Will the Ducks and Hiller part ways

Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe reports that Jonas Hiller and the Ducks could part ways this offseason.

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  1. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    “Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe reports that Jonas Hiller and the Sucks could part ways this offseason.”

    Unfortunate typo. Lol

    Although I can see the Anaheim “Sucks” not resigning Hiller and using that money elsewhere.

  2. leafy says:

    There is actually a rule on the NHL rulebook that clearly says intent to injure is an automatic match penalty.

    What the hell happened to that rule and why isn’t it enforced?

    So far in these playoffs, I’ve seen at least half a dozen obvious intent to injure plays and not one single match penalty. So far only the Seabrook hit gets a suspension.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    its going to be an interesting Summer of goalie movement.

    Miller, Halak, Hiller are 3 starters who are UFAs. Thomas, Bryzgalov, Nabokov will also be looking for regular work.

    Gustavsson, Elliot, Emery, Greiss are solid backup types.

    And then there is Marty, will he continue his career and where if not Jersey?

    And then you have to wonder what will come of guys like Reimer, Pavelec and Ward who potentially available.

    If the Blues dont keep Miller, they’ll need a goalie. The Canucks and Oilers need goalies (despite the Oilers getting Fasth and Scrivens). The Flames need a no. 1 and the Jets could need one as well.

    Same with the Isles who need a long term solution there and who knows, maybe Washington too.

  4. leafmeister says:

    Quite a game last night in MTL. Super cheesy no goal call. Tampa has the right to be upset. However bad calls went both ways and Montreal deserved to win, and deserves to be up 3 games.

    I would like to know whether or not I heard boos from the MTL crowd when Stamkos got to his feet. I hope they were not, but it sure sounded like it.

    • nordiques100 says:

      still not as bad as when for no reason at all, the Jets fans were booing Toews in his first game back in Winnipeg. That is classless.

      • leafmeister says:

        I think booing a guy getting up after a dangerous play that he could very easily have been hurt on is a whole other level of classless.

        If they were booing him (it seemed very much like they were, but it can be hard to tell), they’ve embarrassed their city, their team, and their favourite sport.

      • LN91 says:

        Still not as classless as the 13-14 Blackhawks…

        What happened to them? I’ve never seen this team intimidated before. I’m starting to believe that the Blues are that much of a threat for the cup.

  5. Gambo says:

    I was watching some highlights of Jake Virtanen, the kid is explosive. He plays physical, has good size, incredibly fast, good shot, but the thing that impresses me the most about him is that he isn’t afraid to drive to the net like a lot of skilled players(Kessel). My only worry about him is that he had way more goals than assists(45 goals, 26 assists).

    Just another player I would be happy if the Leafs drafted. Just hope that they don’t use their pick on Ritchie or another defenseman not named Ekblad.

    • nordiques100 says:

      The more i think about it, i see the Leafs def keeping the 8th pick, and probably many of their other assets as well like Kadri.

      I def see Franson having played his last Leaf game. Same with Reimer.

      Gardiner is a very interesting case. his RFA status could mean something. Pretty sure the Leafs are not going to give him very much and this could mean a hold out.

      I think the biggest change will be coaching. Right now, if the coach stays, we’d be looking at probably needing to add like 12-14 players. That is unfeasible in the cap world and improbable too.

      I am not sure Carlyle anymore can work with this current group. I think someone new is needed. It could be Boucher, it could be Dineen even. Maybe Trotz. Or hey, let me throw a wild name out there or two. Messier, or Graves.

      Either way, they need someone new because i don’t think they can trade Kadri, Gardiner, Lupul, Reimer, Franson, Gunnarsson, Clarkson Phaneuf even and replace Bolland, McClement, Kulemin etc etc etc all in one summer. Thats just improbable. It ain’t going to happen.

      • LN91 says:

        Or, wait and see what happens with Pittsburgh…1 and done and so is Bylsma.

        However, it’s not his or his teams fault that MA Fleury can barely save anything.

        • nordiques100 says:

          ….save anything in the playoffs. Don’t know what it is that has him so spooked when it matters.

          They were lucky to come back last night. But after this series and last year with the Isles, its not pretty against inferior talent.

  6. leafmeister says:

    What would it cost to move up to 3rd overall, or even acquire the pick straight up?

