Forsberg to play with Swedish National team

TSN is reporting that Peter Forsberg will be playing with Team Sweden in the Karjala cup Nov 8th to the 11th in Helsinki.
Can a return to the NHL be around the corner? All the rumors are saying November 15th is the possible date for his return. It is looking more and more possible and those dates do reinforce the rumor. Hope he comes and plays in Vancouver and rescues my hockey pool!

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  1. SpecialSpotExaminer says:

    I'm not sure if Peter Forsberg is going to do good with a Swedish team. For a Japanese-trained hockey player, Forsberg doesn't seem to have the knowhow to play with a bunch of blondes.

    In other news:
    According to TSN, Alexei Yashin has been dropped down to Locomotiv's farm team, The Moscow Little Engines. He, however, does not wish to play for the team, and has left Russia to come coach a handicapped team at the YMCA in Columbus, OH.

    Here is the most recent picture of Coach Yashin and star Sniper Tompkins "Droolie" Gerbashnikov.

  2. KevinBaconFan says:

    The Swedish Fish Times reports that Peter Forsberg has begun skating with the 12 and under Swedish bantam team.  "He is really good" says Petr Smrek.  "He is tall and cool." reports Sven Butchenson.  Forsberg says he is done with the chase for the cup.  "After all the success I have had, I am looking forward to bringing this group of guys a plastic trophy and a pizza party at Chucky Cheese's."  Forsberg has already been voted assistant captain by his teammates.  "Sometimes he brings us into his van so we can eat candy after practice" says Franco Stallone.  "The sleepovers are the best.  We play Twister and throw Swedish meatballs at Niklas Sundstrom all night.  I want to be just like him."

  3. senators101 says:

    I think this will be a good assessment opportunity for him and other teams.  All scouts will be there watching.

  4. jrl2282 says:

    some weird comments……

    the jury is still out on Forsberg,  He could go anywhere I don't care what the rumors say.

  5. SpecialSpotExaminer says:

    Don Cherry, the co-host of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, will be shedding his infamous, outrageous multicolored suits for one night Saturday, November 10 when the Flames take on the Edmonton Oilers. Cherry, 73, will be showing all of Canada his birthday suit in an attempt to raise money for his charity, Cherry's Cherries for The Finding of a Cure for Autism and Other Bad Things. "I don't normally wear pants during broadcasts anyway. Do we have to? I always catch Ronnie staring at my Cherries during the broadcasts, but I teach him a lesson back in the hotel room."

    Ron MacLean, Cherry's co-host of NHIC, could not be reached for comment, but his agent said Ron will not be the co-host during the broadcast due to his intolerance of nude bodies. Ron, who has not seen himself naked since the Regan administration, said that his spot that night will be filled by Cherry's dog, Blue the bull terrier, who will not leave Cherry's lap the whole broadcast.

    The broadcast will be in Hi-Definition and will air uncensored, and will feature Cherry in different poses during the night.

    Mr. Cherry has stated that this hat will be the only article of clothing worn during the historical broadcast.

  6. Dfresh says:

    Man somebody passed out the funny cigarrettes because these have been the weirdest post's I've seen in a long time!

  7. tacitus says:

    k Petr Smrek is more like a czech name then a sweedish name so i doubt he is on the team… Futhermore they dont even have chucky cheese's in sweeden. and Franco Stallone is Italian

  8. svenki says:

    i sure hope Van could land him, but that seems to be a long shot.

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