Call-ups and Speculation…

The Bruins recalled forward Martin Samuelsson and Defensman Rich Brennan from Providence of the AHL today according to The team website reports that Samuelsson will make his NHL debut Wednesday night against the Panthers. He was Boston’s 2nd pick, 27th overall in 2000 NHL Entry Draft…Brennan is a 30 year old veteran with eight years of pro hockey experience with six different NHL franchises. Wednesday will be his Boston debut as well….

…Now for the speculation. Joe Thornton already on the shelf longer than expected, but Andy Hilbert up to take his place and two new players recalled. This could just be a shakeup, but here’s a conspiracy theory: With these two guys up two guys already in the lineup need to sit. If those two guys end up being Sean Brown or Oliwa or Stock then no big deal. Maybe dress seven defensemen and move Girard to the wing. But what I am looking for is whether or not Ftorek sits Lapointe. If Lapointe sits he could be on the move because $5.5 Million players just don’t sit out without injury. These two call-ups are just fillers until fresh bodies arriev via trade. Brennan is a journeyman, not a prospect, the team doesn’t need to get a look at him, just some solid D for a game or two. My bet: Lapointe, McLaren, and possibly a current B’s D-man are on the move. Destinations? Well the Bruins are in Florida this week, and Mike Keenan love McLaren. A deal involving Luongo is a possibility, as is some form of follow-up trade with Tampa.

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  1. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    I have some serious doubts that Luongo is on the block for anyone in the league, especially none of the names mentioned in this article which happen to be the same names mentioned in about 10 articles over the past week.

    Is any of the trade speculation from a valid source. Where did you find that Keenan loves McLaren? He loves any player that plays tough and adheres to his system. That is fairly obvious.

    What are you speculating Boston has to offer Florida in order to reel in Luongo????????????

    This is another underthought article speculating what top ranked players Boston will receive if they ever pull the trigger and make a trade. Do they have a goalie to send to Florida??? NO!!!

  2. BelZeBu says:

    If Luongo is to really come to Boston expect that Samsonov and/or Axelsson will be involved. Luongo would be one of the best if he had the team to play for him!

  3. Seattleaf says:

    there’s no “or”. It would have to be Samsonov, Axelsson and Samuelsson or Huml. I know Florida won’t let Luongo go without getting some heavy duty offense and defence in return.

  4. dereksanderson says:

    Sami is not going anywhere and do not expect Florida to get anything besides Lapointe, Mclaren and picks in return. Have you guys not already learned what happens to bad teams in trades? They get murdered everytime because they do not have the leverage of being a successful hockey club. Bad teams trade solid players for youth and grit, it is rare that you see an equal trade of talent for talent in the nhl or anywhere for that matter.

  5. mikster says:

    Axelsson is just a good PK’er…..easily replacebale with a player a team drafts, little trade value.

    Samsonov is injured, and he is almost untradable. Just his rights can be traded. Luongo is worth more than Samsonov….a lot more.

  6. rojoke says:

    I have to agree there. Until Samsonov gets his wrist healthy, he’s not going anywhere. From what I’ve read, it’s an old injury, from back in junior, and either was mistreated by the doctor’s or didn’t heal right. In any case, until he comes back and plays, I don’t think other GMs will take a chance and deal for him.

  7. nskerr says:

    Luongo is very talented. You can forget about just giving up McLaren or even Samsanov. It will take players on the level of Murray or Thornton to get him. think I’m kidding, remember goaltending wins in the playoffs, not goal scoring. If you want an excellent goalie, you can’t expect to give up spare parts to get him.

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