Fake Fans

Ok relax already first of all Montreal Canaidians have a great team and im fed up of everyone saying that they need a #2 centre nooo we need offense it doesnt matter if he’s a centre pleckanec could do the job he has the tools.. we need size like a Bertuzzi sure a centre would be great but even if we keep our team it would be a great team…

I said this many times no one listens HIGGINS and PLECKANECS should be together they have chemistry KOIVU and KOVALEV should be together kovalev picks upp his game when he has talent around him and people say that kovalev and samsonov can’t play together noo they could thats ridiculous saying there 2 much the same soo what trust me if u put this line together kovalev and samsonov will pick upp there game..

Kovalev has no heart haha if i had no heart i would of asked for a trade already playing with pleckanecs and latendress are u freaking kidding me he just doesnt have chemistry with pleckanecs and thats because he doesnt trust his game can u blame him..

if i was a free agent i wouldnt want to come to the great city of montreal either too much taxs, the fans are always up ur a$$ good or bad but the woman make upp for that haha but seriously id be affraid of being a Bertuzzi coming to montreal and i’d be playing on the 4th line wow thats not saying ur career as a hockey player is over like WAKE UPP this has been happening as far back as i could remember look at J. Leclair he was on our 4th line the guy got traded he was on philis 1st line are you joking no kidding players do better in other teams because they get a chance to play

Ok pretend for a sec that your Kovalev u been with the Canaidians for so many years now and your never on the same line as koivu ur best centre and they put u on there 2nd line but all your life you were a first line player thats like a slap in the face..I’m sure what kills him the mst out of all these years in Montreal they never even gave u a cance to play with there best centre or put u on the number one line if it wasnt pleckanec it was ribiero nice going guys and on top of that they put u with rookies now wow i wonder why he plays with no heart hockey players are people too and our power play is amazing well thats weird doesnt koivu and kovalev play on the power play together

anyways JUST TRUST ME ON ONE THING PLECKANEC’S AND HIGGIN’S are amazing together penalty killing same line they just have chemistry together i don’t care whatever the lines are as long as higgins and pleckanecs are together u’ll see what im talking about…

proof they use too play together when they came into the lineup… together they scored short handed goals and then the coach saw they were good and split them upp anyways good coaching hahaha GO HABS GO