Does Toronto have the next Lidstrom

According to hockey buzz a late leaf pick Anton Stralman could be the next Lidstrom, heres the article if you want to see it. Seems interesting if the leafs got Defenseman prospect of his potential coming to the marlies sometime soon

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  1. GoalJudge says:

    Would be a nice change to see the leafs have a high quality pick actually come through, but they shouldn't count their chickens before they hatch.

    It would be very nice for the leafs to actually have a late round steal like so many other teams have had in the past when the leafs either traded their picks or picked flops. If he is the real deal then Toronto should make use of its depth now on the trading block and make space for him ASAP.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the leafs have a 7-8 year history of blowing 1st round picks, but picking great late rounders. at the ag of 20 he's making leaps and bounds of improvement, but i woouldnt call him the next lidstrom.

  3. Kraut182 says:

    It's, obviously, unfair to compare any defenseman to Lidstrom.  Lidstrom is arguably the best defenseman of his generation, and a top 10 all-time defenseman.

    That said, thanks for bringing Stralman to our attention.  Even if he isn't the next Lidstrom, he does look to be playing very well in Sweden and I hadn't heard about him until now.

    If he can adapt to the North American game (he is a smaller defenseman) this could be a Kaberle-esque steal for the Leafs.

  4. 92-93 says:

    i hope the hockeybuzz people are right. but the latest August 2006 update on Stralman from hockeyfutures still has him at 16th ranked among Leaf prospects.

    I would certainly like to see the trend of strong, 2-way defencemen continue within the toronto organization (see: Coliacovo, Kaberle, White, Bell, and now Harrington is making a name in the AHL).

    Next year should be interesting for the Marlies. they have guys like Tlusty, Foster, and maybe Stralman coming to them (not to mention the elusive Vorobiev). They would also have had Rask come over, but Pogge is starting to play better now for the Marlies.

    that's another thing, with Raycroft down and Telly just on his way back, there is a possibility that Pogge could be backing up Aubin against Montreal in the next few games. Wouldn't it be great (and scary) to see Pogge between the pipes on a Saturday night home game against the Habs?

  5. wingedim says:

    Not sure if they'd bring Pogge up or would they bring up Racine? Telly I can't see with the fact he'll have to clear waivers again in both directions and with everyone eyeing change, he could be picked 'off'.

  6. Afroman7 says:

    someone said toronto hasnt had a late pick steal well their is this guy named tomas kabrle playing for them hes jsut the best d man on the team is all

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    league leader in points.

  8. Marky2Fresh says:

    He is behind like 17 guys :S

  9. smooth4488 says:

    Thanks for the post. Very informative…

    Before we get all excited, let's give him a year or two before we can really see the potential. Here's hoping we have another Kabby on our hands! 🙂 I also like Oreskovic out of Brampton, big tough defenceman who has some ability as well!

  10. 92-93 says:

    solid late-round and early round picks by the leafs since 2000. its just that they havent kept those picks. but yes, that has changed in recent years. but you look at the drafts since 2000, and it reads like a pretty promising future:

    Brad Boyes (24th overall)
    Tellqvist (70th overall)
    Racine (90th overall)

    Coliacovo (17th overall)
    Pilar (39th)
    Bell (65th)
    Harrison (82nd)
    Wellwood (134th)

    Steen (24th)
    Stajan (57th)
    White (191st)
    Immonen (254th)
    Kronvall (285th)

    The Leafs had the 21st pick overall but traded it to Boston, who selected Mark Stuart ahead of Kesler, Richards, Perry, Eaves, and Tambellini
    Williams (220th)

    Leafs had 24th pick overall but traded it to Calgary, who selected Chucko ahead of Mike Green, Rob Schremp.
    Pogge (90th)
    Earl (187th)

    Rask (21st) – who has turned into Raycroft
    Stralman (216th)

    Tlusty (13th)
    Kulemin (44th)

    The returns? Immonen and the 24th pick in 2004 saw Leetch come to Toronto. Boyes and McCauley and the 21st pick in the 2003 draft were traded in the Nolan deal. If we theoretically assume that those trades never happen and the Leafs selected in Corey Perry in 2003 and Mike Green in 2004, and if we include names like Poni (4th rounder in 1998) and Antropov who were drafted before 2000, here's a line-up:

    Tucker (acquired for Johnson)———-Sundin——————Wellwood
    Modin (previously traded for Cross)—-Boyes——————–Perry
    in the system:
    Suglobov (acquired via Klee)—Immonen—————-Williams

    Kaberle———–McCabe (acquired for Karpotsev)
    in the system:

    ————————————Raycroft (acquired for Rask)
    in the system:

    Pilar and Coliacovo (and Antropov i suppose) have been riddled with injuries and that's just plain bad luck.

    Changes DO happen and are necessary and context is important to consider too. but the leafs have picked well – especially in the later rounds. Obviously, if it wasn't for the Nolan and Leetch deals (the 2000s equivalent to losing Sullivan to waivers and trading the likes of Jason Smith, not to mention giving up the first round selection that became Luongo in 1996, trading Modin – who was a 3rd round pick in 1993 – for Corey Cross), if it wasnt for these deals, the leafs wouldnt be looking so bad right now in terms of youth and prospects.

    if those moves turned out well, then its a different story of course.

  11. 92-93 says:

    Tucker (acquired for Johnson)———-Sundin——————Wellwood
    Modin (previously traded for Cross)—-Boyes——————–Perry
    Kilger (claimed off waivers)————McCauley—————–Antropov
    in the system:
    Suglobov (acquired via Klee)———-Immonen—————-Williams

    Kaberle————————————-McCabe (acquired for Karpotsev)
    in the system:
    Kondratiev———————————-Vorobiev (both in Europe now)
    Stralman (in Europe)———————–Harrison

    ————————————Raycroft (acquired for Rask)
    in the system:

  12. 92-93 says:

    Tucker (acquired for Johnson)———-Sundin———————–Wellwood
    Modin (previously traded for Cross)—-Boyes———————–Perry
    Kilger (claimed off waivers)————McCauley——————–Antropov
    in the system:
    Suglobov (acquired via Klee)———-Immonen——————–Williams

    ————————–Kaberle———————–McCabe (acquired for Karpotsev)
    in the system:
    ————————–Kondratiev——————-Vorobiev (both in Europe now)
    ————————–Stralman (in Europe)——-Harrison——————

    —————————————Raycroft (acquired for Rask)————-
    in the system:

  13. 92-93 says:

    note that most of these 1990s picks are defensemen in the later rounds:

    : Felix Potvin (31st overall)
    1991: Yanic Perrault (47th overall)
    1992: Grant Marshall (23rd overall)
             Nathan Dempsey (245th overall)
    1993: Kenny Jonnson (12th overall)
    1994: Fredrick Modin (64th overall)
             Berezin (256th overall)
    1995: Danny Markov (223rd overall)
    1996: Kaberle (204th overall) —————— !!!
    1998: Antropov (10th overall)
             Poni (87th overall)

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