Could the Coyotes be on their way to Seattle?

Look for the team to move to Seattle if the sale of the Sacramento Kings to hedge fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is finalized. The NBA team’s prospective new owners want to move the Kings to Seattle where they plan on opening a new arena in two years. Two teams in one building is better economics. Quebec, the former home of the Colorado Avalanche, has also been mentioned as a viable place for the Coyotes to go. It is. Quebec City has broken ground on a new arena. But NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wants the league to be coast-to-coast. And with Jets moving from Atlanta to Winnipeg last season the NHL doesn’t want its sponsors and U.S. television partner, NBC Sports, thinking the league is contracting geographically.

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  1. coyotes_bettman says:

    absolutely false. Phoenix is a market just like the other 29 of our franchises that are now healthy and stable from our last lockout which we maintain was to ensure the stability and healthiness of these markets.

    Gosh…just like a broken record I’m gonna just record myself saying it so I can truly be like Dr Evil and just press play when asked this question again!

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