Gainey To Make Decision

Habs got off to a good start but lets face it, at best they will make the playoffs and not go further than that with there current roster. This team is mediocor at best and they are starting to show their true colours with they’re recent skid.

Koivu & Kovalev’s contract both end next summer of 09.

Is that coinsidence?

Lets face it, Building the team around Koivu and Kovalev hasn’t been the turn around for this great franchise, Right? Don’t get me wrong, those two players have done miracles for the Canadiens in their own ways. Koivu has the heart of a lion but age is catching up to him as well as Kovalev.

My question is this:

Should Bob Gainey move them while they still have value? Or maybe they already are thinking about a change while they can still win?

No doubt that Montreal has a great future ahead of them with their young talent but I do not see Koivu and Kovalev re-signing when they become UFAs if there not traded. Gainey will eventually lock up Higgins and Komisarek and the rest.

This and next season will determine what Gainey needs to do:

A)Keep trying with what hes got
B)Trade the assets Montreal has and get an Impact player they need or high draft picks
C)Finish dead last for two or three seasons and get the high draft picks……yah right! (Won’t Happen lol)

I say go with plan B because plan A just isn’t working and I’m sure most of you can agree. And I’m not writting this just because of there poor performance against the Devils & Predators (blew a 3-0 lead) but who didn’t see this comming? They overachieved for alittle in October and everyone got exited including myself.

Not suggesting a panic blow up but to start building around the youth and Bob Gainey has already started with working his way through the goaltending (Carey Price) and numerous first round Defencemen all they are missing is the offence & the impact player they so desperatly need. When I say impact player I mean players like:

-And so on…

Point being of this article:

I think it will be Koivu’s & Kovalev’s last years in Montreal because it just isn’t working. They are great players and I like them alot and would love to see Koivu hoisting the Stanley Cup in Montreal but that seems very unlikely and frankly discouraging to Montreal fans.

On another Point:

Many people Bob Gainey is a geniuse(like myself). Very conserverative GM but at some point I, As a fan would like to see Bob Gainey pull something out of his hat and bring this team to life.

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  1. chanman says:

    Prefixing with "let's face it", then inserting your opinion, still an opinion will it be. Was the team "built around kovalev"? I think he is a spare part of the Habs system of hockey. Koivu is the captain, anda  good one at that.
    You have a good team. Things will change in the off-season, lose Ryder, Kovalev, maybe Boullion, whatever. Pick up some new pieces and go with the great youngsters you have and Price.

    And no, it's probably not "coinsidence"

  2. Sojourner says:

    Agreed, go with plan B.  I hope they don't make the same mistakes the Leafs habitually make.  Get the most for players like Kovy and Koivu while they have the most value.  I know the names you threw out there were examples of the types of players you want to have and not actual prospective trades because none of them will be available (maybe Lecavalier because TB is doing so bad and I don't think he has a NTC or NMC like St. Louis and Richards) but I think picks and prospects would be better. 

    Keep building that stable, let some of the Hamilton grads take over the reigns, let some of the others develop, pick the ones you think are somewhat expendable and use them as leverage with a team that could use them to acquire some new impact guys.  The Habs will be a serious force in several short years if they do these things and continue to scout, draft and develop as they have for the past few years.

    The biggest mistakes the Leafs made were signing McCabe to a contract (even if if was for half the money it is) when they could have completely fleeced somebody for solid picks and prospects, doing the same with Tucker (although he's one of the few with any real heart on the team) and failing to trade Belfour.  These moves could have completely changed the team, the rebuild would have been in the upswing stages by now and nobody would have even considered some of the asinine moves such as Rask for Raycroft, picks for Toskala to remedy the Raycroft acquisition etc…  The thing is that the exact same thing will happen this year when they refuse to trade Antropov who will NEVER have more value than he does now or Sundin who will NEVER have more value than he will have near the deadline.  Sorry, about the extended Leafs commentary I just think it has relevance to the current Habs situation and I hope they can learn from the mistakes of their bitter rivals. 

