Goalies Are Over-Protected

After seeing Darcy Hordichuk hammer Turco today, and get a penalty for it, I thought I’d right this article.

First of all, when goalies (like Turco) are playing the puck that far out, (in Turco’s casestop of the face-off circle near the boards) they should be allowed to be hit. Think about it, if it is a clean hit, then, why should it be a penalty. Only in the crease should the goalies be protected from hits.

Secondly, goaltender diving. Dominic Hasek, the prime example, has overexaggerated multiple goaltender interference calls. If a player on the ice exaggerates a call, then they get a diving penalty. WHY DOESN’T THIS APPLY TO GOALIES?! I have always, and will always say that goaltenders dive the most out of any player.

Please, feel free to reply.

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  1. honestabe says:

    how about all the guys crashing the crease at full spead????

  2. reinjosh says:

    good points
     i agree that goalies are sometimes to protected and that they over exaggerate calls
    but if you allow players to hit goalies
    goalie injuries are gonna skyrocket
    and you are going to have goalies getting run over
    players will intentionally hit to injure and the top goalies will be going down like flies
    but i agree diving penalties should apply to goalies but they would be harder to call then normal

  3. cam7777 says:

    the problem is that they aren’t protected from the right things. they can’t be touched behind the net, or anywhere on the ice for some reason, but it’s completely legal to jab them in the chest with your stick and throw them into their net (see Gerber tonight), or charge at them at full speed and crash into the net. it’s completely backwards.

    some of them have started to make it work both ways with guys like Tim Thomas now deciding to just lunge at players who do this sort of stuff.

  4. leafy says:

    All these problems of goalies being hit while way out of their crease started as soon as they added that idiotic instigator rule.

    Back in the pre-instigator era, if you ran, say, Gerry Cheevers or Bernie Parent, may God help you.  The entire Philly or Boston team would be literally chasing after you wanting blood, I'm not kidding.

    Same thing with Billy Smith. If you were stupid enough to run him, not only would Clark Gillies and Bob Nystrom clobber you, Smith would try to chop you down with his stick.  None of this is hypothetical, I've seen it happen.

    The game has totally evolved.  That instigator rule was the turning point.  So now the league is protecting the goalies because the players can't do it, and sometimes OVER-protecting as you've said.

  5. GoLeafs13 says:

    Or what about Ron Hextal. If you ran into him he'd beat the shit out of you with his stick.

  6. Radio says:


    Rule 69.6: "In the event that a goalkeeper has been pushed into the net together with the puck by an attacking player after making a stop, the goal will be disallowed. If applicable, appropriate penalties will be assessed."

    It's not legal. The refs just don't know what they are doing.

  7. DandoEagle says:

    Give me a brake! Goalies are not overprotected.

    As a goaler I can tell you that atlast as sk8er out on the ice tht you can get out of the way! As a goaler you have a rolle to fill and you cant jst "gt outt the way: when someone flies down or slides in to you 0 in doing so you open up th changecs of many scoring chances!

    Here is a position that if we shoot the puck over the glass in error its a delay of game penalty! GIVE ME A BRAKE! The NHL took away the puck handling ability of a goaler and put them at a risk by letting them play in a ltitle triangle in the Greztky office and now you say they are over protected?

    Goalers get manhaled all the time and it's uncalled for. IF anything Goalers need more equipment to keep themselves protected – not every team has a grit workhorse like Phaneuf or Bouillon on their team to keep peoples noses clean!

    Just my 2 sense.

  8. JuicemaN says:
    As a player, if a goalie comes out of his crease to play the puck and I'm competing against him in a race for it, i' m not letting up one bit. The secondyou leave your crease you're just another player to me (and that's how it should be) and if you're in my way and you've got the puck; for sure I'll check you…don't want to be hit, stay in your crease.

    Same thing, goalies shouldn't be able to freeze the puck if they're not in the crease, if you leave your crease and grab the puck yo should have to skate back to your crease in order to freeze it. Too many times goalies skate out of their crease, catch a fluttering puck and hold on to it…should be a delay of game if you ask me.

    Just my 2 cents

  9. nordiques100 says:

    well gerber wasnt protected and got 3 games for pushing the ref arguing about it.

    but it worked out great. wow cujo circa late 90s. that was great to watch. good on him if that's one of the last memories of his career.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Agreed. That was the best game (well 6 minutes) that Cujo has played since that game in Calgary vs. the Sharks when they came back from 3-0.

    And 3 games for Gerber? holy I didn't hear that. That seems harsh, I wonder if it was for his late shove on the linesman because he really only made a little accidental contact with the ref.

