Could Quinn be on his way out?

Yes, another rumor surrounding Pat Quinn is going around T.O.!

Apparently, a source ( a ‘friend’ of Pat Quinn ) has revealed that Quinn IS DONE after the Olympic Break.

In my opinion, this move wouldn’t make any sense.

1) why would you try to get rid of him now with only 1 month and a half left of regular season? It would make more sense to let his contract expire and carefully select a new coach in the off season.

2)What coaches are available?

3)Would a new coach be able to pick up this team and catch the 8th spot in the conference?

Arguement could be:

1)A new coach would have a full healthy roster after the Olympic Break.

2)Maybe Ferguson has a coach ready to replace Quinn.

In conclusion, I highly doubt this will happen but then again, who knows.

What do you guys think?