Enough is Enough


Come on I’m sick and tiered of watching this team lose game after game.

Just like most Leaf fans I like Paul Maurice, as a person and as a coach that took Carolina to the Stanley cup finals. But he is not the right coach for Toronto maple leafs, He has to go, there is no way on earth the leafs can succeed with Paul Maurice.

A good coach would found a way for his team to win games, just like Claude Julien, Boston bruins are wining games just because of there coaching staff otherwise if you compare the talent of Toronto with Boston the leafs should be way ahead of them, but there not, unfortunately Paul Maurice has found ways to lose games.

Last nights game against the flyers is a good example, how could you not play Wade Belak against the flyers, when you know mark bell is injured and cant play, who else is going to stand up??

I tell you if Wade Belak was in the line up the leafs would of win this game regardless of how good the goalie played, and that stupid idiot Steve Downie wouldn’t be soccer punching Jason Blake and getting back on the ice with out any worries.

Teams have tactic they analyze the leafs and when they don’t see any though guys in the line up they go after Sundin , Blake , Ponikrovsky to get them off their games.

Same thing happened in Dallas where lack of toughness cost the leafs 2 points as Dallas went after Sundin shift after shift.

There was at least 2 or 3 other games where lack of toughness in the leafs line up cost the leafs points. At least 4 points for not playing Wade Belak against the Flyers and Stars was given away.

Another important thing is When would Paul Maurice realize that Andy Wozniewski is not an N.H.L Defensman, playing Andy dumb-niewski has at least cost the leafs 4 points and that’s the least I can say.

So that’s 8 valuable points that have been given away by coaching staff…

And don’t forget the Beginning of the season where he was rotating between Toskala and Raycraft until he realized Toskal should be the starter.

It seems like Paul Maurice cant do 2, positive things together at the same time as he scratched Andy dumb-niewski against the flyers which was a big positive and then he came back with not dressing Wade Belak which was a big negative.

That’s why I think Paul Maurice is not the right coach for Toronto Maple leafs.

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  1. the_word says:

    I thought last night was a great game for the Leafs for two reasons. One, they lost, creating more pressure for some changes in management or the roster. Two, Sundin had a great game and continues to inflate his trade value.

    I agree with others on this site that have mentioned that the Leafs are too easily forgiven for terrible games after they win a game or two, however the fallout seems to be greater when the Leafs lose on a nationally televised game. JFJ almost got axed after the Coyotes blew out the Leafs on CBC. The trend is beginning again with last week the Rangers exposing Leafs struggles with discipline and now losing to Philly despite playing a good game (what was it 57 shots?). These loses shouldn't fall under radar, and hopefully will be the catilist for change.

    As for Downie and his antics, the entire game was chippy from the drop of the puck. Philly is definitely pushing the envolope this year and have crossed the line a number of times. But their play makes for entertaining game, I haven't seen the Leafs play with last night's passion for some time. IMO as long as no one is injuired, enjoy the show, it sure as hell beat watching the Leafs floating alongside teams like Montreal, NJ, NYI etc… for sixty minutes.

    For those calling for a suspension to Downie, keep in mind Kubina getting away with that hit from behind at the end of the 1st, easily the worst act in last night game.

  2. mojo19 says:

    You're right. Games like last night are the perfect thing for this team. Sundin plays amazing and the team loses. We'll get a ton for Mats at the deadline and hopefully (probably) finish in the bottom 5 and draft top 5 in June.

  3. jarcpitre says:

    There's no debate that Kubina deserved a penalty, it was a great game until the no call and the Downie show. The Leafs played a great game and deserved the win, but like the Flyers players said the goalie stole the show. Another thing is why do people still mention the Leafs were playing against another backup goalie, he was the starter the last 2 years. Like now, our hot goalie is really the backup from last year and dull Razor was the starter, it changes from year to year.

  4. leafy says:

    I agree too.  Definitely it's in Toronto's best interest to lose.  A top 5 pick would be awesome….and getting a great return on Sundin would be just as awesome.

    Downie is a classless, gutless puke, sucker punching Blake like that. Certainly the linesmen are idiots, but there's no call for goon behavior like that.  Then again, it's exactly what you would expect from a team run by Paul Holmgren.

