Deadline Dealables

The trade deadline is coming in less than 4 days and rumors are more prevalent than ever.
Everything from incredibly insane deals and lopsided deals to surprisingly equal trades have been thrown around in rumors and in a few days many of us will get to see if we were dead on, close or far off.

Now I decided i was going to look at deals in rumors, deals proposed by some of you, and make some of my own. The deals proposed could happen on deadline day and are deals that could help both teams. Most of these deals will have no basis but will be proposed much like RossCreeks Deal or No Deal Article. I am trying to make the deals without bias but it may happen, just let me know if im wrong and also let me know what deals would be good or bad.

To the Pittsburgh Penguins To the Pittsburgh Penguins
Steve Sullivan Colby Armstrong

To the Nashville Predators To the Atlanta Thrashers
Eric Tangradi 2nd Rounder (3rd if the Penguins fail to make the playoffs)

The penguins need some help for Crosby and Malkin, and even though they acquired Kunitz adding Armstrong and Sullivan could further make them a more dangerous team. Steve Sullivan adds a speedy sniper who could play alongside Malkin or Crosby and would be reltively cheap because of his recent injury status but every game he plays his stock rises. Nashville receives a nice power forward prospect who could be ready as early as next year and would help to fill up the forwards part of their prospects, and area that is not the strongest. Armstrong had chemistry with Corsby when they played together and it is no secret they would love him back. Knowing this Atlanta could probably get a lot for him and Pittsburgh should be willing to part with a second for him. These two trade would allow Crosby and Malkin to be split up with Crosby centering Kunitz and Armstrong and Malkin centering Sykora and Sullivan (or Sullivan and Kunitz, and Crosby centering Armstrong and Sykora).

To the Vancouver Canucks
Nik Antropov

To the Toronto Maple Leafs
1st Rounder in 2009
Michael Grabner

Antropov provides decent size and scoring for the Canucks and could possibly be a linemate for the Sedins. If not them, he has always had chemistry with Sundin and they could provide deadly second line scoring. The Leafs get a 1st rounder and a decent prospect that has fallen in value but not by much. The canucks overpay for Antropov but not by much (no matter what some of you might say) and they pay to get Antropov.

To the Los Angeles Kings
JAy Bouwmeester
(Conditional 1st Rounder in 2010 if he leaves to go to another team)

To the Florida Panthers
Dustin Brown
Patrick O’Sullivan

Los Angeles wins the Bouwmeester sweepstakes and grabs a veteran defenceman who is solid on D a beast on offence and could provide good leadership for Doughty and Johnson. This further solidifies and they have enough room next year to sign him to a mega contract. Florida gets two solid forwards to help solidify there top 6 forwards and help them now for the playoffs and for years to come.

To the Calgary Flames To the Calgary Flames
Mikael Tellqvist Bill Geurin

Phoenix Coyotes To the New York Islanders
4th Rounder 2009 2nd Rounder 2009
7th Rounder 2009

The flames get a solid and tested backup for Kipper and someone who can play well if needed to back up for a game or two at a time. They also get a good leader and a decent scorer with grit to replace Bourque while he is injured as well as some good veteran leadership. The phoenix Coyotes get a pick which allows them to get something in case Tellqvist leaves. The Islanders stockpile more picks to an already large amount this year (10 and the most of any team). The flames dont have to lose any roster players and this helps to stregthen the for a cup run.

To the Washington Capitals
Dominic Moore

To the Toronto Maple Leafs
Chris Bourque

Washington gets a nice third line addition, to help with the grit and some secondary scoring but also adds leadership, something he has grown while with toronto. Toronto gets a mid level prospect in Chris Bourque to help refill the cupboard.

To the Columbus Blue Jackets
Tim Connoly

To the Buffalo Sabres
Rostislav Klesla
Conditional 2nd Rounder in 2009 (4th if they fail to make the playoffs)

The Columbus Blue Jackets desperately need a scoring center for Nash and just before pulling the trigger that would bring them Olli Jokinene, Howson decides he’d rather get Connoly for less and keep assets such as Voracek. The Blue Jackets finally get a talented center for Nash and add some scoring. The Sabres add a top 4 defenceman who can score sometimes.

