Crosby's Contract

According to the Post Gazette

Sidney Crosby and the Pens’ talks of a new contract are going well. But one of the big statements of these contract talks is that Crosby will most likely take less than market value (league max) to assure the Penguins the best chance of signing their core of young players and contending for the cup year in and year out. By Crosby taking less money it should have a ripple effect in the NHL as no one can argue they deserve more than the league’s best player. Thus also making arbitration a tougher route to increase your pay. If this contract does come out to be 8-8.5M range, or somewhere less than the max, what kind of wall does that put up for the rest of the NHL players?

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  1. Komic-J says:

    I'm not sure it'll have that much on an effect…

    Maybe it'll influence the arbitration a bit, because they do have to bring up some comparables in the hearing…and the general managers will surely bring it up if Crosby were to sign a somewhat reasonnable deal, but the player could easily counter that by bringing up the other huge contracts in the league as comparables.

    Plus, Crosby is taking the cut because he's surrounded by talent he doesn't want to lose. Any player, on any other team may not be in that situation…not sure it can be used as a factor in arbitration though.

    I'm not debatting wether or not he is the best player in the league (because that's an whole other debate) but the best player isn't always the one who earns the biggest paycheck. It happened with Gretzky, it happened with Lemieux…it'll happen with Crosby.

    Would you say that someone deserves to be paid more than Brodeur as a goaltender ? Yet, he barely makes the Top-10 in the league in terms of salary.

  2. sopelisbeautiful says:

    I don't think it will be a wall at all unfortunately.  Players do it all the time in other sports.  At least the well respected players do.  Tom Brady and Peyton Manning both took paycuts to work around their teams cap and open up signing for other players (good note: they've won 4 of the last 6 superbowls, shows you something).  I hope Crosby does this.  Its what the sport needs for the younger players.  Show them its not about money (by money i mean greed) but about the team and doing what you have to for the team to win.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the NHLPA is begging crosby to take 10 mil, and the penguins are begging him to take 8 mil. a 10 mil contract would make other players sign for higher, push up team salaries, and Push the NHL towards another potential lockout. Crosby should do whats best for the league and sign for 8 mil, thus halting almost all other players contracts at 8 mil, for about 3 years.

  4. leafscrazy says:

    yah he should only take 8-8.5.. 10 is too much for a third year player in the nhl..

  5. NHLman says:

    This is the one case where Charles Wang and Garth Snow would be in a good position. There is no reason they shouldn't give Sid a 15 year contract, while in the process giving themselves a discount of $7.75 milion per season. The only potential problem is the salary cap going down, in which case, depending on the size of the decrease, the Pens could be screwed if Sid wouldn't renegotiate. That would bring Sid to his 34th birthday. I believe this would be by far the largest contract in NHL history, which is additionally good publicity, ESPN would definitely cover and discuss it.

    If Sid really wants to have a good team around him he should take a contract that is realistic for a 19 year old of his potential instead of a contract worthy of Wayne Gretzky. Somewhere around 2-3 million. I'm not saying he should stay at $3 mill, but I don't think he should jump from $880,000 or whatever he's at to $8 mil.

  6. the_word says:

    How soon we forget that fans vilified the players during the lockout as being greedy, yet now star like Thornton, Iginla and now possibly Crosby are taking less than market value to sign with their clubs.

  7. werdo says:

    I think the option exists for a lot of players to take less money for a chance to win the Cup or stay home, and they come off looking like the good guy. Crosby may take less as a business decision. A marketable player like him would more than make up the lost contract revenue in endorsement deals if he won it all. The image of him hoisting the Stanley Cup would bring in cash for years to come. The PA can pressure him to take the max, but if he's a gamblin man, the real money is in winning the Cup. Less is more.

  8. jpmac says:

    Ehat he made in his last contract is a moot point.  He is the best player in the league and should be paid accordingly.  How can people justify the money that is being handed out this year and not justify what Crosby should get. Heck Tomas VAnek is going to be making over million.  Crosby should be paid what he is worth.  I think it shows what kind of team player he is by taking less.  I guarantee you if it was possible for him to be on the open market this off season, everybody would want their team to throw 10 mil at this guy, including you.

  9. jpmac says:

    *Vanek is going to be making over 7 million, sorry.