  3. Rico420 says:

    Koivu will always be a Canadien..face it this is the face of the Franchise and they will give him anything to stay here.

  4. Duecey says:

    My own trade wish is popping up in my head again. Gainey should offer Huet in a package for Martin St. Louis. No, Marty's not one of the faces of the NHL like Sid or Kovalchuk, but he always is consistent and is able to raise his game when his team needs it the most. I would also hang on to Koivu and wouldn't consider parting with him until the final year of his contract. Finding a good captain is harder than you think and this would just deflate the players' confidence.

  5. ferron says:

       Same shit every year, this year we relized that Souray wasn't the reason we had  a great PP but Kovalev was. The habs have a very good Defense and will be better with guys like Emelin, Valentenko, Carle, O'Byrne, Subban, Webber and Fisher fighting for a spot next year and do I need to mention the depth at the goalie position? The problem is once again at center, After last night Koivu proved that he was too old and beat up to be our first line center , Plek is still one or two years away, Grabovski will never be a very good NHLer(4th liner at best) and Smolinski is a F—–N Disgrace! The only good thing at center is Chipchura who looks better game after game. Yes I'll say it again we need a big playmaking center to feed our young talented wingers, for a while now we try all kinds of lines trying everybody along Koivu who can't do much anymore. Last night Higgins?Plek?Kovalev where on fire at the begining of the game but once again after scoring 2 out of the 3 goals for Montreal that line was broken up, why? I also think Carbo is a Big problem, just look at the line he had on last night, Smoliski, Streit and Koivu? One more thing I know that Ryder isn't worth s–t but we better get somethings out of him, Huet or other unwanted Free Agents unlike last year when we lost Souray for nothing! I have nothing against having a rebuilding season, give the Rookies a chance but at this year deadline I would love to get rid of the deadweigh(Koivu, Kostopoulos, Brisebois, Bouillon, Georges, and most of all SMOLINSKI). Huet will most likely sign elsewhere if not given a long term contract so I say lets package him and Ryder for some decent draft picks, that would clear a lot of cap space and we could finaly bring a real super star in Montreal to accomodate and better surround our young guns, guys like Higgins, Plek, Kostitsyn(S), Chipchura, Latendresse ect! We habs fans have waited long enough for a trade now would not be the best time as Ryder's value  is at an all time low but Ryder is becoming the next Samsonov, I think it's time for Bob to shake things up!

    ps; Why isn't o'Byrne given a chance yet? Bob needs to wake up and give up the idea that Briser, Bouillon and Georges are NHLERS!

  6. habsrock99 says:

    Trading Koivu or Kovalev for that matter would be a stupid thing that would COST Montreal the Play-offs. Kovalev is playing like a man possessed and is showing why he was signed to that 4.75 million contract. Koivu is the heart and soul of the Habs and if he gets traded, it'll be one of the biggest mistakes you could do.

    The Habs prospect well is actually quite low at the moment (maybe because several of them are still in University) and the only good quality prospects in Hamilton are Sergei Kostitsyn, Pavel Valentenko and Ryan O'Byrne.

    Corey Locke can hardly skate, Matt D'Agostini will be a 3rd liner at best if he ever makes the NHL, Duncan Milroy will never be a full-time NHLer, Maxim Lapierre isn't that good and will likely see time in the NHL only as a fill in for an injury, Jonathan Ferland will also never be a full-time NHLer and theirs really no one else who will even make the NHL.

    So if you trade both Kovalev and Koivu for just picks, you have no one to replace them seeing as Kostitsyn's the only forward. So you'd be tanking the season and yet again, every Habs fan will be calling for Gainey's head.

