Captain Kirk Named as Assistant Coach to Habs

According to and, Kirk Muller has been named as an assistant coach to the Montreal Canadiens. He will assist head coach Guy Carbineau, along with Doug Jarvis and Rolie Mellanson.

I think that this is a good addition to the coaching staff as he is more offensive minded than Carbo and Jarvis. He was a great leader, great captain and a great scorer.

Interesting side-note, the trade that brought Muller to the Habs included himself and fellow assistant coach Rollie Mellanson. They were aquired from the Devils for Stephan Richer and Tom Chorske.


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  1. toronto77 says:

    congrats to kirk muller, great player and will be a good assist coach for les canadiens

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

    Great move, the Habs just keep getting better.

  3. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    I read if Domi gets bought out that the habs would be interested in signing him. That would be jokes

  4. 369rumors says:

    its true. they want him.

  5. Habfan1234 says:

    I am happy with the addition of Muller to the Habs coaching staff. Defensively, the team was one of the best in the regular season; if you exclude the great performance put up by Jose Open-Door Theodore. With his stats included, however, the Habs were still in the top half of the NHL in GA per game. Therefore, they did not need another defensive-oriented coach behind the bench. They already have two of them in Jarvis and Carbo. The team, however, was utterly offensive in its goal scoring abilities. Of the 16 playoff teams this year only the Devils and Flames were worse in the goal scoring department. That is the main reason why they lost to the Hurricanes. They could not find that extra goal or two to win the game, which is exemplified by losing the last four games by a one-goal margin. If they could manage to find a few more goals than the team has the potential to become one of the best in the NHL. Hopefully, Muller would be an important peice in attempting to rectify a problem that has plagued this team for the past six seasons or so. In short, the Habs need to find more goals as there defenisve abilities, althought they need to improve, were not the main reason for the team’s failures in the past few seasons.

  6. Habfan1234 says:

    I do not want Domi in a Habs jersey. His best days are behind him. Besides, the Habs already have Murray, Begin, and Downy to fill his roll. They do not need anymore roll players. What they truly need are two more top-six forwards in order to reach the upper echelon in the NHL. With Ribiero and Zednik that cannot and will not happen anytime soon.

  7. Shatterday says:

    i completely agree with habsfan..Tie domi doesn’t have a spot on the montreal lineup….he has trouble making it on the leafs lineup imagin trying to make it on the montreal lineup (i had to say felt good).

    Montreal need top 6 forwards to replace the inconsistant play of zednik-ribeiro…even ryder occasionally but he’s our best scorer.

    Anyways about domi forget it…habs will go for laraque before domi.

  8. Milohabs says:

    Hey guys, I heard this rumour from a usually reliable source, has anyone heard anything like this

    3 Way Trade

    To Tampa: Aebeisher & Zednik

    To Montreal: Luongo

    To Florida: Martin St Louis & one other player

    I’m not just making this up, I heard this. Hope it’s true, I think it’s quite good for all 3 teams.

    Tampa would get goaltending and Zednik would fill a little of the scoring left by St.Louis. They’d also free up about 1 million in cap space

    Montreal gets a great young goalie and could trade Huet who’s value is high right now (maybe for a strong D man)

    Florida gets a very skilled player in St.Louis

    As for Muller,

    Great signing by the Habs, he is all heart and I think the new team will be built around just that. HEART

  9. 369rumors says:

    habs arent intrested in luongo. its guna b either ottawa or vancouver

  10. habsoverserver says:

    I saw Gainey last night at a hockey dinner. I didn’t get the sense from him anything big was brewing in the near term. He wasn’t smiling much though for whatever that’s worth.

  11. Habfan1234 says:

    Does he ever smile?

  12. Air33 says:

    he half-smiles sometimes. lol

  13. EasternHockey says:

    This is fantastic news, I’ve been a Captain Kirk fan since I was a kid and he played with the Devils. When he was traded to the Habs, I was frantic, and now to hear that he’s coming back again… He always loved it here, and was upset when he got traded.

