From what I've heard and the Possibilities

Well Rumors just keep changing for the Canadiens eveyrday, who will be coming the Montreal and become the Next big name to play for The Habs? I thik we can all agree that none of us ahve a clue really, but there are some hints going around and I’m trying to piece them together. In the end we all know that I will be way off because when you think Gainey is going to od something he does the opposite. But here’s what I think may be happening

I’ve been hearing that Montreal is tlkaing to the L.A. Kings about the Slovak Visnovski who is a fantastic Defensemen and can put up points. But why do the Canadiens want another D? they already ahve an overstock of them and they need to get rid of what they have so far. The L.A. Kings are apparently asking for Begin, a prospect and a draft or so Eklund says (but who can really always trust him). At the same time the Sharks are also interested in Visnovski because they’re D isnt the best.

Now one would believe that Monteal may be interesed in landing Visnovski and then trade him off with some other players (the obvious who would be in the mix as everyone says: Ryder, Halak) for Marleau. But this is just what I’m thinking and I could be way off, which I probably am but I expect that the Habs are going to land a centre before training camp.

So tell me what you think and if its a good deal for the Habs and sharks.

(please remeber this is if Montreal lands Visnovski in a trade)

To Montreal:

To San Jose:

P.S. I really wouldnt wan to see Begin gone… would you?

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  1. RealisticNick says:

    That would be a terrible trade, A d-man who scored 58 points in 69 games on a terrible LA team, a forward with 58 points (30 goals) in 82 games and a potential #1 prospect goalie for a guy that is big but not huge at 6'2" 200lbs and had 78 points in 77 games.

    If Montreal landed Visonovsky it would almost need to be a straight up or not much more, he finished 8th overall in scoring for d-men last season and it would be worth more for Montreal to keep him then send all that SJ's way.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    I think maybe  you were trying to make sense, but the opposite is happening.  Visnovsky just signed a five-year $28.25 million dollar deal.  That's bigger money than Markov, Hamrlik or for that matter anyone on the team.  Despite the fact that montreal lacks the salary room to acquire him, the thought that the Kings would dump their franchise defenseman and key offseason signing for Begin, a pick and a prospect  is just incredibly stupid.  Then to suggest that Montreal could pacakge his salary and another 4 million – almost $10million in salary to get Marleau is just so impossibly stupid, as to make your prior stupidity seem plausible. 

    But the final nail in the coffin is the tear you shed over hypothetically losing Steve Begin and his 5 goals in 52 games for a franchise defenseman.

    Why don't you suggest montreal trade markov to the kings for patrik o'sullivan and a second round pick? 

  3. Fuzz16 says:

    That is a good trade……For San jose!!!!…….I think San jose would have to add in atleast 1 more good player or a amazing prospect

  4. Fuzz16 says:

    ..Plus…if we get Visnovski….we should keep him and trade away dandy and boullion keep vis, markov, komi & hamr for top 4 D then we would have crazy depth

  5. Sarrazin89 says:

    Well calm down man its just what I heard, I really dont no why your the type of person that get offended by me just saying what I read on another site, im really sorry you took it to heart. And the reason I said the whole Begin thing is because he bring his heart out to the game and hes a fan favorite, so please dont get so mad over the internet.

  6. Sarrazin89 says:

    Yeah see i didn’t think all this up, its a rumor thats been going around on hockeybuzz soo I was trying to piece it together, you know Eklund is alot of the time way off

  7. habsoverserver says:

    sorry if i was too harsh, but please just use some common sense.  

    have you ever heard of a team signing a guy to the largest contract on the team then trading him before he plays a single game?

    it's just not something that teams ever do. 

  8. Sarrazin89 says:

    Yeah man well your defintly right, I thto it was odd too when I read it, cuz I got this off of Eklund so I was jus writing it to see what people thought if that three way trade did happen, it wasn't compiled by myself at all

  9. 143rs says:

    To Montreal:

    To San Jose:

    Horrible trade. Marleau will test the market i will gurantee you.

    What about? Ryder , Dandelaut for Vishnosky and 3rd rounder at the trade deadline.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    how would that help LA? 

  11. Habs-Sam says:

    To Montreal:

    To San Jose:

    this trade is impossible:
    1) LA is asking Begin,a prospect and a first pick…If there is one reason LA is making this trade its for the a propect called Halak so he can't lad in San  Jose its going to be Vishnovksy + Ryder pour Marleau if tehre going to be a tade.
    Thats a HORIBLE TADE! it's not worth it, Marleau is overestimated, he's not beter then Koivu, just compare the stats…Marleau with a better team has almost the same numbre of points as Saku.

    and IF we do that trade to have marlau it would be finaly: Ryder ,Vishnovky(Halak,Begin,forst pik) for marleau.
    I hope i never see this trade.
    Iwant visnovsky here in montreal,but i don't want to see Marleau for this price….

  12. MR40 says:

    Thats possibly the worst trade idea ever in the history of time.

    An soon UFA who said he’ll test the UFA market next summer (plus this is with 20 games left in the season, because you said the deadline), a bad overpaid d man for a franchise player, and a 3rd rounder in a good draft.


  13. finchingham says:

    i am soo sick of people talking about trading halak….he is an amazing goalie with tonnes of potential..huet is overachieving right now and would be the best to get rid of.. loose this season and be good next year… halak is worth his weight in gold ahl goalie of the year by a long shot led the legue in save %, GAA and shutouts. i am sure he would have had wins too but he played the last half of the season with montreal!
    TRADE HUET BEFORE HALAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 143rs says:

    dont worry Heut will be traded.

  15. habsgod says:

    i would trade huet too……..but if you were an n.h.l gm and had a chance to acquire one of these guys which would you take?i'd take halak!he'd garner you the most in a trade! and halak doesn't fit our long term plans with price as  our goalie of the future so why not trade halak and give him the chance that he won't get with us to be a#1 goalie !halak could land you something really good in a trade as where huet might not/won't other than maybe a depth defence or forward!plus with teams salaries halak is way cheaper to pick up!!!!!!

  16. Boates says:

    Everyone one is on the trade Huet kick, why? Are we going to rely on two unproven goalies? Sure Halak showed some brilliance last year but who's to say he'll be good this year. We have alot of depth in net so why not package say… Danis with someone and see what we can get. I think we shouild hold onto Huet for a little bit yet.

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