Edmonton looking to make a deal?

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that Oilers defenseman Dick Tarnstrom may be expendable due to the play of some of some of the younger defenseman.

Jim Matheson speculates that the Oilers who are close to maxing out their cap space could be looking to shop Tarnstrom and his 2 million dollar contract to teams such as the Thrashers or the Rangers who are in need of some defensive help.

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  1. 1messier1 says:

    i think that  tarnstrom would be great in new york plus it would give them a chance to finnally get rid of mara,i think tarnstom would be much better for the rangers powerplay,and would be  a much cheaper signing than the jovie rumor thats circulating,plus they will probably get a lot more games outta tarnstom than jovie.plus the defense isnt doing to bad ,its the overpaid fwd's thats are lacking ,like GOMEZ,what waste of 7 mil. as of right now…..

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!he's the one who  continues to fail,everyone blames players and coaches ,how about GM's,in the off season there were a lot good players that the rangers could have signed to a cheaper contract,but instead they went out and overpaid for drury and gomez and closed the cap space that they have to play with.

  2. jimbob says:

    Why they even signed him is a mystery to me.  He was a disappointment the first stint with the oilers.  Smid was coming into his own, slowly, as a capable young d-man, and Syvret is in the wings…why?

  3. KingCanada says:

    If they DO manage to trade him, they wont get much more then a 3rd round pick i believe.

  4. turdfergusson says:

     Colton Orr maybe? Peter Prucha would be nice but maybe it's the King Can talking.

  5. pj1199 says:

    Why would The Rangers trade for him???
    The have a great goals against average right now.
    The defense was supposed to be their weak spot (again) and has turned out to be their strong point (again)

  6. 1messier1 says:

    you are right but ,,, i think he would add to the powerplay as an outstanding point man ,something that the rangers are hurting on on defence ,they dont really have  a good point man for the power play ,which i feel he would fill nicely

  7. Oil-Life says:

    Thrashers scouts were at the game watching him yesterday…not a good game to wacth on tarnstrom haha. 

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