    Now, their is a rumour circulating around the NHL (heard it on The Hot Stove during HNIC) that if the Lightning do not have a potential buyer by the end of December, they may look to unload one of the Big Three (Lecavalier, Richards and St. Louis) and the easiest to move would be Lecavalier because he does not have a NTC. Now, if Vinny comes on the block, the Habs should make a move for him. Maybe package several picks and prospects as well as some NHL players (For Cap reasons only). 

    Also, making a move for St. Louis would down right stupid seeing as he's 32, soon to be 33, and Richards and Lecavalier are both 27 and still have 5-7 years left in their Prime where as St. Louis is just hitting the end of his Prime. Plus, St. Louis has a No Trade Clause just like Richards so again, I'd go with Lecavalier.

  7. ferron says:

      I don't think so! Koivu's over the top and washed up now and look very tired most of the time, maybe he will stay if he agree to take a serious paycut but not at 4.75 mil/year not a chance. We have better players to be the new face of the HABS, Koivu had a 15 years chance ,enough is enough and it's time for a change while Plekanec as proven  that he is already better than Koivu at any situation maybe except at the faceoff.  Koivu would be a better fit on a second line than the first. I agree that we should keep Koivu, not at that price and not if he's gonna take time away from the upcomming Rookies!

  8. ferron says:

      First of all Kovalev only makes 4.5 mil this year, last year most of us saw him as a bust this year is a deal and one the habs only bright side and one of NHL best power play man, Myself I always loved Kovalev and regardless of what most of you though he was and is the reason why Montreal has been 1st on the power play for the last 2 years! As for Koivu I strongly disagree with you "I" think he was never a playmaker but more like 2nd or even 3rd line center since he is pretty good at faceoff but at 4.75mil/year, I and a lot of us DON'T think so! We should of kept Bonk at 2.2 and who is now #1 center with Nashville and has 11 goals, Big and one of NHL's top Faceoff man, God we miss Bonk!

    I also think that your right when you say that our prospects are very young and we can't afford trading guys like Koivu for only drafted picks but also established players, maybe it's time for the habs to throw picks in the mix so we could for once get a realy good and big 1st line center. IF and I mean IF one of the big three in Tampa becomes available, I think Montreal should do everything they can to get Lecavalier and ONLY Lecavalier, the other two would not be much of a step up over Koivu or Kovalev in pressure filled Montreal City! When I say everything possible I mean giving up Top prospect, 1st draft pickS and even top liners for a Guy like LeCavalier who make St-Louis look better than what he realy is. Lecavalier would be the missing piece of the puzzle in MTL, anyway "I" think so.

      Like Guy LaFleur said not too long ago we have 4 fourth lines in Montreal, We might look very good and next to perfect on defense and in net for years to come but on offense it look pretty sad. Yes we have guys like the Kostitsyns, Higgins, Latendresse, Pacioretty ect but NOT one BIG center, why? For years we've had the same problem, we don't have a big , talented center who can take charge, all of our center are tiny exept for chipchura.

    Hopefully we can get rid of the deadweight at the deadline and the unwanted UFA guys like Ryder, Smolinski, Brisebois, Georges, Huet , Streit and the little bit of money (1.3 mil) left to pay on Samsonov's contract and hopefully lose guys like Bouillon and Kostopoulos would be great and free up cap space to sign 2 or 3  GREAT not good GREAT UFA !not guys like Smolinski, Samsonov, Kostopoulos. next year Montreal will have 18 Millions left to spend after our UFA leaves,18 Big one to spend on UFA, Bob only have to start working a little earlier this off season and get us that first line center that would get Higgins going, we also need better 3rd liners, that the line who plays against the other teams best lines yet we CAN'T win a faceoff?

  9. StipeR says:

    The two primary reasons why a team will trade is to get better "now" or rebuild for "later."  When looking at the Canadiens line-up it's the future that is brightest, most of the links discuss the depth in young talent.  To go for the cup, today, we really only have one key asset to give up on and that's Huet – with assumption that Carey Price will pull off another Roy '86.

