Capitals to pass on Yashin?

The Washington Times is reporting that the Capitals may no longer seek the services of Alexei Yashin. It was initially suggested that Yashin may be good fit for Ovechkin.

The Washington Post is saying that the Capitals did have talks with Yashin before July the first however since that time Washington has not called.

HTR wonders what team will be interested in taking a flyer on Yashin. He has been a floater and underachiever now for years. If he is truly asking for 3 million a year he may be waiting for a long time.

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4 Responses to Capitals to pass on Yashin?

  1. brott says:

    I think Toronto should try and sign Yashin. I am not sure how much you can but why don't they give him an incentive driven contract? 2-2.5million a year with 3-4 million in incentives? If he become a top point producer like hes capable of then he would be worth that 5-6 million he could potentially earn.


  2. brott says:

    I forgot to mention Yashin only plays for the money so this would make him want to try.

  3. mojo19 says:

    I would love Yashin in Toronto, I'm a big Yashin fan. He's got such a heavy wrist shot and he would add a lot up front. With him, our top 9 forwards would be a force.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    I don't see why the Caps would need Yashin now.  I really don't.

    For one thing, Caps fans still have bad memories of the whole Jagr situation, and Yashin has too much of a reputation of a guy that will just play for the money.  It was evident that Jagr never really wanted to be in Washington, and Yashin is not exactly the greatest team-first player.

    For another, The Caps now have Michael Nylander and Viktor Kozlov they can play at center now, plus Backstrom, who is waiting in the wings.  That is pretty adequate.  Nylander could approach last year's numbers playing with Ovechkin.  And Ovechkin finally has a true set-up man to play with.  Zubrus was a good forward, but not the best center Ovechkin could have played with.  Ovechkin could have a huge year this season. 

    I think that Yashin can still find his money somewhere in the NHL, but I don't see how its going to be with the Caps.  The money could be better spent elsewhere.

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