Canadiens/Flames Rumors, Rob Blake to San Jose? Penguins Rumors

– The Montreal Canadiens continue to have more than a passing interest in Calgary Flames winger Alex Tanguay. Canadiens assistant general manager Pierre Gauthier has been following the Flames like a bad smell, but there is the matter of Tanguay’s no-trade clause. The names of Canadiens being dealt in return range from understandable (Michael Ryder) to highly unlikely (Alex Kovalev or Saku Koivu).

– Los Angeles Kings defenceman Rob Blake has picked up his game considerably and might be on the move before the Feb. 26 deadline. And despite his club’s strong record, San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson would love to get his hands on a defenceman.

– The Pittsburgh Penguins might be willing to move centre Erik Christensen for help on the blue line. The Columbus Blue Jackets covet Christensen and would part with defenceman Duvie Westcott. New York Rangers assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld has been watching Columbus closely, but it’s thought the Jackets are not ready to deal defenceman Adam Foote.

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  1. bernonedown says:

    Well lets break these down. Montreal is in a very good spot to make the playoffs, so I doubt Koivu or Kovalev would go anyway….they are a big reason of why they are in this spot. Ryder…. probably isn't enough for Tanguay even though they are trying to clear cap space. Calgary just moved into first in their division, and should be more commited to this seasons success. I understand they don't want to lose what they have, but if they win the cup isn't it worth it? 
     As for Pittsburg, keep the team they have, and they should pursue Ryder. The Crosby injury hurts then alot, however, they will find scoring from within, and maybe a player with potential second tier scoring could help pick up the slack.

  2. kamullia says:

    The Columbus Blue Jackets covet Christensen and would part with defenceman Duvie Westcott.

    Oh, I am sure the Jackets would part with Westcott considering his concussion problems as of late, him being 30, and having been demoted to the AHL. But why on earth would Pittsburgh trade Christensen for him? Pfft. That’s more of these Columbus media wish list suggested trades I keep hearing about from them. Apparently the ganja grows wild in and around Columbus.

  3. bernonedown says:

    Haha, my point exactly. I would rather have Christensen on defense then trade him for Wescott haha. Also, the ganga grows here in BC, then Howson buys it hahahah

  4. bernonedown says:

    Haha, my point exactly. I would rather have Christensen on defense then trade him for Wescott haha. Also, the ganga grows here in BC, then Howson buys it hahahah

  5. habslife says:

    Daryl Sutter is at the habs game tonight and cbc asked him what he was doing there and he kind of blew it off with non sense and he also said tanguy is one of the top left wings in the game.

  6. morrissey says:

    I'd have to question why montreal would want to aquire Tanguay – the left side is fine with Higgins, A. Kostitsyn & Latendresse. Biggest need for Habs to adress is an upgrade to Koivu.

  7. bernonedown says:

    Because Tanguay is a good playmaker who is playing well in the center position………. all three of the players you just named are goal scorers, and I think all three could play the right side. If Montreal had Tanguay setting up any one of these three they would be more dominant.

  8. morrissey says:

    I beg to differ, Tanguay is a goal scorer not a play maker. Higgins and Latendresse have been tried on the right side and it didn't work out and I would not screw with moving Kostistyn off of Kovalev's left side.

  9. CofRED says:

    If you've ever see Tanguay play an NHL game, even one time, you would know thats not true.  Yes, he could be a great sniper – if he'd shoot the puck more.  But Tanguay's bread and butter is making the passes that seem impossible.  He would be an asset to any team who's looking for a forward.  Period.

  10. Habsman1991 says:

    Damn straight I hate the people on this site that say a players one thing without ever watching them. And I would like to ask you out of Higgins Lats and Tanguay whos won more Cups has the most goals in a season out of them points etc… tanguay is a very skilled guy and depth is kind of an important to stay alive in the playoffs

  11. teezer6969 says:

    this comment is for the guy on top of my comment latendress is a rw not lw both kostitsyn brothers are on the left with higgins

  12. morrissey says:

    So what are you geniuses going to do with Tanguay? Give Koivu a playmaking winger? Mess up the Kostitsyn, Pleks, Kovy Line? Demoralize Higgins on the 3rd line and give your promising young goal scorer Latendresse 4 minutes a game on the fourth line? *****ing brilliant plan guys, so glad you are not running the team.

  13. rojoke says:

    It's hard to win a Stanley Cup when you're not in the league yet.  Higgins has been in the league for four seasons, Lats for two.  Tanguay's been in the league for 8 seasons.  And he hasn't won a Cup since 2001.

