Does anyone think that Carbo might be the problem in montreal?

I know it’s only Carbo’s first season, but he’s made a lot of mistakes this year. His latest was benching Kovalev during most of the 3rd period of the leafs game. He barely played Kovalev during the powerplays, even though he’s awesome in the powerplay. He also did something when he touched the puck, unfortunately his linemates couldn’t do much.
The other issue I have with Carbo is putting Huet in nets, it’s a matter of principle, Halak got you there, so stick with him, don’t go with some guy who’s played 1 period in 2 months! Besides it’s not like the Rangers loss was Halak’s fault, no one really showed up to that game. And finally I’ll conclude with this, the team started the season off great, a lot of it was the momentum carried over from Gainey’s masterful job at coaching last year, but then when the slump hit, Carbo couldn’t manage it, if he wasn’t a first year coach he would’ve fired a few months ago. The team he had was good enough to make the playoffs, he just mismanaged it. Does anyone else agree? It’s amazing how much respect this guy has in town, cause I don’t ever hear anyone blaming him, instead they like to blame the non french people (Kovalev, Koivu, even Gainey..)

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  1. bigscoup says:

    I tend to agree with you on some of the points you made.Halak should have started the game…Huet looked awful even in the first most of the shots were from the outside, he didnt make any real huge saves.
      i disagree about kovalev…he stickhandles way to much and loses the puck alot of the time. It seems to me like he has no heart left…Remember last year when he ran over TUCKER….Thats the kovy i no
     this year idk what happened to him but as far i im concernd he n sammy should hit the road….We have youth that can step up and fill those spots
      Carbo is a new coach and may need time, but i think he steped in to soon….He should have never been handed the job like he was
     NOW FOR GAINEY….wtf is this guy thinking….souray….gone for not so much as a used bag of pucks.BURKE went on record saying that bob never called him to even offer souray to him…so if we dont sign him were sol….

  2. Labrosse says:

    carbo is a great guys and has been a great player, but he is not ready to coach in nhl. Of course fans loves him and media too because he says the real things. Bu that's not what makes a good nhl coach. Too often this season he tried bizzar things as soon as the team started to play bad for a short period of time. If the team loses two games in a row then the linme for the next gaame looked like that :

    streit koivu jonsson
    higgins plecanec perezogin
    begin bonk kovalev
    latendress lapierre ryder
    sometimes it looked like he put all the players named in a hat and pick random lines. He doesnt have the experience to coach in the nhl and we could see this all year long when he faces tough decision and had to take them under pressure. It's sad because he might have been a great coach if he had done his classes in the junior and minor leagues but bringing him right away behind the bench in montreal was a mistake

  3. passionch says:

    Obviously, Carbo did some rookie mistakes as a coach but he isn't the main problem this season.  In my opinion, he will be a good coach so next season will only make him better along with the Habs!

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