Cue the Vinny rumors!

With Jay Feaster(Tampa GM) saying he may have to shake things up and saying that maybe not even the big 4(I include Boyle) are safe, you can officially begin the hopeful, and at times desperate and ridiculous, Vinny Lecavalier to Montreal trade rumors. It’s every Habs fans dream to see this guy play for the Habs, and believe me I’d love to have it happen sooner rather then later, but I don’t see it happening till the summer of ’09 when he becomes a UFA and might want to leave TBay with that organization currently going through ownership problems and with no top prospects to speak of(especially in net where they really suck). Then the Habs will have a shot. Until then, a trade for Vinny would mean Price and Higgins guaranteed going the other way and there is no way Price will ever get traded, not even for Vinny.

And let’s not forget Feaster said the same thing last year to get his team going so I think it’s once again an empty threat to get the Bolts going by the GM. And they’ll fire Torterella before trading the best player in the game today.

And before others start suggesting the rest of the big 4, Richards, St.Louis and Boyle(who will be UFA after this season) all have NTC’s(No Trade Clauses) so forget that. Plus, who’d want Richards who makes 8 million per and isn’t a 100 point guy? I see Vinny in a Habs uniform, but not till 2009.