Dandenault likeliest Hab to get dealt

According to Sportsnet.ca Montreal Canadiens Forward/Defenseman Mathieu Dandenault is the most likely on the team to be traded.

Dandenault has missed the last two games with the team and is getting edgy as trade deadline day is closing in. There have already been reports that dandenault had requested a trade last week.

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  1. duenorth1 says:

    I think the Canadiens would be better served by Dandenault at the point instead of Brisebois.  Judging on most of Brisebois' play this year, he is definately lacking speed to catch players on the opposite team to whom he had just made a great pass to.  I read quite a few of the blogs on the RDS site and not one comment about Brisebois.  Over the last 15 games (  western trip and last 4 at home) he's been absolutely brutal.   But yet the french media are all over Komisarek and Hamrlik….not a mention of Brisebois…go figure.  I hope that Carbo and Gainey do the right thing…keep Dandenault on the blueline and make Brisebois a pressbox spectator!!!!

  2. Habfan17 says:

    I read on Sportsnet that they think Gainey will make a big move based on the underachieving young players, Koivu's lack of goals, and Kovalev's mailing it in. Now, I think they wrote this article before Kovalev woke up, but thet do say that the Kostitsyn's and Plekanec could be in play!

    Since Phoenix is building towards next season and beyond, and they have a good stable of young players, it may be worth while to trade both Kostitsyn's, since they would probably play better together, Gorges and Emelin for Jokinen, Jovanovski, and a 2nd round pick. You do have to give up something to get something and with Pacioretty, D'Agostino, Stewart playing well, an the impending return of Tanguay, this would be good for Mtl. I like Gorges, but Mtl has enough good young d-man like him in the system. What Mtl needs against teams like Boston and Philly are players like Jovanovski and Jokinen, players with size and an edge. Jokinen knows what it's like to play in the east and Jovo adds an edge on D and would take some of the load off of Komisarek which should help his game. With the experience Mtl would have it should give them a better chance at a strong cup run without clearing out the farm. Then Gainey could trade Dandenault for another depth d-man or keep him for his experience if he can't get a useful player in return.



  3. kilter says:

    well there it is another trade deadline come and gone and still nothing done by Gainey,i do not know what they are thinking there,we lose Lang for the season and no replacement,and as i predicted before the season started and everyone ripped me apart for …i said "do not be surprised that by the end of the season Halak is the number one guy in the net"and look where we are now….Halak is out with the flu they put price in tonight and Buffalo is outshot like 20-8 and they are winning 3-0,hahaha,the Habs are a joke and the laughing stock of the entire NHL,my season ended today and i will never cheer for the Habs again as long as Gainey is involved with them,because they will never go anywhere,and what really makes me sick is he will give no reasoning for what or why hes does anything ,your just left hanging,swinging in the wind,theres many things that could have been done today but nothing and theres many things that absolutly should have been done,but again nothing…lol,well if and thats a big IF they do make the playoffs,its going to be a sad display as the exit 4 straight,to a team that has no chance of going anywheres in the playoffs also,well you really have given us something to look back on the 100th birthday of the organization Bob…how gutless and spinless our GM was!

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