    As for Tanguay himself, his career numbers tell me that he's a consistent producer who can make plays for his teammates.  All that time in Colorado got him planty of hardware and playoff experience, and he was in Calgary when they made their run, so he's been on both sides of the battle.  And the cherry on the sundae is that at 28, he's still in the prime of his career.  It won't be a one-for-one deal, so you could toss in a Corey Locke, Mikhail Grabovski, maybe let them talk to Alexander Perezhogin to see if he's interested in playing for Calgary.

  14. rojoke says:

    Sergei plays on a line with Higgins, on the right side.

  15. bernonedown says:

    You actually think Alex Tanguay is a goal scorer? When has he ever been one in the NHL? He could get more goals, but so could Joe Thornton, or Sidney Crosby. Tanguay is a playmaker and always will be. Higgins and Latendresse may have played the right side, but I think they lack of success there comes from their linemates, and either one of those two would score alot more goals with Tanguay setting them up.

  16. morrissey says:

    Perezhogin left the NHL to make more money in Russia. I doubt any NHL team would match the 3.5 million he's making there.

  17. morrissey says:

    Because Tanguay is better playmaker than Koivu? WTF are you smoking?

  18. CofRED says:

    I agree with what you're saying, but just to clarify something, Tanguay wasn't with the Flames for their run to the final.  The Flames traded for him at the 2006 draft in exchange for Jordan Leopold and 2 picks (one conditional).

  19. CanadaIsGold says:

    Latendresse is a LW but Carbo uses him as a RW.

  20. AHLoldie says:

    Duvie Westcott is an undersized, borderline NHL defenseman who was just sent down to the AHL.  His career is in jepordy with recurring headaches.  He would have no chance of beating out Nasredine for a spot as a role player on the Pens blueline.

  21. morrissey says:

    Latendresse plays the left on Koivu's line with Sergei Kostitsyn on the right. He's only ever used on the right side if on a line with Higgins which was not often and did not work well at all. You may see him on the right on the PP but thats pretty meaningless.

  22. caliplayr21 says:

    watching the bruins/rangers matchup today…they mentioned Kessel being traded. i was thinking.  he could do really well with Crosby considering he's fast and right handed.

    maybe crusher and a pick for kessel. or crusher and orpik for kessel and a def prospect.

    just a thought. orpik also gets to play near his alma mater. it might work. but we all know, it probably won't happen. what do you think?

  23. rojoke says:

    It wasn't about the money, it about the way he was being used.  He felt he wasn't getting enough ice time under Carbonneau, despite the fact that he kept taking the same untimely penalties game after game.  As a younger player, he was put on a shorter leash than a veteran, and he felt it was unfair so he went back to Russia.  I think if he was given a fair shot at a roster spot and regular ice time, he'd give it another chance.  That's why I suggested that a team be allowed to talk to him first, to gauge how much interest he has in returning to the NHL.

    In addition, i believe that the Russian league is bringing in a slary cap for next season.

  24. rojoke says:

    Might it be time to switch Higgins back to his natural center position and move Koivu to the wing?

  25. morrissey says:

    Personally I'd move higgins back to centre and move Koivu out of town, he'll be a ufa at the end of next season anyway and i think it's time for a new direction.

  26. BruMagnus says:

    whos crusher?

  27. BruMagnus says:


    Hey.. what do you think about Zherdev?!?

    Do you all remember me saying pre-season that the Pens should take a chance on Zherdev, given his potential, and possibility to play with Malkin (or Sid), and try to get him from CBJ in a trade while his value was low due to all that contract and performance BS surrounding him?

    Damn, once again I wish management listened to me, eh?

  28. BruMagnus says:

    I agree. This move is a loss for the Pens.

    How about:

    Christensen, Kennedy, Orpik
    Zherdev, Westcott


  29. kamullia says:

    I would not have taken Zherdev at the time, due to his mental state and his reputation of a lose cannon. He has done a lot of growing up apparently, although some suggest it was Hitchcak that straightened him out. Whatever the case may be, the Penguins would have been ill-advised to add a player that was disruptive to the locker room, especially considering how tight this entire team is. Just ask anyone close to them, they will tell you they are more than teammates, and anything that could disrupt that chemistry is probably more detrimental than anything for the team in general.

    So no, I would not have wanted Zherdev at the time, and even now, only if there is a strong coach and GM to keep him reigned in. For that matter, I would not have ever wanted Pavel Bure in a team either. Same reasons, although Bure had no reeling him.

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