Following the what leafs should do next season train

Alot of people are saying what has to be done soooo, heres what i think.

1) Dont take Belfours contract let him go and save some money, play telqvist as a starter and bring up aubin as back up, mabye not have a proven goalie but saving the money could get you a d man to help him out because his playing half the game alone back there anyway right now. Drop Rancine and bring up pogge and a veteran goalie, would be nice to get a guy like Sean Burke if not someone with his style, that would help pogge hopefully develop into a star.

2) For defencemen, drop Berg and khavanov sorry but see ya. Sign kaberle and McCabe. Would be alittle hard to sign Chara and Redden cause if we have the money to sign Kaberle and Mccabe why cant ottawa sign Redden and Chara? too unrealistic to me. I would hope to trade Allsion to boston for Boyton and a pick, 2nd 3rd ish i guess. If its possible to trade antropov and a guy like Wozniewski and a pick(2nd 3rd 4th ish) to pittssburg for jackman and malone that would be great, after signing jackman they can drop klee.

3) For fowards drop guys like Czerkawski and Domi and play other guys, try to sign a guy like Elias but i dont think he would come to toronto so Gaborik would be the next best thing.

So the lines would look like

Tucker Sundin Gaborik

Steen Lindros Ponikarovsky

O’Neill Wellwood Malone

Kilger Stajan Wilm

Kaberle McCabe

Jackman Boyton

Colaoacovo Harrison



Extra Pohl, Belak, Leeb, Kronwal, White, Burke or Burke like guy

(i think bates has a claus in his contract that he cant come up to play in the NHL or his one of the 300 player vets that are forced to play in the AHL like Brown and Aubin is now, if not his up there instead of leeb)

That would be around i think 36 – 38 million so there money extra to sign a goalie or defencemen if needed.

4 Responses to Following the what leafs should do next season train

  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Drop Domi???

    Go die!

  2. sergioel says:

    u know what, go make love to domi already. what is with you and this affair. DOMI F’N SUCKS.

  3. goose says:

    Sounds like good trades but Czerkawski no way, dunt trade him hes gud but release Belak, Berg, and Khavanov, and Domi. But not Czerkawski… im a fan of him.

  4. goose says:

    1.Belfour stay unless he retires then sign Cujo.

    2.Allsion to Boston


    Boyton and a 2nd round pick. Antropov, Khavanov, and a 3rd round pick to Pittsburgh


    Jackman and Malone

    4.drop Klee and Domi

    5. sign players like Elias or Gaborik.

    6. I would sign Elias.

    Possible lines:

    Tucker Sundin Elias

    Czerkawski Lindros Ponikarovsky

    O’Neill Wellwood Malone

    Kilger Battaglia Stajan

    extra: Wilm

    McCabe Kaberle

    Jackman Boyton

    Colaicovo Harrison

    extra: Kronwall

    Belfour or (Cujo_


    extra: Racine

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