Forsberg to make another return?

The Denver Post is reporting that Peter Forsberg is on the comeback path.

It is well known the Forsberg has a history of health problems however it is reported that Forsberg has been training in Sweden after undergoing another string of surgeries a few months ago.

It is reported this Forsberg’s Swedish doctor is reporting that the chances are good for Forsberg to recover.

HTR hopes that if he does decide to comeback he doesn’t drag it out like he did last season or what happened in the Sundin saga.

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8 Responses to Forsberg to make another return?

  1. greatlife15 says:

    What is this? His 4th return in as many years? Unless he makes an awesome comeback and really boosts the team that he plays for, it's just tarnishing his image as a great player.

  2. mitchamac says:

    Where would he go, most teams are close to there cap limit, you know he'll prob want a couple mill

  3. mojo19 says:

    Uh oh. It begins again.

    Why don't Peter and Mats just get married?

  4. KingCanada says:


    Cant you see you keep costing every team you sign for?!?

  5. papichulo71 says:

    I'm guessing he's the ace in Ken Holland's sleeve

  6. Stubbs25ca says:

    Say What you want about him he is a huge talent. Foresberg at 85 % is better then 90% of the current NHL . best Points per game last year mind you it was  brief. Imagine if his foot is fixed what he could do for a team. Dotn count him out . I hope the long saga dont drag on , on where he goes but come on guys .. he is at the very least a point per game guy and if he is healthy he could dominate the game just like Ovechkin , Crosby , Malkn ect,, ect..

  7. Oilergeek says:

    I'd First Like To State, That I Am Not A Forsberg Fan. I Admit In His Days Of Young, He Was A Great Player. These Days, His Body Is Just Not Working At The NHL Level. If It Was, Well Hooray, I'm Sure He'd Still Be With The Flyers Or Nashville Producing Points. But, These A Days, With The Whole Come Back Thing, He's Kinda Really Annoying Me. Not That, That Matters, But It Is Kinda Frustrating To Watch Teams Move Things Around For Certian Players, And Have Nil Results. Sundin, Is An Exception, Although He Should Of Made Up His Mind Sooner Than He Did. Anyway, If Peter Forsberg Comes Back, And He Is 100% Fit. I Think, As Long As He Doesn't Go And Do A Bonehead Thing And Ask For Way More Money Then He's Worth At This Point, I Think VACOUVER Would Be An Ideal Location. If The NUCKS Still Have A Few Bucks Left Over. I Mean, He'd Be Able To Play With Players He's Probably Familiar With. Play In Front Of An Elite Goalie, And A Team Looking For That Extra Boost Come Playoff Time. Not To Mention The City. All In All, I Think It Would Be A Great Fit. Of Course, Who The Hell Am I? Go Oilers!

  8. hockey_lover says:

    So painful to read. I stopped after the 2nd line.

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