'Center or Winger?'

Should the leafs get a winger or another centerman? I think they should get another center and have two dominant lines. Move Sundin along with ponikarovsky and antropov to the second line and have a new number one line to take some pressure off sundin.

Id say get one of gomez, briere, or drury and put whoever has good chemistry on their line.and if we resign peca as well we would have a pretty solid lineup.it would look something like this

with gomez



with briere


same defense

with drury


same defense

and if we could not get the centerman then get a left winger that can score with sundin like kariya or smyth.

if kariya


same defense

if smyth


same defense

either way with these players we will make playoffs maybe as high as 5th place.

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  1. tucksfan says:

    i didnt say every player i said the leading team in votes were toronto.

  2. Sedin23 says:

    And you guys cheered Rayflop & and McCabe too right?

  3. JuicemaN says:

    HA! Sorry man, I actually wasn't directing that at you at all. I know the exact poll you were reffering to and you're right.

    I was actually just teasing the majority of Leaf fans that think they will sign whoever they want and trade their garbage for the other teams best.

    No offense meant to you at all.

  4. fernz says:

    the leafs need a winger, to play on a line with sundin ( not sum1 shit) and can actually put sum pucks in the back of the net.
     suggestions: kariya, gomez, briere, smyth, drury, hartnell?

  5. tucksfan says:

    ok. i would like that team tho

  6. tucksfan says:

    those were pretty much the people i put in the post exept for hartnell but i say smyth. and if the leafs really want a good chemistry line put wellwood,stajan, and steen on a line together.

  7. tucksfan says:

    no the fans booed them i cheered raycroft when he deserved to be cheered. mccabe will never live up to his contract unless he puts up consistant years like a year souray had this past season,

  8. tucksfan says:

    no the fans booed them i cheered raycroft when he deserved to be cheered. mccabe will never live up to his contract unless he puts up consistant years like a year souray had this past season, so

  9. tucksfan says:

    no the fans booed them i cheered raycroft when he deserved to be cheered. mccabe will never live up to his contract unless he puts up consistant years like a year souray had this past season, so i

  10. tucksfan says:

    it is possible tho if they signed for like a million per person

  11. Pony says:

    Um McCabe had a better season than Sourray, sure he had more points but his minus -28 is awful.

  12. leafers4life says:

    I like this idea proably the best one i have seen so far..we also have to look at what smyth woul dbe worth so we could possibly go for a goalie to push Raycroft.
    Also i wouldnt sign Roberts, i dont even think they will have a chance…pitty wants him bad and hes going to stay there i think. I would pull up williams but him with Peca and Kilger…with Bates on the sideline to fill in for anyone who is unimpressive…it will all depend on camp who will make it on the fourth line.

  13. tucksfan says:

    i meant the goals tho

  14. Sedin23 says:

    that's probably the dumbest thing i've ever heard. Obviously any team with the league's #1 goalie would take a huge decrease in the standings if they for whatever reason lost him for nothing except a loussy goalie.

  15. the_word says:

    The point is, you need to score at least one goal to win a game.   The Canucks can't do that 4 out of 7 games.

  16. Sedin23 says:

    That's why we were around top 15 in scoring the 2nd half of the season.

  17. Sedin23 says:

    What the hell are you talking about. THE CANUCK'S HAVE ONLY MISSED THE PLAYOFFS 5 TIMES IN THE LAST 15 YEARS. 

    Yeah you guys have a better farm team, because all our prospect's are playing in the CHL, Europe, or NCAA unlike the Laughs.

    Honestly do you guy's have ANYTHING after Pogge and Tlusty? No like anything even decent? Kulemin is only ever going to be maybe an average 2nd liner, Williams will be a career 4th liner, Aubin is never going to make the team, Earl might be a decent player, and your so called future Lidstrom is only going to be a 4th, or 5th defensemen with offensive upside. Pogge and Tlusty aren't even that good. Pogge won't be a star goalie, and at the most just a good goalie kind of like Turco, and Tlusty were is he hockey future's top 50? Shouldn't ever one notice he unbelievable talent? Too bad no one will ever see his talent, because he's going to have to play with a bunch of crap player's. You guy's two good prospect's, and some left overs.

    We have a great farm team. We are probably more stacked on defense they any team in the NHL. Koltsov, and Bourdon both rechieve a grade of 8.0 on Hockey future's. Edler rechieve a 7.5, and Rahimi got a 7.0. The main reason why Rahimi was low is because he's a Willie Mitchell type of player, and isn't an offensive player.

    Grabner, Hansen, Raymond, Simek, Gladskikh and Krikunov (assuming Krikunov, and Gladskikh come to Canada) will all play on the top 2 line's except for maybe Hansen who will at least be a solid 3rd line player. Schultz and Rypien will be good 4th line player's who can line in on the 3rd. Colby Genoway could be a good 3rd liner too.

    We got Julien Ellis who was said to go in the 2nd round, but we got in the 6th round, which was an absolute steal. Were still deeper between the pipe then you after we let Vincent walk. MacIntyre is a good goalie and could be Luongo's backup next year.

    How can the Canuck's not stay competitive? We have ton's of fan support and we have a enough money to stay close to the salary cap.

    So in 3 year's we'll resign Luongo after we win the cup. 

    So we are deeper we have all of our core players signed and then we can laugh at you guy's for picking Esposito 13th overall and getting the NHL's biggest draft bust's in year's.

    Nuff said.

  18. the_word says:

    So, firing on all cylinders, the Canucks are still mediocre on offense.  Impressive. 

    Make sure your team signs Cowan, he's a gem.

  19. Sedin23 says:

    I guess now everyone knows i'm right, so they won't respond.

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