  5. lindrosfan says:

    Yikes.. saying that Belak would help the Leafs is a laughing matter.

    Yes, I agree that the Leafs need more toughness and they should have someone to set others straight, but Belak is not that man.

    You are talking about a guy that is a -22 over the last two seasons, and he plays MAYBE 3 minutes a game.
    Other than scaring the opponents after the whistle blows and losing fights on a regular basis, Belak is not the answer for anything.

    What the Leafs need to do is bring in a bona fide fighter such as Laraque or Boogard to set the other team straight. They can at least play some hockey and also play the role of the enforcer.

    I was one to call for Belak's head last year because of his bad plays and his lack of hockey abilities. He is maybe a good guy to have in the locker room, but that is not where you get 2 points.

  6. Hardcore_Leaf_Fan says:

    I agree that the leafs are pretty much not playing at all except for their "desperate hockey style".  I feel that Maurice is the best coach for the team, however, who does Maurice really have to work with?? Blake is a great player and has yet to break through; Andropov and Sundin are the only ones really scoring.  As for goaltending, that seriously needs to be fixed because both Raycroft and Clemmenson are really not playing at an NHL level, considering Toskala is injured; better back up goalies is essential.  I feel that there needs to be a trade but I do not think that would help.  They need to rebuild the team and get new young talent; they need to stay away from older players despite the fact they have experience. Take Tampa for example, they had a team of youngsters and they won a cup. The Penguins have not seen the playoffs for many years until they rebuilt and now look at them; they are contenders.  I really think that the leafs should take a grass root approach and then there will be results.  One more thing, Leaf fans need to be tougher with the team, similarly to Montreal fans (I hate Montreal though), when the team loses, do not watch the games! If the MLSE are not making money, they would have no choice but to make a better product.  This is what I think, disagree or agree but the real issue is that the MLSE makes a product that is satisfactory when it should make a contender!!!!!   

  7. Hardcore_Leaf_Fan says:

    One more thing, Belak is not likely to score a goal for another 2-3 years from his stats and to say that he will help the team is joke. If he does help a team, it will be the opposing team because he takes too many stupid penalties. 

  8. masterm666 says:

    good call on this. your right maurice is an amazing coach and an amazing person very nice guy but hes not right in toronto. woz is a useless tool he should be given away he gives up the puck and doesnt cover the front of the net. and why would he start tlusty and pohl when they know that philly is notorious for being a dirty team, especially this year theyve had what 7 guys suspended so far?
    bad move on maurices half id love to see him pull through and find a way to make the leafs win games but until that happens i guess ill be disapointed more and more….

  9. arigold says:

    I wish everyone would get off of Maurice.  The Leafs have clearly decided to put their faith in 2 players that have cost us multiple points over the last 2 years.  Kubina and White.  Ian White is the worst player in the NHL, hands down.  As much as i love the Leafs, I cringe every time he touches the puck.  Whatever upside he brings in his potential development is not worth costing the team wins night after night. 

    That game against the Flyers, White cost us that game by taking a penalty after getting beat like a rented mule.  Then Kubina took another penalty late trying to be a tough guy instead of trying to get the puck deep.  I know it was a bad call, but he had no business throwing a hit in that situation, he had the defender beat to the puck, and should have just kept in in the zone. 

    It is poor decision making on his part, and overal ridiculously horrible play from Ian White that is handicapping this team.  If you will notice, any time these guys can go 60 minutes and only make a few mistakes (and this doesn't happen often) the Leafs usually win. 

    If Maurice can be criticized for one thing, its for trying to spur on White's development by playing him with McCabe.  White's consistent poor play often put McCabe in rotten positions on the ice, bringing down his play level and subjecting him to unnecessary criticism. 

    When McCabe returns, he must play with kaberle, and they both must log 30 mins a game.  If we can find a replacement for Ian White, someone, anyone, we will make the playoffs this year.

    Missing Toskala recently has also hurt this team greatly.  If Razr had any confidence whatsoever, the Toronto media has completely sucked it out of him. The team doesn't feel they can win with him between the pipes, and this needs to be addressed.  If anyone could use a change of scenery, its him.

    Depsite everyone crying bloody murder, this team is only a couple of minor changes away from being a decent competitor in the East.  These are changes however that they are running out of time to make.

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