  11. HABSSTAR says:

    Personally I think coincidental contact outside the blue paint should not be called.  For example: If a guy is focusing on a shot from the point and wants to position himself on the other side of the goal then he should be allowed to do so.  If the goalie comes out of the blue paint to play the shot and they collide by happenstance then so be it.  It's no more interference on the player's behalf then it is on the goalies.  Each are getting into the other's way.  

    However I do not believe that checking or hitting the goalie should be allowed anywhere.  And to hell with the instigator rule…  Someone runs your goalie for shits and giggles then you make them pay, instigator or not. 
    The league should focus on making sure goalies aren't run outside of the net.  If someone falls into the goalie on a rush then let the refs make a judgement call on if it was intentional or as a result of the play.  Driving the net hard is part of hockey.  

  12. cam7777 says:

    yea, it's just that i wasn't sure anymore.  the refs do such a bad job night in and night out, that it's hard to keep track. 

    most penalties are only called when it's convenient for the flow of a game.  for example, if one team is well ahead of another (1-3 goals) and the pace has slowed right down.  expect a slew of penalties called in favor of the trailing team.  it doesn't matter if they are legitimate, or if they've let it go all game long up to that point, it's suddenly time to bring out the whistles.

    same with in toronto last night.  the entertainment factor of seeing ovechkin's team tie the game with a minute left and take the game in overtime is too tempting.  so the ref just suddenly becomes blind to goaltender interference, spearing, and all the rest of it. 

  13. nolan_21 says:

    Next time either use a spell checker, or get somebody to proof read what you just wrote.  You sound like you are severely mentally disabled.  Or maybe you just are.

    Just my 2 cents.

  14. nolan_21 says:

    I agree 100%.

  15. nordiques100 says:

    the refereeing is inconsistent and i think one possible solution is to copy baseball.

    the refs should be in set crews that work year round. it makes sense cause the 2 refs can get use to eachother, build chemistry and maybe start to show some consistency.

    right now it seems each ref works differently depending on who they work with. the players are completely lost because of it.

    by working with the same partner, they can figure out eachother's tendencies and maybe get the calls better the more games they work together.

    unfortunately this makes too much sense which is why the NHL will never implement it.

  16. JuicemaN says:

    I'm not gonna lie….I thought perhaps he took one too many pucks to the head myself…I try to ignore commenting on spelling or grammar but this one was tough…"goalers"…LMAO

  17. Rico420 says:

    I wouldn't go so far as to say it has Evolved Leafy if anything it's taking steps backward – I remember back in the glory days when a guy would even go so far as accidentally hitting the goalie it was your ass – simple as that.

    The instigator ruined everything alot of people on this site barely remember the 1993 season let alone anything before that where people can say things like "well it was a goon game then" but it wasn't it was high flying it was entertaining players had respect for one another – the headshots, knocking players from behind head first into the boards, fighting wasn't discussed as a barbaric event where someone was going to get killed (yes Ken Campbell this is for you).

    The NHL prides itself on the fact that fighting is down  year after year – Human Resources Development Canada prides itself that the unemployment insurance rate is lower – what they're both forgetting to say is that more people in Ontario are on welfare and in the NHL long term injuries from eye, neck, concussions are soaring – but that fighting rate is down!

    Anyway my rant went on a little longer then I needed it too – I agree that if a goalie is dancing around the hash marks or outside of the crease area – you can bump him but be prepared to pay for it.

  18. DandoEagle says:
    from dictionary.com because this site won't let me copy and paset


    Goaler : Noun (Canadian)

    – a goalkeeper in the game of icehockey

  19. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I have never heard one person say goaler besides you. Dictionary.com? lmao I don't use that site because there are so many ridiculous words in there that should never be used in the english language. Just call it what everyone else calls it… GOALIE!!!

  20. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    After reading pretty much every one of his posts since he started posting on here and many ridiculous arguments with him, I'm convinced that he must have some mental issues. I mean he really thinks that Bouillon is a "grit workhorse" that keeps peoples noses clean, when in reality he is a useless pylon who isn't worth a bag of pucks that can hit people once in a blue moon.

  21. DandoEagle says:

    If Bou Bou were playing for your precious loafs you'd be masturbating your penis over him.

  22. Rico420 says:

    I'm a Canadiens fan and I can't stand Bouillon he's absolutely useless.

  23. flopfish says:

    I have never thought about that. That is a great idea!

  24. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Uhmm no, Bouillon has been useless wherever he's been. He does absolutely nothing but throw some hits once in a while and act as a punching bag in fights. He has no hockey skills whatsoever.

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