Former Leafs' Owner Steve Stavro Passes Away

Former 13 year owner of his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs Steve Stavro has passed away at the age of 78 of an apparant heart attack.

“This change in ownerships guarantees that Canada’s teams – the Leafs and the Raptors, will remain in Canada, in Canadian hands,” Stavro said.”

Stavro acquired control of the Leafs from Harold Ballard (deceased) in 1990 and then sold his shares over to Bell Globemedia in 2003. While the Leafs were his passion, Stavro was also known as a very charitable man, rarely ever turning anyone aside.

“He was a very charitable man,” [George] Gross added. “There wasn’t a charity he didn’t help out.”

He was also known for his infamous Knob Hill Farms grocery chain that has been a staple in the Toronto community for many years.

“His fondness for his hockey team never wavered. “He loved the Maple Leafs,” said Gross [long time friend].”

Stavro from a fans perspestive was the most beloved owner in Leaf history, a hard working, shy man with a heart of gold and respect for everyone regardless of class and stature in society. Mr. Stavro will be missed not only with in the community but in the hearts of all he touched.

Founder of MLSE, Steve Stavro September 27, 1927 – April 24, 2006

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Too bad, he was a good guy, who took alot of grief for not signing Gretzky or Blake…

    It sucks, some guys at school today were talking about this is the best day for the Leafs since Ballard died. Then a Mesedonian guy kicked their ass because he don’t like it when people diss Massidonians.

    RIP Steve,

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