Gainey in the driver's seat

With Brewer signing today long term today, and Zhitnik just being dealt for Braydon Coburn who by the way is going to be a real good one. Gainey holds all the cards when it comes to D-men. With Rivet, Souray, Markov and to a much lesser extent Ninnima, im sure Bob’s phone is ringing off the hook. Now look at what Philly got for Zhitnik, a very very good prospect. Anaheim got a 1st round pick for Shane O’brien (who I never heard of). Souray and Rivet’s stock just went way up, I think Gainey may not have a choice but to move both of them. With Anaheim moving a D-man they must be looking to add a better one, could it be Souray ??? If it is, I want Ryan Getzlaf in return.

To Anaheim

Rumours floating around is that San Jose is looking more towards Rivet rather that Souray. So if Zhitnik is worth a top level prospect, Rivet is worth as much or more.

Rivet, Ryder
To San Jose
Bernier, Bell

To Chicago



If Bob moves Souray, he has to go pick up Aucoin to replace his big shot.

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  1. TheFish12 says:

    Trade one is a pipe dream… and a half
    Trade two is also a pipe dream
    Trade three is a pipe dream

    So basically, The Habs trade Rivet and Souray, both UFAs, Ryder whom I believe is a RFA who will get a raise from his current salary, The most overpaid player in the league (Samsonov) and Perezhogin and they get Ryan Getzlaf, a budding star centre, Steve Bernier, a budding star forward, Mark Bell, a Ryder clone, only more expensive and Aucoin, who while overpaid can log up to 25 minutes a game.

    Congrats Leaf fans, you no longer are the ones who post the most ridiculous rumors on this site.

    PS… HTR handlers, why hasn't my Anson Carter article been posted up?

  2. tatawaka says:

    Rivet, Ryder
    To San Jose
    Bernier, Bell

    To Chicago

    your kidding right?
    I'm a habs fan, but there's no way that 1 of those trades gets done…

    Samsonov Vs Aucoin is not even a question in my mind…Samsonov has pretty much no value this season…maybe this summer…but not at trade deadline.

  3. avery_is_scared_o_fedoruk says:

    The ducks need offense.  Souray is great on the power play but do you put him out in front of pronger and niedermayer?  Getting rid of getzlaf would be losing a big part of the ducks offense.  

    Souray, Perezhogin
    first round 2007 pick
    that would at least immediately justify the o'brien trade
    If getzlaf is shopped to montreal, i would almost gurantee a huge name coming in for the first round pick.  (smyth, guerin someone like that…)
  4. WDF says:

    "Congrats Leaf fans, you no longer are the ones who post the most ridiculous rumors on this site. "
    Lol, I knew that back in the summer time when Habs fans wanted Malkin for Riberio, Souray and Bonk.

  5. saku_rulz says:

    i think souray is staying but rivet is definitely gone….i think he might interest the ducks! RH, solid, experienced dman…would replace o'brien! mtl won'T get anything huge for him but at least it's a $$$ cut and more cap space for another move!

  6. DoubleDown says:

    bob gainey will not make a single trade at the deadline. i guarantee it.

  7. broc says:

    Does no one listen to what the GM's state publicly anymore?

    Brian Burke said he's interested in making deals, but that as soon as teams mention any of his best young roster guys (Getzlaf, Perry, Penner) he says "the phonecalls end fast".

    It's just stupid when people make rumors up that involve players who clearly are not up for grabs. Stop the Getzlaf rumors.  He's not going anywhere.

  8. avery_is_scared_o_fedoruk says:

    Thats why the ducks traded for the pick. 

  9. TheStryker says:

    So what most of you are saying is that Zhitnik is worth a top level prospect but Souray or Rivet isin't. That O'brien (again don't know him) is worth a 1st pick so that means he has the same value as Souray. Come on shake your heads. Souray gives you an automatic powerplay, leadership and toughness. Rivet gives you a stay-at-home deffence man, play's 20 good minutes a game, leadership and toughness. St-Louis is asking for a 1st pick and a prospect for either Tkachuk or Guerin, if they can get that, well Montreal can get at least that for Souray. So Anaheim has Niedermeyer and Pronger… remeber in the 70's when Montreal had what were they called ???…. Oh ya THE BIG THREE. Didn't they win a boat load of cups. Anaheim can have the big 4 : Niedermeyer, Pronger, Souray, Beauchemin. If you play Souray with Niedermeyer, he can make up for Souray's deffensive short commings.