  10. jpmac says:

    I bet if the leafs could have him for ten, you would take him.

  11. tucksfan says:

    crosby is overrated!!!! thornton is the leagues best player. Or Sakic!

  12. jpmac says:

    Over rated he won the :
    1)The Art Ross Trophy
    2)The Hart
    3)And the Pearson, as the leagues most valuable player, voted by the players.

    I think that they might know a bit more about this league then you do you moron.

  13. WYflyerfan says:

    1st lets see what he actually signs for and not praise him for taking less until you actually see what he takes.
    2nd  he would be dumb to sign for more then 5 yrs. At his age and talent you don't want to be lock into a team throughout your prime. Not to mention who knows what the ownership will do if he does sign for an extremely long time. Look what happened to Barry Sanders, poeple paid to see him play and the ownership didn't want to shell out money to keep good players or bring in good players. He ended up retiring at a young age because of the owners wouldn't let him leave.
    3rd keep in mind that 8 to 8.5 cap hit on a long contract is not that much of a discount.

  14. hatterson says:

    This isn't any third year player we're talking about.  This is the single most talented skater in the NHL at the age of 20.  He led the league in scoring last season and there's absolutely no reason to believe that he won't be at the top of the list, or at the very least in the top 3, for the next 10-15 years.

    I think he's absolutely worth 10 mil a season, but for the good of the team (read chance to win a cup) he should take the 8ish

  15. DKB827 says:

    if the salary cap goes down, then so does crosbys contract (assuming its 10 mil a year) I do believe the max salary is based off a % of the cap

  16. Halibut says:

    It might put a damper on salary's…for 5minutes till Ovechkin takes a 10 year $10 million dollar payout. 

  17. DKB827 says:

    crosby taking 8 mil instead of 10 does not show the other players that it isnt about money I would say 8million is still a hell of a lot more comfortable then a 1-3million dollar contract.  not to mention his endorsement  contracts

  18. hatterson says:

    Just a note he's only the 6th player to win those 3 awards in the same season and is the youngest on the list.

    Others are:
    Lafleur (76-78, 2 times)
    Gretzky (82-87, 5 times)
    Lemieux (87-88, 92-93, 95-96, 3 times)
    Jagr (98-99, 1 time)
    St. Louis (03-04), 1 time)

    With the exception of St. Louis, that's a pretty elite list to be joining as a teenager

  19. flamingsenator says:

    all this talk reminds me of the lock out

    all this time i hated bettman for sending this league to the lockout

    80% of the players however are also to blame…..for the love of the game my hairy butt…..

    and can i say this..

    these long term contracts are gonna make it IMPOSSIBLE to move these guys….its yashin all over again…….with more players wanting to stay in one place for 7-8 years at a time….is gonna bring down the trading…and itll kill the game for us fans(trade rumors wise)

    these deadline deals are crap….cuz they pan out to absolutely nothing…..the sens and ducks made the fewest moves and they went the furthest in the playoffs

    also….wats the point in having a salary cap if 70% of the teams have a self imposed cap a good 10 mil under the official one……….teams like Washington should be moved for refusing to be competitive…..its been how many years since a good signing?

    can someone tell me why the yotes are still in phonix….as a winnipegger… insulted by the state of the team…

    yea so i was bored :p….sorry for any run on sentences and errors

  20. azzkikr2100 says:

    His rookie contract will hold true for this coming year no matter what they say. The contract talks are talks of an extention. They cant void the rookie contract.

    and he definitely should take 8 or lower… It may effect the league as a whole but more importantly to him, it will effect his teammates. If they feel that their leader is taking a paycut for them to stay, it might pursuade them to stay or stay for lower prices. Because with crosby on a team, a cup is always a possibility and his teammates and fans know it!

  21. Halibut says:

    Except he benefits more from being on a championship team than any of his fellow players.  Gretzky was huge and made a ton of money on endorsments cause he was on a winner.  Messier, Kurri, Anderson, Fuhr, didnt make out nearly as well on the endorsements.  It might be hard to convince someone that it'll be worth it to pass up the cash now for hope of more down the road.

  22. Penssuck says:

    Thorton is the best Center in the game at this time.  He's mature, physical , and offesnsively and defenseviley gifted. 

