn't have stayed in retirement/half employed by the Wings as long as he has.  Bowman was the wrong person to persue, because he had no interest in the job in the first place.

    Why would Peddie keep JFJ?  JFJ is that bad of a GM, but thats another discussion.  If Peddie did have his ego so tied to JFJ, JFJ would have a longer contract.

    Emery's role in bring in Colangelo was huge, without Emery he may not have come.

    Ok, I can't agrue against the reality that all marketing/adverstising is a form of propaghanda, however is the way the world works.  When Peddie boast about the Leafs, he's simply doing his job.  Its like when Maurice and JFJ praise Raycorft for having a 37 win season, just because they talk well of him doesn't mean their blind to the reality that he sucks.  If Peddie was so ego driven, he wouldn't be bring in someone for this job.

  15. shakrmakr says:

    Even though Bowman is a great hockey mind, i'm sick n tired of GM's and coaches not able to do their job properly cause the people above them *****in' things up. Let Fergy and Maurice do their job already, that's why they are!!

  16. Glucker says:

    here's hoping it's McCabe 😛

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:


  18. Glucker says:

    ******s gun*


  19. wingsfan13 says:

    i no longer have any respect for the leafs organization after this stunt.  What pompous snakes would try this crap

  20. Neely4Life says:

    they have had a cap for 2 years, they havnt won for 40. 

  21. CaptainAvery says:

    RIGHT ON Peddie, your a *****ing joke. Peddie needs to get the ***** out of there before he puts this team to the ground. He's a complete jackass, bullshitting asshole, I hope he steps down, hes a jackass.

  22. dcz28 says:

    Bowman never wanted that job with the Leafs. From what i've heard is that he is very happy with his job with the Wings and never considered taking a job with the Leafs. Bowman spends alot of the season down in San Jose watching games and scouting for the Wings on his own terms so why would he leave that to go to a franchise that can't get its act together and run that gong show called the Leafs?

    Bowman to Toronto was just some dream by followers of the Leafs…no senior hockey man would take a job in Toronto to be someones puppet and have to beg the MLSE board for them to be able to make the changes they want to make. The only way they can get someone is if they can run the team without the interference of Peddie and the board like BC has with the Raptors.

  23. wielerj says:

    not so fast.  bowman contrary to the last reply to this post, was indeed considering this job.  have a look at wednesday's toronto sun.  steve simmons claims that bowman had been meeting with leaf brass for over a month but the sticking point came with bowman's refusal to commit to keeping jfj on as the general manager.  peddie's  insistence on protecting jfj appears to be the breaking point.  i imagine that peddie has a lot to lose if jfj were fired.  after all, it was he that threw his full suport behind jfj's hiring in first place, essentially ousting quinn.  

    all in all though, i love this determination on the part of the organization.  and it's not playing dirty either.  it shows a determination on the part of these 'owners' to get the job done right.  was the raptors courting of colangelo dirty?  of course not.  find the best person and get him. because it obviously isn't peddie and it obviously isn't jfj.  that's all.  that's it.
  24. leemon says:

     Here's a question,When steve stavaro owned the leafs Richard Peddie was nothing more then a PR gofer boy for MLSE.So the question has to be asked how on gods green earth did this guy get so much power in the organization?
     Heres another thought you cant control guys like bowman or muckler, because they have more hockey experiance in there pinky fingers then Peddie thinks he has and they know when to stay away.Peddie insistance on keeping JFJ means he still wants some form of control over the hockey team and keeping his finger on JFJ keeps his finger on the pulse of the team. That means that peddie would in the way of good hockey decisions if Bowman kept JFJ.Further proving Peddie should be out of the hockey operations altogether.

  25. the_word says:

    Yeah, 40 years, great post, never read that before and the fact that the Leafs weren't competitive in 1984 still really bugs me.  Oh and let's also ignore the completely different economic landscape other those 40 years, and different ownership of the team and expansion. Let's ignore the fact the Leafs were a strong contender in the ninties and throughout the new millenium going into the lockout. What other Canadian team has been consistently competitive over the last 15 years? Ottawa, well when your team is the worst in the league for 6 years, its tend to build a good farm system, and I recall the Leafs being a more consistent playoff team, even with all those overpaid, over the hill players.  

    40 years, great post it never tires.

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