    • nordiques100 says:

      Well that’s the Oilers pick, and they tend to overvalue their assets. So if Nonis/Shanahan asked, I am pretty sure that MacT would ask for Kadri and/or Gardiner plus the 8th.

      Its why IMO the Oilers have not been able to rectify their problems. I.E getting defence help.

      I am guessing that if they offered Eberle around for a Dman, they would want someone at the level of say Subban, or other high end guys, plus more.

      To be honest, I think teams are simply ignoring them. As they should. They have no bargaining power but are only thinking they do. Fact is, they are screwed. No one wants Yakubov when they will wait and try and get him like how the Sens got Filatov for a low risk 3rd rounder.

      Hall, Eberle and RNH are solid, but high priced and have proven nothing. Gagner to me is worthless, but that is probably what they’d offer to get an additional lottery pick. They are living off the maybe 6-10 awesome games he’s had over his 6 year career. They think those 6-10 games makes him a premier asset. They’re not getting it.

      Its why MacT has proven to be full of bull. He came in spouting change, but he has done nothing. He can’t because he isnt willing to sell for anything less than massive overpayment at minimum.

      it may be part too Katz meddling, but also the fact that franchise has a heck of a time to attract any stars. So the fact that Hall, Eberle, etc are considered “stars” they will want gold.

      example, they probably feel they are worth the same as Kessel was worth when he was traded from Boston. That turned out to be 2 1sts and a 2nd. thats fine. But what the Oilers want are guys at the level of Seguin, Hamilton now because that is what Boston got. That’s not going to happen but they’ll never realize it.

      • LN91 says:

        The Oilers have drafted some talented players, even Yakupov…However, they basically drafted a bunch o f players that have not meshed well together, also not enough toughness.

        They have abandoned D and goal, and those do not fall from the sky.

        • nordiques100 says:

          not sure what he is waiting for but you’re right, they’re not falling from the sky even though tehy’re expecting them to.

          if a couple of 50 save appearances convince them that Scrivens is a true no. 1 they’re dreaming.

  7. LN91 says:

    Ryan Johansen reminds me of Sundin…Columbus is building in the right direction, bright future.

    • nordiques100 says:

      it was a slight change from forcing guys in right when they were drafted to waiting a year.

      Jenner, Johansen, Murray all got an extra year of Junior. it makes a difference. And they now have the depth to work them in rather than make them top line guys like they did with Brassard, Pouliot and Filatov.

      That may have worked for Nash, but that’s Nash. He was a special player.

  8. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Wonder how much of a maverick Shannanan is willing to be this summer. Wouldn’t mind a Holgremeske type retool for a culture change.

    After reading about Ritchie whom I thought is overrated because of his size, have to admit that he’s at the very least intriguing. 6’2, 230lbs already? That a Lucic type frame. I know he’s not a center but he could be a piece that fits long term on this roster.

    Also would like the Leafs to target E.Kane. Obviously Reimer would be part of a package for him. Reimer is taking a hit on message boards and in the media but he’s still a young goaltender who posted a .911 while struggling. Last season he posted a .924 and both years he saw a ton of rubber in front of an inept blueline. Reimer should be intriguing project compared to a team just bringing in an equally expensive veteran without upside.

    Kadri + Reimer for Kane? Worth kicking the tires, IMO.

    A top six with Kane, JVR, Ritchie, Lupul with depth in Clarkson and Kulemin. That’s a lot of size and punishment, comparable on the wing to Boston. It’s a bit of overkill but that is needed to give the Leafs something other teams don’t. Not to mention this team would be better suite for Clarkson to find better production rather than being lost in a rush game (suddenly Clarkson isn’t necessarily a death contract).

    Or could we turn Lupul into a first to land a McCann, Tuch, Ho Sang ect…? Could Nonis offer Phaneuf + 2015 1st for E.Staal? Staal would look good along side Kane and Ritchie/Clarkson.

    I know it doesn’t solve our issue at center but it does give Toronto an identity of tough wingers with Kessel giving us high end skill. My fear is that management doesn’t exercise patience and tries too much too soon and the snake eats it’s own tail as we make lateral moves (i.e. just hit repeat and over pay Bolland).

    This was a failed season and the roster should be treated as such, we can revisit the lottery next year in the same situation and have a good pick to trade for a solution at C or perhaps there is a free agent available. Odds are we end up in the lottery anyway might as well solve the wing in the meantime.

