Drury to the Rangers???

Larry Brooks of the New York Post speculates that Chris Drury has a strong desire to play in the Big Apple and that this desire may have him choose to sign in New York over other places such as Buffalo or Colorado.

It will be very interesting to see where Drury actually signs because he is going to command some pretty big dollars and is going to be sought after by many NHL teams. HTR believes that Drury is more likely to sign with the Rangers than Colorado because of the chance to play with top notch players such as Jagr.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    drury will be a sabre next year

  2. big_booty says:

    Any hockey-related news that comes out of the New York Post must obviously be taken with a rather large grain of salt, due to the identity of the article's author.  Larry Brooks – official scribe of MSG, Glen Sather apologist extraordinaire, and NHL Players' Association lapdog – provides more bovine fecal matter than a dairy farm.

    Brooks' constant and consistent Manhattan spin on all things NHL make for tiresome reads which I, for one, see more as comic relief rather than actual insight.  This is, after all, a man who predicted that his beloved Rangers would win this year's Stanley Cup.

    "Folks around the league who presume Chris Drury will leave Buffalo to play in either L.A. or Colorado are overlooking the Big Moment Kid's lifelong desire to play the Big Stage on Broadway, and the reciprocal interest the Rangers' organization has in him."

    When I read tripe like this – you know, the kind of rampant speculation without documentation that seems to permeate American media – I am reminded that while his is just one opinion in a sea of opinions, his status and his medium give him a larger voice than others, and his ego only serves to amplify it even more.  He assuages Rangers fans everywhere, stroking their egos as well by using flawed logic:

    "It's the Rangers.  It's New York.  Of course, he wants to play here.  Of course we're going to sign him.  Never mind that I didn't back it up with fact.  Believe it because I say it."

    Disgusting, if you ask me.

  3. wingerxxx says:

    New York is not the only hockey town with centrist beat writers.  Granted, Brooks can be terrible sometimes, but it's not like the Rangers are the only team in the league to have writers like this around them.  Far from it. 

    I would have been shocked if Brooks had NOT written a story like this.  Trust me, speaking as a Rangers fan, there aren't a whole lot of the hardcore Rangers fanbase who really believe much of what Brooks says, in terms of free agent or trade rumors.  His writing is seen more like propoganda at times.  And again, he's not alone.  Believe it or not, Rangers fans are morons we are made out to be. 

  4. fernz says:

    drury please sign with the leafs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mikster says:

    I think you’re exaggerating a little, but Drury pretty much hinted he grew up a Rangers fan so…wouldn’t surprise me if he wants to play for the Blueshirts.

    As for Brooks…he’s better than the numerous amount of idiots in the hockey media, such as Strachan, Simmons, Garrioch…., but yeah…he can put some questionable spins many times. He is not a Sather apologist though, he despises Sather and loves to slam him when he’s got reason to.

  6. mikster says:

    I don’t think he is worth the big bucks. He could be okay at $5M, but that’s it. I fear the guy has too much leadership in his personality and it may clash with Jagr. He cannot make it his team, it’s Jagr’s team, and Drury is the kind of guy to make honest statements in the locker room. He is an excellent second line player, though, and would fit in well. Also, can he handle Avery?

    Tough call to make….but he wouldn’t be my top choice for sure.

  7. zane says:

    top notch players such as Jagr…. wait what do u call Sakic ……..u cannt get any better then him

  8. BruMagnus says:

    good call!

  9. cecilturtle says:

    In most ways I agree with you about the problems that could "possibly" arise if Drury's natural leadership talents are misguided.  But the chances of Drury stepping on Jagr's-other Rangers/ Management's toes in pratice/ the locker room etc and his leadership clashing with teamates and becoming misguided goes down to almost 0.0% if Shanahan resigns the the Blueshirts.  Actually, the only way I believe Drury signs with the Rangers is if Shanahan first resigns.  Drury, Shanahan, and Avery would be the Rangers second line in name only and would be better than most teams first…. 

    With Shanahan on the Rangers, he would explain perfectly to Drury exactly where and when his leadership is most needed with the club as well as also explaining that in order to be a good leader he must also keep quiet from time to time and let Jagr and his line play their type of game (no matter how silly the European type game may appear to be).  On paper it should be very very tough for opponants to defend Jagr & Co.,Inc when you also have a straight at you north-south style of play played by Drury centering Avery and Shanny.  Add to that a third line that playes north-south as fast or faster than any other checking line in hockey as well as all three (Cullen-Prucha-Callahan) having the ability to score over 20 plus goals more years than not.  As well as the 4th line of Hollweg-Betts- Orr" playing north-south as physically in your face as well as anyone.  Even the powerplay has two different styles that defenders have to play against. 

    Anyway, I most sury do not think the Rangers (or any other team) should ever be affraid to sign Drury (or another free agent) because he has too much leadership for the teams good.  But,,, if Drury is able to play on a line with Shanahan and both he and Shanny could lead the team together???  The only thing that could stop the Rangers from winning the cup, is another teams very fine performance against them!  But you have a very good point and something teams should (actually should probably do much more of) is constantly make sure the leam leadership never goes astray…  Because if it starts to go astray???  Management has to step in right away and subtlely put all the players on the same page.  But with Shanny and Drury leading and also respecting Jagr's lines type of play…  Management would never have to get involved.  


  10. CoachSmokey says:

    Almost done deal?

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