    Here's who I put on the block for a "today" cup run (and why):

    Huet – we're deep in goal and he can help a team improve that's week in net.
    Ryder – reminds of Rick Vaive in Toronto (scores goals from the slot, terrible skater)
    Higgins – love the speed, far too small and he isn't gritty.

    Package the three of them together, approach Tampa Bay for Vinny and now we're talking.

  10. Duecey says:

    Get Vinny?! LOL! I don't think so bub. He is arguably the best player in the entire league and Tampa knows this. If they let him walk they might as well sell the franchise. And Richards isn't really an offensive star to base your team on, but more of a fill-in player to solidify a team. I think people are underestimating how valuable getting a solid veteran scoring pressence really is. I mean he can still give you at least 3 years of solid performance.

  11. ferron says:

      Higgins will not be traded, so isn't Markov, Komisarek, Kostitsyns ,Plek and of course Price, the rest of the team are all expandable!

    Im sure Tampa would accept Ryder, Koivu, Bouillon, Huet, Fisher and a 1st rounder for Vinny, Ranger, Denis and much needed tough guy Roy and a 3rd rounder. this trade would be great for both teams, "I" think.

  12. ferron says:

       That all we need another 5'6 foward. When you say consistent, do you mean the two decent season he(StLouis) put up playing along NHL best Player(LeCavalier). Montreal doesn't need another top line winger, we don't need another Defenseman nor do we need another goalie, what we need is a BIG, TALENTED, PRODUCTIVE CENTERMAN and NOTHINGELSE!

  13. the_next_agent says:

    Koivu will not leave, he is the heart of this team.  Although he is overpaid, they can't trade him.  As for Kovalev, he needs to go, he can garner a lot of talent.  If Koivu leaves than the franchise will suffer.  They will turn into this years Oilers. 

  14. Pony says:

    What a terrible trade, TBay loses this one bad.

  15. Etiennegz says:

    Bob Gainey must do everything to get Vincent Lecavalier. For now, as we all know, he's not on the move, but nothing is impossible. So Gainey must prepare a deal and make phone calls to feaster.
    Of course, the core of the team is untouchable, I mean Price, Markov, Komisarek, Higgins, Both of the Kostitsyn and that pretty much it. 
    If Lecavalier or any bing impact player comes to mtl, we have a new face to the franchise that can easily replace Koivu. 
    So Let's trade.

    personnal proposition: Koivu, Emelin, Ryder, Huet and first round pick 2008 for Lecavalier,Denis and 2nd round pick 2008

  16. MtlHabs09 says:

    1) Learn how to spell. Know the difference between there, their and they're, and know the proper application of each one.
    2) Montreal will never have Lecavalier, Crosby, Kovalchuk.. etc. Danny Briere showed us that big name players, even of French Canadian origins, just don't want to play under the Montreal microscope.
    3) Koivu will not be traded. He will be captain of the Habs until he retires.
    4) Kovalev will not be traded. He will only leave when his contract  expires (whether it is his current one or another one).
    5) Please note that "Many people Bob Gainey" is a Genius, not a Geniuse.
    6) You are writing this because of the Habs' poor performance against New Jersey and Nashville. You would not have written this immediately after Komisarek scored on a breakaway in OT against the Leafs.
    7) The team has not been built around Alexi Kovalev.
    8) Koivu will re-sign with the Habs, likely before his current contract expires.
    9) Montreal will do fine with their own picks, they are at the tail end of the rebuilding stage, and therefore do not need additional draft picks, but rather, they need to simply be patient and let the prospects they have develop.
    10) Holy crap, destroying your article is way too easy.
    11) Never post on this site again.
    12) Kill yourself.

