Enough is Enough


Come on I’m sick and tiered of watching this team lose game after game.

Just like most Leaf fans I like Paul Maurice, as a person and as a coach that took Carolina to the Stanley cup finals. But he is not the right coach for Toronto maple leafs, He has to go, there is no way on earth the leafs can succeed with Paul Maurice.

A good coach would found a way for his team to win games, just like Claude Julien, Boston bruins are wining games just because of there coaching staff otherwise if you compare the talent of Toronto with Boston the leafs should be way ahead of them, but there not, unfortunately Paul Maurice has found ways to lose games.

Last nights game against the flyers is a good example, how could you not play Wade Belak against the flyers, when you know mark bell is injured and cant play, who else is going to stand up??

I tell you if Wade Belak was in the line up the leafs would of win this game regardless of how good the goalie played, and that stupid idiot Steve Downie wouldn’t be soccer punching Jason Blake and getting back on the ice with out any worries.

Teams have tactic they analyze the leafs and when they don’t see any though guys in the line up they go after Sundin , Blake , Ponikrovsky to get them off their games.

Same thing happened in Dallas where lack of toughness cost the leafs 2 points as Dallas went after Sundin shift after shift.

There was at least 2 or 3 other games where lack of toughness in the leafs line up cost the leafs points. At least 4 points for not playing Wade Belak against the Flyers and Stars was given away.

Another important thing is When would Paul Maurice realize that Andy Wozniewski is not an N.H.L Defensman, playing Andy dumb-niewski has at least cost the leafs 4 points and that’s the least I can say.

So that’s 8 valuable points that have been given away by coaching staff…

And don’t forget the Beginning of the season where he was rotating between Toskala and Raycraft until he realized Toskal should be the starter.

It seems like Paul Maurice cant do 2, positive things together at the same time as he scratched Andy dumb-niewski against the flyers which was a big positive and then he came back with not dressing Wade Belak which was a big negative.

That’s why I think Paul Maurice is not the right coach for Toronto Maple leafs.