Cloutier On The Move?

Canucks goalie Dan Cloutier’s agent is suggesting his client may have a long wait for a trade.

Only two teams, the Detroit Red Wings and LA Kings, are believed actively shopping for a starting goalie and Botchford believes the odds of Cloutier as the Wings starter are long. Botchford also reports Cloutier’s value is at an all-time low and his $2.55 million salary makes him tough to move.

2 Responses to Cloutier On The Move?

  1. Cory89 says:

    thank god, they need that goof outta vancouver, anything in return is an upgrade

  2. ahuja21 says:

    No Kidding I think Marc Crawford had a little relationship with Cloutier if you know what I mean… But Anyways the goof is gone yah!!!

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