Florida answering calls about Bertuzzi ??

The Palm Beach Post speculates that power forward Todd Bertuzzi will remain out of action for the next while waiting for his back to heal from surgery. It is reported that Florida is receiving calls about Bertuzzi however this article does not speculate into what teams are calling.

Chris Gratton is also named in the article but he is mentioned for his undisciplined play and recent benching. Gratton seems to be one of those guys who is always moved at the trade deadline. Many teams have taken a chance on this guy but it seems that he rarely contributes in a positive way to the team. HTR believes that Gratton is another one of the Florida players that will be moved before the deadline passes on Tuesday. Expect his to be traded for a mid round draft choice.

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3 Responses to Florida answering calls about Bertuzzi ??

  1. DeathCab says:

    Bertuzzi is injured.  In fact, it looks doubtful he'll play before the deadline.  There's no way a team is going to part with anything decent for a guy that they don't know will be able to play.

    And as much as Florida doesn't want to end up with nothing for the Luongo trade, trading Bert for next to nothing isn't any better.  I say keep him and try to sign him.

  2. mtl_prince says:

    i'm having a halak attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wingerxxx says:

    Why on earth would any team trade anything for this Bertuzzi?  I would actually rather have Chris Gratton right now than Bertuzzi.  He is not a top player, but Gratton can at least be thrown out on the PK and can play against scoring lines. 

    When power forwards miss a lot of time, its usually not a good thing.  Bertuzzi is going to have to play himself back into game shape.  Considering how much time he has missed, and also how long it has been since he was a truly dominating player, I just dont understand the infatuation with him right now. 

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