bruins looking at mogilny boston globe reports

To that end, general manager Mike O’Connell said he has been giving serious consideration to picking up Alexander Mogilny, the aging Russian sniper who cleared waivers yesterday at noon. Mogilny, who will turn 37 next month, has been an expensive and underperforming part of the Devils this season, leading New Jersey boss Lou Lamoriello to place the former Red Army star in the league’s buck-a-book bin.

”We discussed him at length,” O’Connell said, speaking a couple of hours before last night’s game. ”We looked at it seriously, definitely — not just in the light of our trouble scoring on the power play, but our trouble scoring in general.”

Had the Bruins hired Mogilny yesterday, by dropping a claim his way, they would have been responsible for the approximate $1.75 milion he is due for the remainder of this season, and the $3.5 million he has coming to him in 2006-07. The Bruins, along with 28 other franchises, passed on Mogilny at those prices