To the Minnesota Wild
Olli Jokinen

To the Phoenix Coyotes
Tyler Cuma
Colton Gilles
1st Rounder in 2009

The Minnesota wild add a Jokinen and get some desperately needed scoring to make them a more dangerous team. If Gaborik leaves at the end of the season (which is likely) then they have a new player to take his position. When Gaborik comes back, the two could be deadly together and would make Minnesota a team to not take lightly.

To the Ottawa Senators
Shawn Horcoff
Dustin Penner
Rob Schremp

To the Edmonton Oilers
Jason Spezza
Filip Kuba

The senators desperately need to shake up their team and this is the perfect way to do it. Edmonton gets a D-man to replace Visnovsky while he is injured in Kuba and they get a great center in Spezza. The senators get Horcoff to replace Spezza, Cole to add some much needed size to the team, and could fit well with Alfie and Fisher. They also get Schremp who could join the team as soon as next year.

To the Philadephia Flyers
Thomas Kaberle

To the Toronto Maple Leafs
James vanRiemsdyk
Joffrey Lupul
1st Rounder in 2009

The Flyers, after missing out on the Bouwmeester sweepstakes, move on to their back up plan and acquire Kaberle. The leafs get a great prospect in vanRiemsdyk and get a first rounder to help with the rebuild. They also take on Joffrey Lupul’s contract to make room for Kaberle next year, and it could turn out to be a great pick up.

To the Boston Bruins
Mike Van Ryn

To the Toronto Maple Leafs
Patrice Bergeron

The bruins get a top 4 d-man who can run the play on the powerplay, has a crazy shot, and can play 20 plus minutes a game. This helps to stregthen their defence in preperation for cup run. They lose a roster player but they gain some salary space to sign their RFA’s and and UFA’s in the off season. The Leafs get a great top centerman who if he can become stronger, become a Great leader for them. The trade comes down to trading an injured player for another one and though it may not look good on paper it allows the Bruins to have an actual 3rd line center playing center, rather then a top 2 center playing there.

to the Vancouver Canucks
Brendan Witt

To the New York Islanders
Shane O’Brien
7th Rounder

The Islanders get a young, hard nosed, RFA defenceman in O”Brien and add yet another pick to their ever growing stockipile. The Vancouver Canucks add some needed grit and a veteran defenceman to help with a playoff run. O’Brien is appartently loosing face with the Canucks Orginization and if they don’t sign him soon, he could be trade bait for others.

To the Chicago Blackhawks
Jamal Mayers
Mikhail Grabovski

To the Toronto Maple Leafs
Jack Skille

The blackhawks have been in the market for a second line center and Grabovski could be that guy. He has skill and with the proper players around him (havlat could be great) he could thrive. The blackhawks also acquire some good grit and third line scoring and
leadership Mayers, something always needed in the playoffs. The leafs get a great prospect in Skille, who has the potential to grow into a great top 6 forward.

thats it. let me know what you think and feel free to revise the trades.

19 Responses to Deadline Dealables

  1. Kyleton says:

    While I could see some of your minor trades like Colby armstrong for a pick etc going through, I have to disagree with many of your player for player ones.

    LA has many great young kids coming up on D, so I don't think Jaybo is a need for them. Not enough of one to warrant O'sully AND Brown.

    With their position, I cannot see the Wild going into crazy buying mode which that trade for Olli would be.  I'd keep what they have and try and move gaborik, but i think him being moved is doubtful.

    I just can't see the Sens and Oil trade happening

    If i were Boston I would not even think about Van Ryn for Bergeron.  Thats more a personal opinion more than anything though.

    If the Blackhawks get a 2nd line center I think it is gonna be a more established and bigger type player.  Keith T for St. Louis could fill that spot, possibly Doug Weight also.

    Guerin will be staying in the east, so I don't see the flames being a player with his NMC.