    If Forsberg was the top forward on the trade block, then Souray is the top D-man on the block. Im not comparing both players, but Philly got Parent, Upshall, a 1st and a 3rd. So I think Souray can fetch half that. Which is a top prospect and a high draft pick. And in my original post I offered Souray, Perezoghin(top prospect) for Getzlaf. So if Anaheim wants Guerin or Tkachuk, they would now have a prospect Perezoghin and a 1st rounder from Tampa.
    So when it comes down to it you wouldn't give up Getzlaf and O'brien to get Sheldon Souray and Keith Tkachuck or Guerin

    And im the idiot

  10. edmontonrules says:

    Burke isn’t stupid. He tells the media that there is no way that he’ll let a young star go. That way if a team wants one bad enough they’ll pay through the roof. If they don’t trade at least they still have a young player with potential.

  11. RagingRon says:

    You guys make me laugh with your Souray is great crap. I believe when I check last (yesterday) he was 11th from the bottom of 278 defenseman in the league in plus/minus….He's an offensive defenseman who's a liability defensively…He was horrible agains the Islanders on Saturday but typically chipped in a goal…Look at the whole picture…Sometimes stats aren't the only thing to go by…I would have dealt him to Atlanta for Coburn and a little something else like a pick or maybe a middle of the road prospect like Mark Popovic or Boris Valabik.

    Anyway they'd be crazy to try to sign him at 6 mil. next year…Crazy.

  12. avery_is_scared_o_fedoruk says:

    i dont think anybody called you an idiot.  And no one can know what is going to happen.  but we can try and talk it out.  

    I agree that your getzlaf trade would work out for the ducks, but i dont see the ducks trading getzlaf.  he is a fan favorite, and is going to be a great player. Stranger things have happened, but its safe to say the ducks have a lot of options
  13. Superman4452 says:

    outside of montreal, souray is not the defenseman that he is proclaimed as. he is a very solid d-man, but getzlaf has a ton of potential. and perezoghin is not a top prospect, he is a depth roster player at this point. as well, i wouldnt give up getzlaf and o’brien for souray and tkachuk. getzlaf is young and has a very bright future. either blue is a UFA, and thats alot to have walk away. the ducks have three years to win a cup, and if getzlaf scores thirty goals in 2009 then it was worth it to keep him around. however, giving up that first for souray would make sense.

    to Montreal
    First round pick
    conditional third round pick(stanley cup)

    to anahiem

  14. Superman4452 says:

    To Montreal
    First round pick
    Conditional third round pick(Stanley cup)

    To Anahiem

  15. flyer_fly says:

    I think the Habs should just sit tight and try to go with what they got, If they don't make it then Target Vinny in the off-season

  16. Lint07 says:

    …Because a Carter trade article has been posted the day he's been traded so no need to post another one.

  17. the_purolator_guy says:

    If the habs don't make the playoffs then blame should be directly placed on gainey.  I admit he is a very good g.m.  but he sat on his hands way too long while the team was slumping.  He should of learned about the total lack of character and leadership this team has from last years playoffs after koivu went down, he needed to bring in grit and leadership , not another perimeter player.  This team still has a shot to make the playoffs but not with the current roster and especially the fact that the teams around them have games in hand.  Carbo is not at fault here, he's doing  the best with what he has to work with its like squeezing juice from a turnip.  If anything they should add a martin lapointe or an ian laperierre and one top six forward, not like a bill guerin who's like 36 but more like a dianius zubrus who is only 28, who can be given a 4 or 5 year deal to.  Or wait till the off season and try to bring home briere.

  18. DoubleDown says:

    seriously. in a sport like hockey you dont want to go by stata, even when the particular stat is goals–thoe are overrated.

  19. canadaownshockey says:

    This ia harfd to read without laughing. First of all Zhitnik is better than Rivet by far. Second of all Brian Burke isn't an idiot.
    He woujldn't give up Corey Perry for Peter Forsberg, what makes you think he'll give up Getzlaf for Souray who's bottom 10 in plus minus. with a -15. Souray is a horrible defencman that doesn`t belong in the NHL, if it wasnt for his shot he`d be useless

  20. baltic_thunder says:

    I cannot disagree with anything written by TheStryker. Bob Gainey is salivating! While not completely out of the playoff hunt, the Canadiens are not in a position to bulster their lineup and aren't playing hungry enough to nail down a playoff birth. Rivet and Souray are definitely hot commodities and the Sharks and Ducks have to be their premier suitors. Who else is looking? Maybe the Canucks and even the Stars. Heck, throw in the Leafs if Ferguson panics. This is SO a seller's market!!!

  21. canadaownshockey says:

    Vinny is not leaving Tampa Bay, He's gonna win the Rocket trophy Jay Feaster will keep him

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