    Anyways, one of my friends is friends with Kirk Muller, through Queens, and told me that Kirk wanted more university time to practice coaching before moving onto the NHL… I guess Guy and Bob convinced him well enough where he was needed the most.

  14. Habfanforever says:

    Great addition to the coaching staff. This team will be run by guys who worked their butts off and I would expect that the days of half-measures are gone. The lazy players will take their leave for more hard working and gritty players.

    Habs defense isin’t an issue no matter who says what. They might need another pp quarterback to help out Markov but that’s it. Leetch might come at a bargain. The top two offensive lines need some refurbishing so exit Zednik and Ribeiro. Here are some moves I would do:

    -Aebischer and Zednik to Tampa Bay.

    -Martin St-Louis + future considerations to Montreal.

    -Sign UFA Jason Arnott.

    -Buy out Radek Bonk.

    -Sign UFA Brian Leetch for dirt cheap.

    -Trade Ribeiro+ 1st pick up to get a slightly higher first pick.

    -Draft Bob Saguinetti with first pick.




    Begin-Murray- *








    Not quite a contender but a good step forward. Also they should sign Latendresse and S. Kostitsyn

    to join Chipchura in a depleted Hamilton team. An Alexei Emelin would help too.

  15. Ozhockey says:

    – Aebischer and Zednik to Vancouver for Bertuzzi

    – Vancouver flips Cloutier to St Louis for 2nd round pick

    Montreal needs size and grit on the top line, not someone smaller than Koivu.

  16. habsoverserver says:

    1. Tampa doesn’t want Aebischer.

    2. Montreal has nothing to offer in return for St. Louis.

    3. Arnott is not yet a UFA and Montreal will have to compete with NJ for him.

    4 Gainey loves Bonk – buying him out isn’t in the cards.

    5. Leetch would be great but why would a future HOF player sign with Montreal for dirt cheap?

    6. What is the point in trading up in the draft this year?

    7. OK

  17. Habfanforever says:

    Tampa needs some help in net and Aebischer is a very good and can come cheaper than most other free goalies on the market.

    Nothing to offer for St-Louis? Yes he was the leading scorer 3 years ago but you’re overrating a 32+ year old with a 5.5 million$ contract whose starting to decline. He’d do good in Montreal but I don’t think many GM’s would offer up too much for him.

    Arnott will be a UFA and I don’t see NJ signing him especially when their priority is obviously Elias as well as numerous RFA’s that will likely bring them close to the cap.

    As much as Gainey loves Bonk, he won’t hesitate giving that spot to a younger and cheaper alternative within the system especially when that alternative can obviously outproduce an aging Bonk.

    Why not? Leetch will likely be in the shadows of the bigger name “impending” UFA defensemen like Redden, Chara, Lidstrom, Blake and McKee and since Boston has no intention of retaining his services, he’ll go to a team where he knows he’s needed.

    The point in trading up in the draft will be to do just that, obtain Bobby Saguinetti since he’s expected to go sooner than Montreal’s draft position.

  18. habsoverserver says:

    Tampa isn’t going to waste a talented offence on a weak goalie. They need to win now and will try to get a top goaltender.

    Other GM’s can offer more than Ribiero or Zednik for St. Louis.

    NJ tried to trade for Arnott at the deadline. Why wouldn’t they want to reunite Elias with Arnott?

    Gainey stuck with Bonk all last season. Ity wasa a giant mistake to sign him, but I think we are stuck with him.

    Maybe Leetch would rather go to a contender that could use him like Edmonton, Carolina, Buffalo, Calgary, San Jose or Anaheim. IF he wants to stay close to home, I bet the Devils or the Rangers would love him.

    I have no problem trading up in the draft, I think giving up Ribs to do that is expensive.

  19. skandelousHABSfan says:

    Gainey is a pretty sober person, he would never give any indication of a upcoming deal by his demeaner.

    That being said, while i would like to see this deal, i doubt it ‘ll happen.

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