Canucks hot trade possibility

There is no doubt that nucks are struggling.they have been struggling since Brian Burke was gone.So
Here are some trade possibilities for noniss (who is not a really good G.M)
Morrison and 4th round pick for Forseberg

its a good deal cuz morrison might have more points than forseberg cuz forseberg is gonna be injured all the time and he doesnt like philly so he might play in vancouver

Another thing nonnis might want to do is-
Get rid of kesler or atleast reduce his salary
Get rid of chouinard, Choinard= 1 goal, 2 assist in 35 games, for anyone even a 6th round pick
Get rid of bulis for maybe someone like bondra or even peca cuz the bulis thing is not gonna work.

The whole bertuzzi trade is kind of dumb cuz when they got luongo he was so greedy for money that the nucks couldn’t sign JOVOCOP and carter.
Nucks miss jovocop so much and they could have had bert and carter and jovonaski if they didnt have made that trade.
P.P.S= get a good 2nd liner if canucks can, or they are a sinking ship and probably end up like phoenix with a was good goalie and a real horrible lineup

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  1. PhanufRoxs says:

    I'm sorry, but wtf? Keep Bert!? What are you taking about, I agree with alot of things you said, but Bert couldn't  stay. He would have got like 30 points in Vancouver, and look at Bert in Florada, or go to the hospital, and see him (yeah i know he had his surgury awhile ago, but I was trying to make some type of joke). Auld has been terrible, Allen wasn't a big lose, because we got Krajicek. Cloutier has the worst GAA, and SV% in the NHL!!!! I know you didn't say to keep him in your article, but you said keep Bert, so pretty much no Luongo, so who's our goalie? I totally agree, the Canuck's were a great team, even defensivly, and look at Auld's, and Cloutier's stats if you want proof. What's Carter done in Columbus? He's a goal scorer, and would have got 15 or less goals if he didn't play with the Sedins last year. Jovo was a big lose, but it hasn't showen much. Bieska has replaced him pretty good, and we help our defense by signing Mitchell. Kesler won't make as much next year too. Just letting you know, but Phoenix has a WAY worse lineup then the Nuck's. Luongo won't be a was good goalie for about 10 years, and Cujo is 42. Obviously he's not great anymore.

  2. CanucksforPM87 says:

    The Canucks are not going to get Forsberg.. I'm sick and tired of hearing these "rumours".. giving up Mo for Forsberg wouldn't  be a big help to us anyways seeing as how Peter will be a UFA next year and we wouldn't be able to afford him.. and if we do make the playoffs this year (here's hoping we will) losing Mo for Forsberg wouldn't be a huge advantage because of his big injury risk.. for about the 987 billionth time we can't trade Kesler this year, Choinard has been fulfilling his role as a PK player that's it.. Bulis was a bit of a bust but he's started to turn it around now, and besides who would want him.. While I totally agree that losing Jovo sucks, I'd wayyyy rather have Luongo for 4 years than have an injury prone Jovo.. Carter has started to turn his year around but I think he'll never have another year like he did in Vancouver.. and about firing Nonis.. yeah we had a good team before.. a good team that went nowhere in the playoffs.. because….. of mediocre at best goaltending.. it's been proven that the key ingredient to a Stanley Cup is a hot goaltender.. and Nonis has brought us that… be patient, Nonis will pull something off and hopefully bring this team one step closer to Lord Stanley's Cup.. (and hopefully not lose in game 7.. damn you Rangers..)

  3. bigtuna says:

    you dont no what you are talking about why would they keep bert, it would be easier to send chouinard to the minors, we cannot trade kesler beacuse of the one year movement clause (thanks bobby clarke) and why do you want nonis out? the canucks will make the playoffs and nonis pulled off the steal of a decade by getting luongo, for two UFA's and bert.

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