Cue the Vinny rumors!

With Jay Feaster(Tampa GM) saying he may have to shake things up and saying that maybe not even the big 4(I include Boyle) are safe, you can officially begin the hopeful, and at times desperate and ridiculous, Vinny Lecavalier to Montreal trade rumors. It’s every Habs fans dream to see this guy play for the Habs, and believe me I’d love to have it happen sooner rather then later, but I don’t see it happening till the summer of ’09 when he becomes a UFA and might want to leave TBay with that organization currently going through ownership problems and with no top prospects to speak of(especially in net where they really suck). Then the Habs will have a shot. Until then, a trade for Vinny would mean Price and Higgins guaranteed going the other way and there is no way Price will ever get traded, not even for Vinny.

And let’s not forget Feaster said the same thing last year to get his team going so I think it’s once again an empty threat to get the Bolts going by the GM. And they’ll fire Torterella before trading the best player in the game today.

And before others start suggesting the rest of the big 4, Richards, St.Louis and Boyle(who will be UFA after this season) all have NTC’s(No Trade Clauses) so forget that. Plus, who’d want Richards who makes 8 million per and isn’t a 100 point guy? I see Vinny in a Habs uniform, but not till 2009.

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  1. billypilgrim says:

    Please God yes!!
    After tonight's game, I would trade anyone for Lecavalier. I would think about trading Carbonneau after tonight.
    Howsa bout Huet, Ryder, Grabovski, Smolinski, Brisebois, and Koivu (Yes, Koivu!!!!) for Lecavalier+. It would probably make sense salary wise (more or less, give or take a million or two, you know what I mean) and would make us a better team.
    Listen, even if Price goes instead of Huet, we get our money's worth. All this building from the net out business, it's just not working. Without a reliable offense, no goaltender can do it all these days(even Brodeur). Huet wasn't strong tonight but he's generally there for you if you can score a couple goals.

    Higgins – Lecavalier – Kovalev
    Latendresse – Plecanec – Kostisyn
    Begin – Chipchura- Kostopolous
    Prospect/Plummer – Lapierre – Dandeneault/Streit or(Give prospect ice time)

    Markov – Komesarek
    Hamrlik – Dandeneault/Streit
    Bouillion – O'Byrne(O' yeah)

    Huet/Price – Holmquist?

    Forget about Halak since we F'ed him over so bad we can't ask him to play for us again. Maybe we could throw him in. Obviously I'd like to keep Price but if necessary…

    Tell me this team wouldn't win more games.

    But for Lecavalier, TB would probably want more.

  2. habsgod says:

    look  i don't think you'd have to give up price!!!huet is our starte and he's an upgrade over what tampa bay has right now!!this iswhat i see the deal possibly being!!gainey/we would have to give some likely huet,ryder, a(conditional 1st r.d pick)if the lightning don't sign him and mcdonagh(top prospect in our organization!mcdonagh would replace boyle this would free up cap space for the lightning and would up us immediately!!!so if this were to happen yes i'd do it and go for it!!and now!!!as for halak i think then we could bring him up to be the back up!!but yes…………i agree with you 100% i can see vinny playing for us if not now then as i've said before in (09)when he becomes a u.f.a. and also remember he said when he was asked about playing for us(the canadiens) that  his eyes lit up like a kid in the candy store and said it would be a dream come true!!!so it will happen!

  3. ferron says:

      If they're a trade for Vinny something will have to go Tampa's way and you have to keep cap space in consideration, also Tampa would not mind losing Denis contact and montreal wouln't mind parting with Ryder and will be force to trade a goalie and it's not a secret that Tampa Bay 's probably the weakest team in NHL in goal after Toronto. So I say to get something you have to give something.

    To Tampa= Huet, Koivu,Ryder,Bouillon, Top Prospect(Fisher, Emelin or Valentenko ) and all the pick(s) needed to make this happened.

    To Montreal=LeCavalier, Denis, Ranger and a much needed tough guy Roy! Denis would be there just to make that somewhat appealing to Tampa Bay.

    Chipchura-Smolinski-  ?   (lots of options Dandy, Grabovski, prospects……)
    Roy-Begin-Kostopoulos    (MTL would not get pushed around with that line)

    streit-Briser, Georges, O'Byrne

    Price, Halak, Denis

  4. Aceman says:

    The lines above will still keep the team mediocre. The following would guarantee a championship:

    Thomas Beauregard (called up) – Vincent Lecavalier (trade) – Kovalev
    Higgins – Plekanec – One of the Kostitsyn brothers
    Latendresse – Chipchura – Steve Bernier (trade)
    Begin – Lapierre – Kostopolous

    Markov – Komisarek
    Hamrlik – Streit
    Dandeneault – Joel Bouchard/JP Cote/O'Byrne (called up)


    They should get rid of Doug Jarvis as defensive coach and bring someone of Jack Laperierre quality….

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