Early Morning Rumors

Check out the latest rumors for this morning.All from various sources.

The Chicago Blackhawks may still be trying to deal Adrian Aucoin.

The Maples Leafs are still talking to the Panthers, Coyotes, and Capitals.

The Coyotes will attempt to trade Jeremy Roenick, Owen Nolan, and Curtis Joseph today before the deadline.

There is a possibility that Jason Blake may still be moved.

In New York, the talk is that Aaron Ward may be dealt and that Jaromir Jagr is on the block if the price is worthy.

7 Responses to Early Morning Rumors

  1. Komic-J says:

    Jagr on the block ?!? That would be a shocker !!!

    Now here's what I'd like to see from Bob Gainey;

    a) Trade Sheldon Souray to a serious Stanley Cup contender in need of Power Play goals. The price for defenseman is absolutely ridiculous this year, and Special Teams are always a big factor in the playoffs. Sure, he's not the most talented defenseman defensively, and he does take some stupid penalties, but I really think he could be a pretty important asset for a deep playoffs run. It's pretty obvious to me that he won't sign another deal with the Canadiens, especially after what he said about the trade that sent Rivet to San Jose. Get a couple of decent prospects or young players in return, or some picks…or both ! Just trade him away, and get whatever you can get in return.

    b) It may be a dream, but I wouldn't mind seing Kovalev and Samsonov go. Their salaries are pretty big tough, so it might be tough to move them. And if we do, I don't think there's anyway we can get our hands on some prospects or picks in return…we'll have to take some salaries. But you know what, at this point…I say do it. I wouldn't mind taking someone who makes slightly less than these two, even if they aren't big names like Kovy and Sammy.

    c) Don't trade any first day pick !!! N-E-V-E-R !!!

  2. Nordiques4ever says:

    Nobody have the cap space for Jagr who still have 2 yrs left on his contract…(then after, he might retire)

    Coyotes have some good players do deal: Nolan, Cujo, Laraque, Adams…i think they can get something very interresting in exchange if they are willing do deal Today….

    Aucoin is still a question mark, he can do something huge for your team in offense (especially on PP. He don't have the numbers this year, but we all know what he can do…) and i think he's playing very well at the other side of the ice. But his salary of 4M$ makes him hard to move…

    If J. Blake is moved, it will be for something who can really help the islanders Now….someone who will be cheaper than him next year??

  3. Yann says:

    but the caps pay half Jagr's salary, he would cost a team about 4 M, some teams could do it for this year cause it would be like 1 million, but they couldnt keep him for the next 2 years except if they trade away big salary

  4. worsley3 says:

    The Coyotes are committed losers. They do not deal to improve. Strictly to sustain a good old boy network–that doe not produce results. A franchise with a revolving door to failure.
    At Coyote home games,half dressed dancing girls, no out of town scores is the 'mood' created by the local Mormon ownership.

  5. darcysucker says:

    You think Gainey is going to give up on the season by trading away Souray, most of the habs goals come in the powerplay, and Souray is a huge factor in the powerplay, they need him for the playoffs, this team still has a very good chance to make it, and if they're in, who knows.  They probably won't win the cup, but the young players will get experience, and it will generate revenue for the city, on top of that, how do you think Carbo is going to feel after Gainey gives up on his team, he wouldn't do that, unless he could get players that could help him now.  I think Gainey will try to resign Souray, and if the price is too high or if he doesn't want to stay, then let him go, and use the money to sign someone else.  The main priority is signing Markov, as for Kovalev, were you bashing Kovalev in the playoffs the last couple of years?  Cause he was awesome, he was awesome last night and he will be a difference maker down the stretch.  I'm sick of this Kovalev bashing, he was playing hurt, he's our most talented player and can make a big difference, if you're going to bash him, then I don't want to see you praise him when he's doing well.  As for trading first day picks? what's that supposed to mean?  Oh and how are you going to trade samsonov, he was on waivers and no one picked him up, get informed before you say anything you idiot.

  6. Komic-J says:

    Alright…first of all, I never said I expected Gainey to do that. This is what I wish he would do. Will he do it…of course not, cause you just can't be sellers in Montreal, the fans don't allow it.

    You're right, Souray is a huge factor on the Powerplay…and it's the reason why we're still alive right now. However, like I said in my first comment, I really don't think he'll be back next year, and since we are still pretty far from a deep playoff run, I think we should trade him. Look what we got in return of Rivet. Now can you imagine what we could get for a defenseman like Souray ? Are you ready to sacrifice the future of the organisation for a round in the playoff ? You might be…I am not. By trading Souray, we could get our hands on a very decent prospect and/or a high draft pick, which could help us finally reaching the top of the standings for a couple of years in row.

    Also…I'm not "bashing" Kovalev. I know how good he can be when he actually feels like playing. He was injured ? So what ?!? It's nothing new in his case…he shows up whenever he wants, then disappear for a couple of games. It was the case in New York, in Pittsburgh…and in Montreal. Am I dying to see him go ? Of course not…he's still a good player. All I'm saying is that we pay him a lot of money, and it is debatable wether or not it's worth it. And I also know this; once the fans in Montreal are on you're back, chances are they're going to be until the day you get traded. This is what's happening today with Kovalev…to a point where everybody was sacred to see him back in the line-up last night because the team finally won some games while he was scratched. But again, I'm not saying to get rid of him in return of a bag of pucks and two broken sticks. But if the return is good, I say why not…

    The fact that nobody claimed Samsonov on the waivers doesn't mean anything. Of course, nobody's gonna claim him on the waivers…cause nobody has that kind of money. With the salary cap, adding Samsonov salary to your payroll without cutting anybody else's salary from your payroll is almost impossible. The Canadiens knew that when they placed his name on waivers…they just wanted to know who would be interested in order to make a deal after. Now, that being said, I did mention that it may be a dream…but we've seen strager things happened on deadline day.

    A "First Day Pick" is a term communly used in football to talk about the picks you have in the first three rounds.

    Now go back to your anger management class…cause there's still a lot of room for improvement in your behaviour.

  7. darcysucker says:

    good, thanx for clearing that up.  I just hate the fact that people get on Kovalev, yah he doesn't show up all the time, but he shows up when it counts.  I get annoyed at how the montreal media and fans turn on their players.  I know it's going to be tempting to trade souray, cause the offers will be huge, he should be worth as much as tkachuk or forsberg, even more cause I think he's more valuable, the guy is on fire this year.  And I do think signing him to a big contract is a big risk, knowing he's injury prone, this is the first year he's been completely healthy, but he has that wrist problem and back problems. 

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