D-Man To leave???

Whats the deal with all the talk about Souray leaving…atm he is our best player who has the most heart for the game! so what happens if he leaves? well without a heart…the body doesnt work and hockey sort of runs the same way so why trade the heart for a kidney? so to speak a player who just wants to make a living and doesnt love the sport? If anyone is to go it would have to be Rivet and Samsonov and maybe a futuristic Ryder? its just to bad that none of the gm’s come on here and see our opinions though! They may be the biggest help!As well wouldn’t you love to have the best goaltending in the league? well for all those bandwagon jumpers! we do on the habs! just because of one little slump there is no reason to give up all hope! now that we know we have halak who has sort of proven his point that he can be in the nhl and play as well as he did in the ahl! well we have a three man recking machine with Huet, Aebischer, and Halak. Once one starts feeling a little fatigued…or injured we know who we can turn to!!Aswell sooner or later we shall have Carey Price so why give up on our goaltending? One slump doesnt change much!!