  17. MtlHabs09 says:

    "Koivu, Emelin, Ryder, Huet and first round pick 2008 for Lecavalier,Denis and 2nd round pick 2008 = RETARDED FOR THE LIGHTNING"

    As a Lightning/Habs fan it is bloody annoying to see these ridiculous offers. The "core" of the Habs MUST  be touchable in order to even come close to attaining Lecavalier. Here is a more realistic propostition:

    To Tampa Bay: Price, McDonaugh, Plekanec, 1st round pick in 2008, 2nd round pick in 2008, 1 roundpick in 2009

    To Montreal: Vinny Lecavalier

    Simply, the Habs have absolutely NOBODY who can come near the value of Vincent Lecavalier. It would take that much, and likely more to get anywhere near Lecavalier. The Lightning would likely still not even consider this trade, because they aren't rebuilding.

  18. MtlHabs09 says:

    Re: Gainey To Make Decision
    (Score: 1)
    by Etiennegz on Sunday, December 02 @ 17:40:53 CST
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    Bob Gainey must do everything to get Vincent Lecavalier. For now, as we all know, he's not on the move, but nothing is impossible. So Gainey must prepare a deal and make phone calls to feaster.
    Of course, the core of the team is untouchable, I mean Price, Markov, Komisarek, Higgins, Both of the Kostitsyn and that pretty much it. 
    If Lecavalier or any bing impact player comes to mtl, we have a new face to the franchise that can easily replace Koivu. 
    So Let's trade.

    personnal proposition: Koivu, Emelin, Ryder, Huet and first round pick 2008 for Lecavalier,Denis and 2nd round pick 2008


    "Koivu, Emelin, Ryder, Huet and first round pick 2008 for Lecavalier,Denis and 2nd round pick 2008 = RETARDED FOR THE LIGHTNING"

    As a Lightning/Habs fan it is bloody annoying to see these ridiculous offers. The "core" of the Habs MUST  be touchable in order to even come close to attaining Lecavalier. Here is a more realistic propostition:

    To Tampa Bay: Price, McDonaugh, Plekanec, 1st round pick in 2008, 2nd round pick in 2008, 1 roundpick in 2009

    To Montreal: Vinny Lecavalier

    Simply, the Habs have absolutely NOBODY who can come near the value of Vincent Lecavalier. It would take that much, and likely more to get anywhere near Lecavalier. The Lightning would likely still not even consider this trade, because they aren't rebuilding.

  19. Hoondog2 says:

    Plekanec in no 1st line center, and he doesn't have half the heart of Koivu.

  20. Hoondog2 says:

    The only way Vinny comes to Montreal is if Price is in the mix.  I believe if TB rebuilds they will do it right, from the goalie out.

  21. Jrugges says:

    I like the idea of shaking up the team a little because it does seem like what there is now on the team is good but just not good enough. I would say Koivu is staying though, but that doesn't mean another just as equal or better can't come in through via trade/ufa. Hossa still hasn't signed??? An maybe a package deal of Kovalev an one of your teams goalies might draw intrest, especailly to TB if Homlqvist doesn't turn out a hot season. A situation like that might actually send Lecavalier to MON. finally, maybe even this year if TB's sellers.

  22. Habs_pm says:

    Wow kid, take it easy lol?…no 1 suggested montreal needs to go after crosby/kovalchuk it was given as an example….you have way to much time on your hands to read and trash other people articles….relax & take a chill pill, maybe you should be the next GM of montreal since your the GENIUS;)

  23. NickLeafer says:

    LOL considence…….that shit makes me laugh

  24. morrissey says:

    Doubt Koivu or Kovy get traded this year. Ryder and Huet are the most likely to go with probably one of the excess d-men and a prospect like grabovski or O'Byrne who appear to have no place here. Not the sort of package you'd get a superstar for (unless the Bruins wanna a pull another Thornton). Lecavalier will be UFA soon enough, I'd expect Montreal to make an offer, but that's no guarantee of getting him.

  25. MtlHabs09 says:

    Errr, take a look at my profile buddy… You'll see that I reply to crappy articles like this quite rarely, but this time I felt "compelled" to do so. Oh and btw, don't call me kid, dipsh!t.

