Here’s a story from Québec.

A radio station has stated that from unidentified sources, Patrick Roy of the Colorado Avalanche WOULD NOT GO TO THE OLYMPICS. I repeat: Patrick Roy WOULD NOT GO TO THE OLYMPICS!  



The man stated the source, saying “He has no reason to believe this was made-up story since this was a great source.” According to this, Roy would not go to the olympics because comparatively to the rest of the starting lineup, the goalie’s decision has not been made yet and he is a “Proud Man” (as he said in an interview today). The source also said that the main reason why the goalies has not been selected yet is because Pat Quinn will bring CuJo to the olympics and on the other hand Wayne Gretzky will bring Sean Burke (who has great olympic experience though) That’s would be the reason why he is pissed of, and I truly understand him. Who would be the 3rd goalie? I’d bet on Roberto Luongo and I would also say that it will not be Martin Brodeur…

Now, it has also been said that this is the situation right now and it could possibly change if let’s say Roy received a call from Gretzky in the next few days to be #1. But right now, if the olympics would start tomorrow, Roy WOULD NOT BE THERE. An interview has also been made today with Roy (I would say 10 minutes lenght) and he has answer all the questions EXCEPT the olympics question where he said “Don’t even bother finishing your question, I won’t make any commentaries.”

I don’t know if people feel like me but I really think he is the man we need in front of team Canada’s net. And I also think that it really sucks to see those kind of “pushing” from decisional people. If what I report here happens exactly how this article suggest, I wish to Canada’s organization that CuJo doesn’t choke because that will piss off everybody who, like me can see that Roy IS the “Money-Goalie” that our team needs. Joseph may be VERY good but he isn’t the right man for this situation.

I can Already hear from here all those people saying how much this story is completely “made-up” BUT IT’S NOT. This isn’t my first story I post here and I have too much respect for everyone on this site (including myself) to post bullsh*t here and waste everyone’s time. The only reason I post stories, it’s when I find ’em realistics and when they come from reliable people.

Thanx For Reading and Let me know what you think about this.


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