    Now I do like the Kaberle one.  While it does seem like alot.  Philly is kinda stuck for cap space and will be looking to get rid of Lupul and probably another high contract to be able to fit Kaberle in this season, so the price would be higher because Burke would be helping them out which is where JVR and the 1st reflect that.

    Buffalo and CBJ deal looks good… Been hearing rumors about that for about a week or two.

  2. bbruins37 says:

    haha so im assuming your bias is for the leafs?

    1. sullivan for tangradi. not bad but tangradi is tearing it up in the OHL and sullivan is too injury prone
    2. armstrong for a second. id say he would be worth a 4th. if someone overpays a 3rd.
    3. antropov – no way i know burke is looking for a 1st (which is crazy in my opinion) but to throw in a recent 1st rounder? not gonna happen
    4. i know bomo is a stud but to trade away a budding star in brown and a great young player in o'sullivan for a guy that will probably test the market (even with the conditional first) is too much. not that lopsided but i wouldnt think so.
    5. guerin – good deal for both teams. they might push for a 1st (not worth it) but he'll prob be traded tomorrow anyways.
    6. moore for bourque – pretty fair
    7. connolly – good but not a second, maybe a 4th
    8. jokinen – not an awful proposal but minnesota would be crazy to do it. gilies will be good and a first as well…
    9. not an awful proposal as well (although i cant see any team wanting penner lol)but id hold out on spezza,wait for his stock to rise a bit and then maybe ship him to LA to see if u can pry johnson, doughty and/or? hickey out of there. i agree with blowing things up for the sens (ie. dealing one or more of the big 3) but spezza is extremely talented and is still young.
    10. kaberle – are u kidding? kaberle is an excellent defenseman but do u honestly think he is worth a 2nd overall pick and a 1st rounder…not to mention throwing lupul in there?
    11. bergeron-wow, i realize im biased towards the bruins but this one is just crazy. we have a center that is too GOOD for the third line. what should we do? trade him for mike van ryn of course!
    witt- not bad but id think a higher pick and no obrien if the isles were to accept
    12. skille – dont think so. skille has way too much talent and grabovski is somewhat one-dimensional.

    haha the only ones i really disagreed with were your leafs ones…

  3. mojo19 says:

    Awww jeez….

    3. antropov is getting at least a 1st rounder. This trade was very reasonable.

    10. I'll agree with you here, this is too much. But the type of deal Burke is looking for is a younger roster player, 1st, and prospect. So Lupul and a 1st are fair but maybe a lesser prospect than JVR.

    11. Agree again, the author seems to have Leafs bias and you're right, we'll never get Bergeron for MVR.

    So yes, 2 of his leaf proposals were Leaf favourable, but you are an Antropov hater, a typical Antropov hater who bases unfair hatred on Nik for seemingly no reason. We'll see after deadline day when Antropov is dealt for more than you had expected.


  4. bbruins37 says:

    of course theyll get a 1st for him but he is not worth it in my opinion. he's a good player but not worth a first, probably a 2nd and a lower pick. not something like 2 1sts (which is basically what grabner and a first is)

  5. intelligentscorpio says:

    Tangradi for Sullivan…WHAT? Ray Shero would be hung in the main square in Pittsburgh if he trades a 20 year old stud forward prospect for an injury prone Steve Sullivan, just to help for the playoffs, if they make it.

    i have to totally disagree with this even as a possibility.

  6. LeafsNation91 says:

    Antropov is the ost underrated player in the league. What should make GM's drool is he has 21 goals, 46 points, and is 6"6. That is rare for a forward, and he is a physical player, which makes it all the better. If Zubrus, Guerin, Tkachuk, and Weight got a first(who had less points then Antropov at the deadline. and they were all UFA, and alot older)why not Antropov?

  7. leafmeister says:

    I would love that Philly trade and it is close to being realistic. I think if they want JVR they may have to add Tlusty, which I would gladly dol. If not I think Claude Giroux would suffice.