  26. TheArn23 says:

    Calling someone ''dipsh1t'' is the way to go to prove you're not a kid, btw.

    End of sarcasm…

    Seriously now, if you feel it's a crappy article, you don't have to feel ''compelled'' to destroy it like it's a duty.

    Personally, when I see crappy articles, I don't flame the author, I just pass my turn and look at another that may be better, who knows.

    But flaming an author about his article proves you have way too much time in your hands and shows your childish attitude.

    I sincerly hope you do take your time to think about what I just said.

  27. habs_punk says:

    At this stage in the game, I'm not sure Montreal even makes a one for one trade Vinny for Price. I know that sounds really stupid, but if Price pans out the way most people expect, he's the kind of goalie that will be able to win the big games all by himself. He's looking to be the next Luongo and possibly better, there's no telling how good he can be. 20 years down the road, we might be mentioning his name along with Roy and Brodeur. I don't think Vinny will be compared with the great hockey players of all time, I mean he is absolutely amazing, but he's not on the same level as Gretzky or Lemieux and likely never will be.

    Obviously this is all pure speculation, and I am fully aware how biased that assessment sounds, but it is a trade that you would need to stop and think about at the very least.

    The final nail in the coffin for a Price for Lecavalier trade is the fact that Vinny is a free agent after next season I do believe. If Montreal builds themselves into a solid contender over the next year or two, Vinny may just have enough incentive to come in and push Montreal over the top. If Montreal wants a chance at being among the contenders that quickly, they'll need to keep Price, and need him to develop fairly quickly. If Montreal traded Price to TB and got Vinny in return, who knows if he'd even want to stay in Montreal after 09, and TB gets Price at least until he hits the UFA market.

  28. habs_punk says:

    I do agree though that Price is Montreal's most sought-after prospect. If Halak is able to show that he is NHL ready in the limited action he should see coming up, his availability might intrigue TB as a part of a package deal. Montreal also has a ton of upper level defensive prospects they might throw into a deal as well.

  29. habs_punk says:

    When Joe Thornton was traded, he didn't command anywhere NEAR that kind of a return, and at the time, it could be easily argued that Thornton was the best in the league.

    Simply put, Price right now, is more untouchable than Vinny. Vinny may need to be moved because of his contract, Price is on a rookie salary, putting up solid NHL numbers as a 20 year old. His potential is limitless. Vinny is amazing, but a player that is set to be a free agent in just a couple years is not going to command the top goaltending prospect in the NHL, and definitely not as a part of a package that includes a solid second line centre, another former first round pick and two future first round picks. MAYBE some variation of this deal could go down if Montreal had some assurances that Vinny would sign long term. Otherwise you're sending far too much Tampa's way. If you're Tampa, you're probably hoping for this kind of deal, but now that Milbury's out, I don't think there's a single GM in the entire NHL that would give up that much, not even JFJ (not even if he had that kind of prospect depth to work with).

    Obviously the original offer is not the kind that Tampa would be looking for at all. Koivu becomes a UFA at the same time as Vinny I believe, Ryder is a UFA next year and is stinking it up for the Habs, Huet is a free agent coming up but still might garner some interest from a team willing to sign him for a few more years, Emelin would be a very attractive piece of the puzzle if someone could get him out of Russia, and a mid-range first round pick just doesn't make up for the rest.

  30. prospectiv says:

    Now everybody is talking about the possibility of getting Lecavalier… just forget it!!!  TB  will never trade him to Mtl, he said publicly he didnt want to play for Mtl and will never come over.

    The real deal player right now to look for is big french speaking center Jonathan Toews.  This guy is gritty, performs well under pressure and is a sure point per game producer.

    For sure Chicago is on a rebuilding mode and Toews is one of the main piece of their puzzle, BUT Kane is showing he will be their main offensive weapon.  The thing is they really lack deepness between the pipes and experience at defense.  Now that they are more likely to make the playoffs and wont have high draftpicks anymore, the Hawks situation makes them a perfect partner for the Habs.

