Gainey To Make Decision

Habs got off to a good start but lets face it, at best they will make the playoffs and not go further than that with there current roster. This team is mediocor at best and they are starting to show their true colours with they’re recent skid.

Koivu & Kovalev’s contract both end next summer of 09.

Is that coinsidence?

Lets face it, Building the team around Koivu and Kovalev hasn’t been the turn around for this great franchise, Right? Don’t get me wrong, those two players have done miracles for the Canadiens in their own ways. Koivu has the heart of a lion but age is catching up to him as well as Kovalev.

My question is this:

Should Bob Gainey move them while they still have value? Or maybe they already are thinking about a change while they can still win?

No doubt that Montreal has a great future ahead of them with their young talent but I do not see Koivu and Kovalev re-signing when they become UFAs if there not traded. Gainey will eventually lock up Higgins and Komisarek and the rest.

This and next season will determine what Gainey needs to do:

A)Keep trying with what hes got
B)Trade the assets Montreal has and get an Impact player they need or high draft picks
C)Finish dead last for two or three seasons and get the high draft picks……yah right! (Won’t Happen lol)

I say go with plan B because plan A just isn’t working and I’m sure most of you can agree. And I’m not writting this just because of there poor performance against the Devils & Predators (blew a 3-0 lead) but who didn’t see this comming? They overachieved for alittle in October and everyone got exited including myself.

Not suggesting a panic blow up but to start building around the youth and Bob Gainey has already started with working his way through the goaltending (Carey Price) and numerous first round Defencemen all they are missing is the offence & the impact player they so desperatly need. When I say impact player I mean players like:

-And so on…

Point being of this article:

I think it will be Koivu’s & Kovalev’s last years in Montreal because it just isn’t working. They are great players and I like them alot and would love to see Koivu hoisting the Stanley Cup in Montreal but that seems very unlikely and frankly discouraging to Montreal fans.

On another Point:

Many people Bob Gainey is a geniuse(like myself). Very conserverative GM but at some point I, As a fan would like to see Bob Gainey pull something out of his hat and bring this team to life.