Calder, Bochenski to Toronto?

According to the leafs may make a deal with the Blackhawks for Kyle Calder and Brandon Bochenski. The deal would look something like this:

To Chicago: Matt Stajan, Nik Antropov, Jay Harrison, and 3rd round draft pick

To Toronto: Kyle Calder, Brandon Bochenski, and a 4th round draft pick.

22 Responses to Calder, Bochenski to Toronto?

  1. Farva says:

    Sounds like alot for Kyle Calder

  2. leaflova says:

    i like the deal but i dont know if it will nock the socks off of jfj

  3. leafsrule1967 says:

    sounds alot for Kyle Calder i would send chicago nik antropov and jay harrison

  4. Farva says:

    agreed. keep the pick, and definitlu keep Stajan

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I’d rather just keep Stajan and Harrison, they can take Antropov for free though.

  6. Hoondog2 says:

    Antropov, if healthy all season, is good for 60 pts. Mark my words!

  7. Alozo07 says:

    If it happens id be sad to see stajan and harrison leave before they could really show what they can do. Antropov has always been an enigma to me, most of last year he sucked, but nearing the end of the season he played good with poni so ??? Calder is pretty good and Bochenski looks like a really good goal scorer so lets see what happens.

  8. Wisey says:

    I would like Calder, but I don’t want to part with Stajan and Harrison, plus I don’t mind Antropov. I won’t complain if that happens, because we have more than enough centers even without Stajan, we have more than enough defensive prospects without Harrison, and Antro is slow and injury proned, but I must say I would miss those three.

  9. mapleleafs4cup says:

    Maybe:To Toronto:Bochenski,Vorbiev and Calder

    To Chicago:Stajan,Antropov,Harrison and a 3rd draft pick

  10. sidleaf says:

    I think this trade would be a loss for the leafs, although i’d LOVE to see Antropov gone, but Bochenski stinks too, so theres no sence in giving up Harrison Stajan and a 3rd in a deal like this, harrison and stajan are potentially movable assets in a bigger mid-season deal if one needed to go down don’t you think?

  11. mikster says:

    What’s Chicago’s interest in such a deal? They get nothing better out of it.

    Not going to happen.

  12. Aetherial says:

    Don’t be silly and assume that the other team’s interest matters. It is only the Leafs’ interest that matters.

    Stupid trade rumor that someone pulled out of his asz while smoking a bowl no doubt.

  13. the_word says:

    Agreed, Bochenski couldn’t even crack the Sens bottom three lines which are pretty ugly.

  14. 92-93 says:

    probably not going to happen and i hope it doesnt happen. i think the deal is incredibly unfair for the leafs.

    how unfair? i think you can take Stajan and Harrison out of the proposed trade and add Coliacovo and then it would fair.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Every leaf rumor has to do with trading Antropov. This is because leaf fans don’t like Antropov (well I do but most don’t) and these rumors come from nothing but the fans.

  16. 92-93 says:

    i like antropov!

    i dont mind the money he makes and the production he puts up (when healthy of course).

    but he is also one of the few tradeable commodities on the leafs squad too.

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    hers no way I can even consider how fair the trde is because, I rarely see the hawks play, but Calder has good point production so i can’t see him going anywhere,

  18. lukeleim says:

    terrible trade for the Leafs… maybe Nik Antropov, Matt Stajan & Andy Wozniewski to Chicago for Kyle Calder & Brandon Bochenski.

    lines could look something like this…

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Mats Sundin – Kyle Calder

    Darcy Tucker – Michael Peca – Brandon Bochenski

    Alexander Steen – Kyle Wellwood – Jeff O’Neill

    Chad Kilger – John Pohl – Ben Ondrus


    Nikolai Kulemin – Jeremy Williams – Bates Battaglia

    Robbie Earl – Jiri Tlusty – Aleksander Suglobov

    Erik Westrum

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe

    Pavel Kubina – Carlo Colaiacovo

    Hal Gill – Ian White


    Staffan Kronwall – Jay Harrison

    Phil Oreskovic – Brendan Bell

    Wade Belak

    Andrew Raycroft

    Jean-Sebastien Aubin


    Mikael Tellqvist

    J.F Racine

    Justin Pogge

    Todd Ford

  19. Leafs93 says:

    HOLY SHlT! The firsat year of westrums contract is ONE-WAY!!!! Get that through ur head. He cannot play in the minors this season. OMG ive seen ur line-up a dozen times and it p!sses me off more and more every time

  20. leafs4cup says:

    he could still be sent down he just makes his nhl salary while he’s with the marlies and has to clear waivers.

  21. thatleafsguy says:

    Its funny how that guy took my rumour and posted it word for word on his cheesey blog site, since I dug it up and posted it on about 5-6 days ago, then he ripped it…wow what a dink! Seriously, he lacked even the originality to write the paragraph in his own words, s***** bucket plagiarizer, I wonder if I can sue….

  22. TMLfan2005 says:

    Yea, about almost ALL the stuff he posts are not real. When I seen it I posted it here only cause the deal sounded interesting. I had a hard time believing he could find something like that! lol… I wonder how old that kid is

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