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Canuck topics,here are just a few topics on the canucks you may want to read if you have some free time or have nothing better to do.

Why does every Canuck fan seem to hate Bertuzzi now?
When Bertuzzi was a Canuck everybdy loved him,in fact most canuck fans would say Big Bert was there favourite Canuck.Even When he attacked Steve Moore the fans still like Bertuzzi and people whould walk around with there Bertuzzi Shirts/jerseys,but when Bertuzzi got traded to the Florida Panthers everybody turned on Bertuzzi and started to hate him,i think thats plain stupid.When the Luongo trade happen i was extremely happy but i really liked Bertuzzi and I would have rather seen NAslund go instead of Bertuzzi,but now i’am quite glad we kept Naslund because of Bertuzzi’s back injury.

Also Anson Carter why is he so disliked?
Anson Carter was the teams leading goal scorer last year a head of the like of Naslund,D.Sedin and Bertuzzi but in the off season alot of nuck fans said Carter was asking for to much money and is a bastard for leaving the Canucks because of greed,but correct me if i’am wrong but Dave Nonis didnt even make an offer towards Carter.Now when the people that like carter said what would happen if we got Carter back all the other fans are like why would we want that greedy piece of **** on are team.

Will the captaincy remain with Naslund?
Personally i couldn’t care less but when i was reading Canuck froms that question was brought up and they said why not give the C to Linden,it doesn’t really matter to me as long it goes to some one deserving like Naslund Linden,but the C will remain with Naslund.

Will Linden retire at the end of te season?
Theres a 10% chance of Linden not coming back and there is plenty of reasons why he’d stay in the NHL a year or 2 more.The only way he won’t be back is if he suffers a big injury or he wins the cup and decides to hang them up.
1)Linden is due for a raise.

2)Linden is still in good condition.

3)Linden is looking better then ever.

4)When the nucks make the playoffs he will remember what it’s like and will try to comeback next year.

5)And we have Roberto Luongo the reason to belive.

Will the Canucks win the playoffs?
The Canucks have watch Northwest divistion rivals make it all the way to the Stanly Cup Final just to fall short in game 7 will that be the same fate as the Canucks look to be the 3rd Northwest divistion team in a row to make it to the cup finals.With Luongo he might have a chance to follow the footsteps of Calgary and Edmonton but we could even win the cup as long as we got Luongo.Or was the lockout year the nucks year but seeing how it was missed the Canucks missed there chance of winning the cup,that’ll be my excuse if the nucks don’t make it that far :P.

Will the Canucks get a better backup?
I’am fine with Sabourin but to add a depth backup for the playoffs would be nice but what we¬†have to give up to get a guy
Cojo,Belfour,Lalime,Legacy or whoever it may be.The nucks would have to give a mid pick or a solid prospect or a mid lvl player like cooke,so i rather trade a guy like him to get back say Anson Carter.Basically what i’am saying is a think Sabourin is just fine to backup Luongo and it’s just a matter of time before he wins his 1st NHL game.

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