Briere a possibility?

Now that Daniel Briere is a 5 million man seems like he is now all a sudden on the market. Montreal, Los Angeles and Atlanta are among the teams in the mix. Could it be that a possible trade can be made by Bob to aquire the speedy foward. Now i realize he was injured last season but his numbers were still up there 25 goals and 33 assists for 58 points in 48 games. Yes the price might be a little steep but this kid has skill and unlike Ribero has the finishing touch to put the puck into the net. Question is what do we trade for him? Buffalo dont need goaltending and all of a sudden souray says he wants to stay, Zednick is gone, do we give up some picks and a prospect? or shuold the habs just let it go and go with what they have. But one thing that comes to mind is as a Montrealer i read a article during mid-season in Le journal de Montreal that said that Gainey tried to make a pitch for briere but at the time he was a UNTOUCHABLE PLAYER but now……… Is he still interested.


Incase you want the link for where i seen that Montreal was in the mix for Briere it is here