    My 1st take :

    Hawks : Halak, Hamrlik, Plekanek
    Habs : Toews

    My 2nd take :

    Hawks : Huet, Hamrlik, Chipchura
    Habs :  Toews &  Khabibulin (hawks would be happy to get rid of his salary)

    My 3rd take (heartbreaking one) :

    Hawks : Price
    Habs : Toews

  31. Lombardi18 says:

    Hey guys…..plz join It might not look like a good site but it is new and I need help!! I wanna bring this site to the top!!

  32. habsrock99 says:

    Those are all shit deals for both teams. Toews is in the Yzerman-type mold of a hockey player and if I'm not mistaken, he had something like 5 straight 50 goal seasons. Also, Chipchura is Montreal's best defensive forward and he's only a rookie. Hamrlik just signed so he will go nowhere and Price for Toews is just pathetic all together as both teams would be robbed of a highly coveted prospect which is an integral part of their respective teams.

  33. dcz28 says:

    Send Kovalev to the Wings…a Datsyuk – Zetterberg – Kovalev line wouldn't look too bad for the Wings. I'm not sure what it cost the Wings to aquire him though.

  34. Habs_pm says:

    You reply to all crappy articles?…well i guess it wasn't crappy enough to keep from reading it right?….i guess your one of those obsesed montreal fans…what else is new. Get a life…KID.
    I'm just a fan writting & sharing my opinion for fun but theres always some jerk that takes it to heart and starts pulling a fit when he doesnt agree or thinks the oppisite, and no I don't wanna look at your profile…you must have alot of time to answer to all articles, me …I don't, but being that your a d!ck i took the time….
    thanks KID;)

  35. broc says:

    Price, McDonaugh, Plekanec, two 1st round picks, and a 2nd rounder for Vinny?

    I know Vinny is probably the best impact player in the NHL, but that trade proposal is just gratuitous.

  36. broc says:

    The fact that you're even writing trade proposals for Jonathan Toews shows you're a complete dumbass.

    Basement teams don't trade their #1 prospects. Idiot.

  37. sakurulz says:

    it was my bet since last summer…Kovy to the Wings!
    However, they don't have too much $$$ but if they find out a way, it'd be interesting to see what mtl could get!

  38. MtlHabs09 says:

    I reply to crappy articles because they make Habs fans look like idiots (although most of them are), and it annoys me.
    Do you not see how ridiculous this web site has become? Articles posted that make absolutely no sense, Halak deals involving Marleau, Ryder for Afinogenov, Huet + Ryder + pick for Lecavalier! Doesn't that offend your intelligence as a Habs fan? Do you not get annoyed when people change opinions on the result of every game? If the Habs lose against the Wings tonight, we'll get doomsday posts. Yet if they win, Carey Price's status as God will only be solidified.
    My love for the Habs will always be there, but this team has become so crappy that we are starting to be content with 8th place finishes.
    If not for the fact that I live in Montreal and love the city so much, I'd be a Blackhawks fan, frankly, because the media doesn't give a damn about the team.
    When Price was drafted people called the move idiotic, yet how easy there opinions are changed when he plays 10 good games…
    Hawks fans can only be excited about Toews and Kane, and they have the luxury of playing under low pressure, unlike Price, who is EXPECTED to be the next Roy. Simply ridiculous.
    What I'm getting at is that you should be offended by some of the junk that comes from the minds of some Habs fans, it is insulting to be so wrongly evaluated, whether it be positive or negative.

  39. dcz28 says:

    Actually the Wings have close to 5 million in cap space right now so they could afford Kovalev for this season and next since Kovalev's deal would end just as Zetterberg's new deal (once they give him an extention this summer) would kick in. If the Wings did trade for Kovalev it would likely be close to the trade deadline since they also might want a top 4 stay at home defenseman for the playoff run.

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