    • nordiques100 says:

      I think everything starts with what they do with Carlyle. If he stays, well then the roster will be likely blown up and blown up quickly.

      Not sure how productive that is. You can guarantee if that is the case, teams will be asking low, knowing that a few of these players, many of them in fact, have not gotten better or worked well under Carlyle.

      We know all year Carlyle was fairly frustrated with Gardiner. Knowing he is the Leafs “problem” now with being a RFA and not an exact fit with Carlyle, then teams are ok with leaving things alone and letting the leafs “suffer” this predicament.

      I think Carlyle has to go, then we can figure out what kind of players will work with who will likely remain i.e Kessel, JVR, etc.

    • TmLeafan says:

      I like the idea of targeting E, Kane. All this talk about leadership but the reality is we need some more impact players.

      What would Lupul’s value be? maybe dangle him and the number 8 pick for something. I would trade Bozak too if we could get a decent price and were able to get Stastny in free agency.

      As far as the draft goes I hope we are able to get Virtanen. He is one of the youngest players in the draft. Big winger wicked shot who can score if he turns into a Jeff Carter type that would be sick. Also William Nylander seems like a centreman with a lot of upside.

      Ritchie seems like a safe pick to me. We need to stop playing it so safe in drafts.

  9. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Noting will change until we change the ability to draft NHLers outside of the first round. We should have a steady flow of 3rd/4th liners and bottom pair d-men at least that we draft and develop and we don’t. Gunnar, Reimer, Kulimen is all we have to show for non-first round picks. That’s pathetic!
    We should have found some gems in rounds 2-4 at least, but we haven’t.
    We should constantly have developed players moving into the line-up at the $850-$1.5 range and we don’t. Guys like Ryan, Devane, D’Amigo should already have been able to make the line-up and players like Ross, McKegg, Grangberg should be ready to fill roles and then improve.
    When the first group becomes two expensive to keep, we should have the next crop ready to take their place. 3rd/4th lines should always have a healthy amount of inexpensive youth mixed with some vets. At least one young and energetic D should be able to make the team each year and fill a 5-7 role.
    Instead, we need to get guys like Raymond, Bodie, McLaren, McClement, Holland etc via trade or free agency because we have no confidence in what we drafted or the ability to develop them.

    • nordiques100 says:

      i posted in an earlier article on some of the decent play of some of the leafs lesser known prospects.

      They seem to be doing well. Leivo was a 20 goal guy, Granberg was their +/- Leader with the Marlies. McKegg was 3rd in points.

      Ashton had like 16 goals in 24 games down there. Carrick was the top +/- guy among forwards down there. Sparks in his first season as a pro had a decent GAA and save %.

      Percy was decent as well, his first season as most of these guys were.

      And, the Leafs are high on Rupert, Brown and Nilsson who will need seasoning.

      I think they’re being developed ok. nothing wrong with what Eakins or Spott have been doing.

      The problem in this case was Carlyle. I think McKegg’s first shift, the line he was matched up against was bad, he was on the 4th line and got scored on, and right there was benched.

      Granberg in a meaningless game played less than 4th liners. what, 11 minutes overall? Give the dude 25 minutes and lets see what he can do.

      And Ashton. 16 goals in 24 games. He has to know how to score right? but getting 4 minutes a night a 3rd of what guys like Bodie were getting, thats pathetic. No faith in them. It leaves me with no faith in him.

      He’ll tell us that well we played Reilly a lot, Gardiner, Kadri have grown a bit, but the reality is, Carlyle doesnt like kids.

      Thats all a coaches decision. I have seen nothing wrong really with what Nonis/Burke added in terms of late round picks. they wont get the chance. he has no faith in them.

      But, in a cap world you have no choice. But you would think, these are the players who’d buy into the team and the system more, but Carlyle thinks different. Thats another reason he should be let go.

      In a cap system, you need these cheap contracts. We have the guys to do that, but if the coach doesnt want them they’re stuck.

      • toronto77 says:

        Pat Quinn didn’t like kids either! Remember when he was GM? he traded away so many young kids and draft picks that I think this team is still suffering from! Even when he was coaching his last season with the leafs he refused to give top line minutes to Steen and look at him now! Do you think the leafs desperately need a centremen like him now?