  8. reinjosh says:

    i agree i had bias
    but i tried to make the deals probable
    and in the case of antropov, i would agree with you he is probably not worth a1st and grabner
    but that is what i think he can get
    just because if the leafs dont trade him thill just before the deadline (which is likely)
    then teams are going to overpay for him
    and as for grabner
    he seems to have lost some favor with the orginization lately
    and the MVR for Bergeron trade was skewed
    but i figured Boston is going to need a defensman (who can score and play top 4 minutes) and then need someone cheaper than the player they trade for him because they are going to want to sign kessel and krejci and thomas and still have some room for others
    so i picked a player who i agree is not worth bergeron, but he has been injured and that is going to steeply drive down his price.
    maybe if boston gets a pick the trade could be better.

  9. muckies says:

    keep dreaming, these trades way overvalue Kaberle, you'd be lucky to get JVR for kaberle straight up, nothing else.

  10. leafmeister says:

    You would be surprised. You have to remember, the deadline does not remotely show the players actual value. If Philly loses on the Bouwmeester sweeps and they feel they need a good puck mover, than they could make that offer. Burke has named his price, if they want Kaberle, they will meet it.

  11. phillyfan33 says:

    the fla/la deal and the phi/tor deal are probably some of the stupiest things i have ever heard of

  12. GoLeafs13 says:

    Just remember last when Philly offered us Jeff Carter and a 1st for Kaberle which I think is a better offer than Lupul, JVR, and a 1st.

  13. muckies says:

    I know it's not straight up value, but the price you have to pay. The thing I think for Leaf fans is they beleive that Burke will be able to get whatever he wants for his assets, like a1st for Antropov, come on, get real.
    Burke may get a ton for Kaberle, but to get a 1st, JVr and a player is insane.
    I could see Giroux and a 1st, but a #2 overall in JVR, a 1st and Lupul, you could probably get double that on the market for sure.

  14. leafmeister says:

    What is so insane about Antropov getting a 1st? He has 21 goals and 46 points. Zubrus got a prospect and a pick and he has 20 goals when he was traded.

    If Pronger or Bouwmeester is dealt to a team like Boston or New Jersey than a team like Philly will feel that they have to add a top notch puck mover. Kaberle has a reasonable salary and can make a difference on the blueline.

    In the deal I suggested it would be Kaberle and Tlusty for JVR, 1st and Lupel. Like I said, Burke has named his price, so the only logical way to discuss a Kaberle deal is to discuss a return in which Burke would accept.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the pittsburgh trades are fair, the moore trade is fine, as is the connoly trade.

    the antropov trade is too much for 1 guy, same with the bouwmeester trade.

    The jokinen trade is off, not by value, but because phoenix has already said they want nhl pleyrs for jokinen, not picks and prospects.

    the spezza trade favours the oilers i think

    the kaberle trade is a bit much, maybe Giroux isntead if VRD

    the van ryn trade seems way out of wack. Bergeron's ceilling of talent is a point per game, van ryns isn't that great.

    the witt and the skille trades are also decent.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    where have you been the last 3 trade deadlines?

    If campoli can get a 1st, surely antropov can

  17. reinjosh says:

    phi and toronto really isnt that bad
    i would say giroux and a 1st for kaberle
    but because they need capspace
    i included lupul and becuase it was rumored he was on the block as more of a salary dumo
    i decide to uprgrade giroux to vanRiemsdyk
    maybe you could add hayes or something going the florida

  18. reinjosh says:

    the thing with the van ryn for bergero trade
    is that a trade very similar to that is going to happen in the off season
    the bruins just dont have the cap space to sign everyone next year
    so i figured why not get a trade done now for a position you need and giving up someone that has become expendable
    you dont need 3 top 2 centers
    you only need two
    so no matter how big a fan of the bruins you are
    you are going to see a brutal trade happen
    most likely in the offseason

  19. reinjosh says:

    wow dude
    your suffering from overhyped player syndrome
    their is no questioning he has talent
    according to scouts
    he has a max potential as a second line forward which is mid level at best
    i would rather trade a mid level prospect for a top line player
    than not

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