Canadiens not among suitors for Dumont

If you’re going to a spead dumb rumour tied to fantastical trades then you may as well report actaul events too:

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  1. bobsUruncle says:

    isn’t spell check a beautiful thing?? lol

    How do you know that what TSN is reporting is factual?

    Everyone knows that Gainey doesn’t make trades or signings based on public opinion…so why would it be impossible to think that maybe Dumont’s agent was told to say this??

    ahhhhh let the rumors swirl yet again!! 🙂

    Actually it kinda looks like Bob is going to hang on till training camp opens to see what his current crop of players look like together. He might also be waiting to see how SAKU’s eye has REALLY healed.

    I’m still hoping that there are more changes in store, but if not…here’s a look at opening night lineup

    Samsonov Plekanec Kovalev

    Higgins Koivu Ryder

    Begin Bonk Murray

    Perezhogin Ribeiro Johnson

    not dressed—>Kostitsyn,Downey

    Markov Komisarek

    Souray Rivet

    Streit (or cote if he’s still hurting) Dandenault



    **I think if HUET shows early on in the season that he will repeat last season’s heroics, Bob will move Aebischer back to a western conference team.

  2. passionch says:

    Dumont won’t come to Montreal by the start of the season but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets here later during the year.

  3. souray_brawls says:

    dumont was NEVER coming to montreal . Gainey wants to give his rookies a chance guys like kosy,chipchura,latendresse. the habs are pretty much set for the begining of the 06 season the only thing that they might do is get rid of bonk, and free up some cap space. and dont be surprised if in the upcoming season gainey makes a big trade on deadline day for the habs to become a real cup contender.

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