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Steen was god awful on the Leafs. The reason I first started talking hockey on the internet was to bash him. Steen is also hella soft, he’s not the answer to the Leafs C issue.

          It was a different time under Quinn though, no cap small markets draft and develop talent then big markets traded their picks for them. Can’t fault Quinn for using Toronto’s economic advantage, wish a post lockout GM could figure out how to leverage smaller markets.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    say the team stays relatively the same, save for some defence additions.

    A new coach will prob allow for a competitive battle to join Kadri and Lupul on the 2nd line from a group that includes D’Amigo, Leivo and Ashton. Perhaps even Holland too.

    And say they kept Bolland. Bolland and Clarkson, and perhaps bringing back Komarov could be their 3rd line, but open to those 3 aforementioned youngsters to also challenge for that spot as well. This instead of keeping Kuly or Raymond.

    and certainly instead of Ranger and Fraser, and to some extent Gleason, the opportunity could be presented to Granberg as a 3rd pairing D. To look the whole year for RH help on D and not even give him a legit chance was IMO stupid.

    Thats the BS i hope Shanny gets rid of.

    I think that last group, led by Burke, followed by those with him, Nonis, Carlyle, Wilson, tried hard to get rid of that blue and white disease. they certainly made the prospects feel that wrath. you’ve got to earn your shot kid. Fine i get that. but it seemed like a real double standard to me with some of the veterans seemingly quite entitled being useless and getting away with it.

    I think when these kids were called up, they made it a point to ensure they fell completely behind all the veterans. made sure they knew their spot in the pecking order. again, meaningless and really at a detriment to the team.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      In an earlier post I had said it is still too early to tell what we have in Percy, etc(that year and younger)…basically the past three drafts.
      You site Ashton and Holland as two good prospects, these are two guys we traded for. We didn’t draft them and my point was we shouldn’t have had to trade for underachieving picks from other teams that we hope will develop into 3rd or fourth liners because we were unable to draft our own.
      I have hopes for players like Leivo, Percy, Grandberg etc. The fact is, we should be able to draft at least a couple of NHLers per draft that can play 3rd/4th line or 3rd pairing with our 2nd and lower picks. We haven’t in the past and that’s pathetic.
      Hopefully things are/have changing. But until it is proven they have(guys develop and take spots), we will be a team that is always overpaying free agents or grabbing waiver wire castoffs to fill our roster. That is not a winning formula.imo

      • nordiques100 says:

        either way you acquire them, you still have to give them a chance. Carlyle wasnt giving them that chance.

        Prospects need time. fact is, Leivo, Percy and Granberg are in their 1st pro seasons. They were mid rounders for a reason. So they will take time.

        That being said, they had a chance to use some of these players but the team decided not to and thats on Carlyle. He had no faith even before he even met them.

      • nordiques100 says:

        and again thats the dreaded leafs disease and them trying too hard it seems to shed that sense of entitlement.

        but some of the higher paid leafs seem to feel pretty entitled at playing like shit. so when you try it on the kids, making sure there is that pecking order, it carries zero weight.

        we will see what happens with the coaching staff. Quinn, Maurice, Wilson, Carlyle were all established coaches who have been around. They’re all going to lean on veterans. They were not going to allow much leeway for kids to come in.

        This is another thing I hope Shanahan changes. We will see. In the past we were shown at nausem how big of a failure Dallas Eakins was in Edmonton to prove that Toronto does everything right always. I am not sure Shanahan has that kind of mindset. I think he will have a real open mind on things. At least I hope so.