    At this point in time remember.  Thornton has also had more points in the last 2 seasons than Crosby.  Crosby is younger, and could possibly become better, but not at this time.  Experience goes a long way when determining the best players.

  23. LaKingsFan626 says:

    No matter how much he takes the fans will again end up taking it in the end when Owners cry that players are way overpaid.  This year just proves how worthless the CBA was and that the lockout was just a PR campaign to bring back fans who left the game hoping that things have changed. 

  24. flyersdan says:

    As long as they don't have a no trade clause, these players should actually be very tradeable in the end of their contracts, especially to the teams that don't spend much.  Remember to the big teams (Toronto, NY, Philly, Detroit) its all about the cap number.  But to the small teams its all about actual cash paid for the contract. 

    Briere, Gomex, and Drury all got front loaded contracts so in the last 2-3 years they can all be had by paying in the $4 million range with a cap hit in the $7 million range.  If you only spend to the minimum, $4 million sounds like a bargain and you could care less about the cap hit.  Its actually a win for both teams.

    Much like New Jersey did, trades will end up looking like: 34 year old elite player and 1st round pick for a prospect.  Then the big spenders will go out and do it all over again with that years top free agents. 

    On another note, we will probably see teams start to do this type of contract with their RFAs soon.  Flyers could offer Jeff Carter a 5 year $20 million contract payable in 8, 8, 2, 1, 1.  If he doesn't become a star they can still easily trade him at the end of the contract.  This just makes the no trade clause that much more valuable to avoid from the team's perspective.

    Bottom line, it is still a two tier league, things have just gotten closer.

  25. DJTOKid says:

    OMG did you just post that Crosby is overrated??? That is the STUPIDEST thing i've ever read on this site and i've read alot of crap. Sakic??? Welcome to 1999, play abck form the way back get with the times. Sydney Crosby is hands down they best player in the world nd no one touches him.

  26. flyersfan10897 says:

    Thornton is not better than Thornton right now.  Thornton is not a good enough goal scorer to be the best center in the league.  He's probably the best passer, but he's not the overall package.  He is constantly criticized for not playing with an edge and not putting himself in a position to score more goals by getting in front of the net.

    Crosby scored more goals in his rookie season than Thornton has in ANY of his seasons in the league, and Crosby only finished 8 assists behind him this year in 3 less games.

    Crosby took the Pens from a 58 point season before the lookout to a 105 point year in two seasons.  With Thornton, the Sharks stayed around the same point total and still didn't go anywhere in the playoffs.  It's true the Pens had a lot more room to move, but at least they did move.

  27. Nucks4life says:

    "Would you say that someone deserves to be paid more than Brodeur as a goaltender ? Yet, he barely makes the Top-10 in the league in terms of salary."

    Yes i would say someone deserves to be paid more than Brodeur, I think you know who im going to say.

  28. Nucks4life says:

    "these long term contracts are gonna make it IMPOSSIBLE to move these guys….its yashin all over again…….with more players wanting to stay in one place for 7-8 years at a time….is gonna bring down the trading…and itll kill the game for us fans(trade rumors wise)"

    Signing players to long term contacts wont kill the game… Trades are are fun and all but there not neccesary. Id love to see the same guys in the canucks uniform year after year, you get to know them. If your a really big fan and year after year players from your team get traded, then what makes you love the team so much? The logo? or the fact the team is from your home town?

  29. WE-DeusEx says:

    because they are canadian and hockey is their dream….those 3 guys are all about winning, not about money. thats why they are the greatest in the league.

  30. habsalicious says:

    Thornton has never won anything in the leagues or Olympics (boy did he suck at those), in fact he's proven he can't lead a team to a championship after great regular seasons. Boston Bruins anyone?

  31. habsalicious says:

    Thornton is overrated. Always chokes in the playoffs after great seasons. Greatest key games disapointment star player in 15 years.

  32. Williams1505 says:

    well stated

  33. Halibut says:

    With a salary cap you cant overpay.  Or rather if you overpay one or two players you wont be able to pay the rest. 

    The only concern in the league is if a few teams are providing such a  large percentage of the revenues that the remaining teams cant be profitable spending anywhere near the cap.  That's why they need more revenue from TV contracts, to support the smaller markets.

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