D-Man To leave???

Whats the deal with all the talk about Souray leaving…atm he is our best player who has the most heart for the game! so what happens if he leaves? well without a heart…the body doesnt work and hockey sort of runs the same way so why trade the heart for a kidney? so to speak a player who just wants to make a living and doesnt love the sport? If anyone is to go it would have to be Rivet and Samsonov and maybe a futuristic Ryder? its just to bad that none of the gm’s come on here and see our opinions though! They may be the biggest help!As well wouldn’t you love to have the best goaltending in the league? well for all those bandwagon jumpers! we do on the habs! just because of one little slump there is no reason to give up all hope! now that we know we have halak who has sort of proven his point that he can be in the nhl and play as well as he did in the ahl! well we have a three man recking machine with Huet, Aebischer, and Halak. Once one starts feeling a little fatigued…or injured we know who we can turn to!!Aswell sooner or later we shall have Carey Price so why give up on our goaltending? One slump doesnt change much!!

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  1. the_purolator_guy says:

    2 months is one little slump? thats one  third of the season.  I haven't given up on the habs either but you have to be honest with the lack of heart this team has shown and with all the surrounding teams holding games in hand.  They would probably have to at least 10 of 18 with some loses being either in overtime or the shootout. Gainey dropped the ball by sitting on his hands to long while this slump was going on.

  2. bigscoup says:

    I tend to disagree with your comment about souray being our best player…Sure he is a good player and the QB of the pp (15 of his 21 goals have come on the pp)BUT….He is just down right lousy in his own end…Ive seen so many guys walk around him its czazy(Jason Spezza makes him look like a ahl d man every time they play ottawa)
     Souray doesnt rush with the puck or pass very well…..YES he is a leader,has a fantastic shot from the point and can use his size when he wants to play a phyical game.But to say he is the heart of the habs is wrong..
     I do agree with the goaltending part of your post… The future between the pipes looks to be solid for many years to come

    BTW id say Saku is the heart of the habs and a close second would be Steve Begin

  3. Hyceman says:

    First of all, let me juste say that I am by no means a canadian fan. I switched long time ago to the SENS. Its funny how in montreal they try to make everyone a superstar. Your so called untouchable (Sourray) D-man was #6 Denfenseman in Jersey, since he came here he's been promoted to #2 or 3. Of course he doesnt want to leave Mtl, he's been treated like a star. The guy doesnt even do what hes paid to do: defense. Oh yes he has a deadly slap shot but is responsible of at least 1 defensive mistake per game which most of the time leads to a goal for the other team. Dont get me wrong I have nothing againts him..but he's far from being that good. The fact that people are afraid to let him go shows how horrible montreal's offense is. The once called Les Glorieux "the Glorious" are now singing "Without Sheldon we wont make it" Isnt that pathetic!

    Montreal can live without Sourray the same way they lived without Brisebois. Its not like he is any C. Chelios!! Now, if the guy is worth something, I say : Get the most you can Bob, because he is leaving anyway and since he came from NJ in 2000 what have you achived? NADA my friend NADA. Im shure Mtl can make the playoffs without him, you just need to shake that roster a bit.

    And stop naming players that currenty have no value If your best player cannot be resigned …SELL SELL Because HE CANNOT BE resigned.

    So many good promising talent and yet Mtl rely on the same core of players that have not done much for the last 6 years and worse, you guys find excuses no to let them go!

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