Devils tried to bring Holik back

Apparently the New Jersey Devils were a trade away from bringing back an old face from their glory days, Bobby Holik. The trade was set to happen, going to the Devils would be Bobby Holik, and to the Thrashers, John Madden, but the deal fell through due to Don Waddell believing Atlanta had a good shot with Holik in the mix.

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  1. DevilsDynasty says:


    Madden has been playing really well this year and I have residual hatred for Holik dating back to when he bailed on NJ to go to NYR for the cash. 

  2. beckfan05 says:

    I'm sorry but I'd rather have Madden than Holik. I think that this would be a bad move by NJD.

  3. Rysto says:

    And Don Waddell once again proves that he's the worst GM in the league.  NJ offers you John Madden and more for Holik and you don't take the deal?  What was he thinking?

  4. antpetan says:

    Absolute, Complete NONSENSE!!!! NO WAY in hell would the Devils trade one of this years TOP Selke Award winning candidates, not to mention a MOST LOVED AND VALUABLE Devils player for years, for the "Long in the tooth", extremely vocal player that is Holik. One of the main reasons Lou Lamoriello let Holik go was his big mouth, and I'm sure he's not willing to trade to have it back. Don't get me wrong, being a "Long Time" Devils fan I loved Holik. He was a big part of the first two championships here! He was great on "The Crash Line" and always added a timely goal when needed. But there is NO WAY there will ever be a John Madden for Bobby Holik trade!! Bet the farm on it!!

  5. paulieplatypus says:

    I wonder who would get the better of this trade???  If Lou would rather have Holik than Madden, than accept the fact thats it's better for the Devils to have Holik!  Maybe Lou believes that Pandolfo, even without Madden, can shut down any top line he is matched up against.  Holik though could center two goons and help beat up the other teams top lines while not being out scored.  Keep in mind Holik is only two years older than Madden and they make (will make after this year) about the same $$$.  Believe me, Waddell knows no matter what players are involved…  He will never get the better of a trade vs Lamorillo!


  6. antpetan says:

    Exactly my point! No way Lou would rather have Holik instead of Madden! Lou has shown TIME AND TIME AGAIN, once a player butts heads with him, their career as a Devils is OVER! When Holik left in 2002 he didn't leave on the best of terms, to put it gently. As far as Lou thinking that Pando would be able to shut down top lines without Madden, who the hell could possibly know if he's thinking that, besides Lou? But just for arguments sake let's say Lou was thinking that. Wouldn't it make more sense to let Pando shut down opposing teams top lines without Madden, and let Madden center another line? I remember Sutter splitting Madden and Pando up in the beginning of the year. Didn't work too well. One other thing. What two goons are we talking about Holik centering? I don't question Lou's decisions when it comes to doing what's best for the Devils. I'm saying that trading Madden for Holik would NOT be in the best interest of the team. I know it, AND Lou knows it! Like I said b4…. NEVER HAPPEN!

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