        Its organizational mindset. Its not to do this time with a lack of good drafting. I think the Leafs have done well since Burke came in, but how they’ve dealt with those kids has not changed other than they are getting solid coaching at the AHL level. I think they’re development paths are fine, but having a coach like Carlyle, who is so dismissive of young, 1st year guys, it makes all they do to bring these kids along completely useless. He rather have Bodie, McLaren, Orr, Smithson, Fraser, Ranger instead. It wasnt until they slid so bad he decided we should call up D’Amigo for a spark. too little, way too late.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          I agree with you on a number of things, but here we are way apart.
          Again, my point was our inability to draft and develop our own players has hurt us, so I think where we acquire players to develop is very relevant. If we are trading for players like Ashton and Holland(who I like), it shows we have little confidence in what we have. We wouldn’t be trading for players like this if we had players in the system already that we felt were as ready or could develop into similar players.
          As I said, I am hopeful for the past 3, maybe even 4 drafts could produce some NHlers…fact still is that prior to those drafts we only have Kulimen, Reimer and Gunnarsson to show for all previous drafts combined. How does that show we have done well? Even in the past 4 drafts, we only have Kadri and Rielly that have made the leap. Hard to call that success. Do you really believe if the players were good enough, Carlyle still wouldn’t have played them?
          Good teams have players they have developed and find some good diamonds outside top 10 picks. We haven’t. Take a look at St.Louis, Chicago, Pitt, Boston etc. Boston has Lucic, Bergeron, Krecji and Marchand all drafted in the 2nd or later. Where is our guys…traded or sitting on the farm and to say it is all coaching not willing to play youth, I don’t think so.
          Fact is, we don’t have the proper players to help the youth on the big club and the club has little confidence in what they drafted.
          I am not making excuses for Carlyle, but he relied heavily on Getzlaf, Perry, Penner, moen to win the cup when they were just kids. He also played the 19 year old Rielly quite a bit this year. He was applauded last year for how he developed Kadri and went more to Gardiner in the playoffs.
          It’s not a coaches refusing to play kids, imo, it’s the lack of NHL calibre talent in our system that have developed as good or better than guys like Raymond, Bodie, Holland etc.

          • nordiques100 says:

            See Boston. Their only 2 non-1st rounders to be a part of the team since 2006, 8 years ago were Marchand and Lucic, both selected in 2006.

            So its not an exact science.

            Kadri, Gardiner and Reilly are different in that they are highly regarded young players and 1st rounders. Thru talent alone, they can get by.

            We’re talking about the lesser lights and I am not sure Randy had any faith in them. Nor do I believe he can put these players in spots where they can help and succeed.

            its hard to fathom the Marlies being a 1st place team, playing the way “the Leafs want us to play” and succeeding, if they have poor development and poor coaching down there. And its hard to fathom those players not being of any help or value if they’re making the system work down there.

            It only leads me to believe that how Carlyle delivers the message in conjunction with how the Leafs are receiving it is a bit flawed.

            The only benefit of the doubt i am going to give him is that these were 1st year pros. They may not be ready. But there were some spots where the opportunity was warranted but not given.

            We would probably need a larger sample set to see but I think at the end of the day, I am not sure Carlyle is right for this team and I dont believe the young players with the Marlies turning NHLers will benefit from him.

            True, the roster doesn’t have the leaders to help these kids, but they can’t even help themselves. That’s more concerning than anything else. But i don’t think its their job. I think its the coaches job to put players in the right places to succeed and I don’t think at all Carlyle has done that or will do that. And thats both Veterans and Rookies.

            End of the day, there are a lot of things the organization needs to do better. We’re not perfect by any means.

            But while the hockey news seems to differ, I think the organization isnt as bare as people make it out to be. It will take some time for sure. Nothing wrong with that. And a lot of other teams are in the same boat

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              I agree it is not as bare as some believe.
              But, you really aren’t going to argue that Marlie success shows we are doing it right? Are you?

              Look at the Marlie success since 05-06, yet we have almost no one come up to the big club…this goes well before Carlyle.

              The Marlies were 50-21-3-6 in 07-08 yet where are the NHLers from that group?
              05-06 went 41-29-6-4 same question.
              08-09 went 39-29-5-7 same question.
              More recently in 11-12 went 44-24-5-3…where is the help to the leafs?
              12-13 went 43-23-3-7 again no help has come up.
              All playoff teams in the AHL.

              It’s not just that they don’t make the Leafs, they don’t make the NHL.

              Fair enough on your point on Boston, but how about STL, Pitt, LA, Chi, SJ over the past 10 years. Way better than Toronto for NHLers. The only good ones we had…we traded for guys like Versteeg or Raycroft because we thought they were better than what we drafted. Carlyle wasn’t here then.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              Funny thing about Gardiner (and Lupul) is that Burke/Nonis didn’t even want them. They were targeting Justin Schultz at the time.

              Interesting interview with Steve Simmonds where he give a lot of inside information on the Leafs. The second half is better.


  11. leafy says:

    I can see a major deal brewing on the horizon.

  12. leafy says:

    Fleury looked really bad in that game. The Penguins need to bring back Gilles Meloche or Michel Plasse out of retirement. haha

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